OK first of all, person on Reddit, we prefer the term "Classic." Who you calling outdated?!

One Reddit user asked:

What's something that's outdated that you still use today?

And like ... talk about a jarring way to realize you're a big fan of a bunch of "outdated" things. This is that moment when your favorite jam plays on the oldies station and you realize you're not 23 anymore. Except its like that with ipods, home phones, video game consoles, and the word "yeet."

Clearly I'm not alone in my appreciation for the classics. Check out the "outdated" things people still love and use. I consider them connoiseurs, really.


pink floyd art GIF by hoppip Giphy

iPod Classic. People find it really odd that I still use one but it holds 160gb of music, I don't need any data to use it; how can you beat that?

Not having Bluetooth compatibility is a bit of a bummer. And so is transferring music these days to be honest. I use an old version of iTunes I found somewhere, but it takes a bit of finagling.

- puzzlingpuffling

I was stunned when I went from iPod to phones. My iPod had 160 gigs as well. For JUST music. Phones arrived and we started on ...what? 8 ? I think it was? My first phone was 16. For music, photos, apps and videos? c'mon... almost 15 years later, 4k cameras and 160 gig phones are still not quite the norm.

- Happy8Day


PlayStation 2.

- Ms-Charlie

I regret getting rid of my PS2 so bad. But praise the Lord I kept my GameCube though. Used more than any other console or gaming device that my wife and I have

- backcountrybrian

I got rid of my ps2 when I got my ps3 because my ps3 was backwards compatible. What I didn't know was that ps2 games would still run like sh!t on it. I always regretted getting rid of it.

Then last year I found out my roommate's girlfriend's brother was selling his ps2 slim and I bought it from him for thirty bucks. Never gonna get rid of it again, no regrets.

- mwithey199

Windows Media

Windows Media Center. Especially the DVR service setup with a CableCard Tuner. There's never been an easier-to-use/harder-to-setup system. But once it's going, it's the best. I've setup at least 10 different people with this in the past, and everybody still uses it. The last cable holdouts.

The one thing it has that no other DVR system has... freedom. If I record a show, it's mine forever. The video files it records (.wtv) seem propriety, but they play back on VLC Player so they'll always be available/convertable. It's just a version of MPEG2.

I have one old Win7 system setup to record up to 6 different cable/local channels at once. Even if I get rid of cable, I'll still use it for OTA content. The only caveat now is that you have to pay a yearly fee ($25) to get the Guide Info and use a program called EPG123 to put it in the guide. Microsoft cut off that freebie when they stopped supporting Win7.

My best friends wife loves me because I was the only one able to record the game and the newscast (in HD) of her son filling in and scoring the winning touchdown in his last HS football game. Ahhhh... Digital Memories...

- DanWally

Proper Use Of Yeet

Yeet GIF by memecandy Giphy

Probably my vocabulary. What the hell is yeeting?

- DirtySingh

Yeet for power/distance, Kobe for accuracy/precision. That's how you invoke when you want to throw something.

- CoraxTheRavenLord

"I asked my brother to hand me the remote but instead he yeeted it at my head as hard as he could."

- wtfINFP

Robin Hood catapult scene;

Prince of Thieves: Kobe!
Men In Tights: Yeet!

- obscurereferences

Yeeting = throwing something away from something else, usually as a result of surprise or disgust. EX: "The cat barfed on me, so I yeeted it across the room!" or "My hookup's boyfriend walked in, so I yeeted myself out the window."

- GoliathPrime

Fresh Spices

A solid marble mortar and pestle that belonged to my mother.

I use it to grind nuts, seeds and spices when cooking and get a feeling of satisfaction having done it the "old fashioned" way instead of using a spice grinding machine or food processor.

- quilp666

The CD Experience

I still occasionally listen to CDs. There's a certain experience to consuming music in that way that you don't get with an MP3. You get out a case, look at the little booklet with the artwork, perhaps briefly flick through it and look at the lyrics if you're curious, remove the disc, check it's clean, put it in, wait for the whirring of the player... you get it. It's an experience in itself.

- KrozJr_UK

If I like an album I absolutely have to have it on CD, and if the album is old enough that it was originally released on vinyl I get the record to. It's just something about physically owning it and taking care of it that I love.

- GinjaNinja02

But Tubes Are Cool

Vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. There are many in the community who insist there are qualities that can't be emulated digitally, but it really isn't true. For many years now digital modeling has been indistinguishable from tubes when done well, or even competently at this point. Given that digital doesn't burn out, requiring new tubes be bought regularly, that's a huge advantage. Throw in the reality that many of us crazies will be old stock glass (because it's clearly better, and this is fact), and the costs can get mortgage inducing. And it's all for a clear disadvantage.

But tubes are cool. The whole analog way they work is cool. Guitar throw speaker, it's all analog. That's cool.

Plus I have a pretty decent supply of tubes now, and the power tubes I use most frequently are actually newer glass (albeit still stupidly expensive), just 'cause I'm not hunting down old stock 6550s. Or even KT-66s for that matter. The Gold Lions are pretty sweet. But for other power tubes, and all preamp tubes, old stock is the way to go. Point being it significantly drives up this commitment to something which is rationally unjustifiable. Cool though.

- onioning

A Matter Of Style

season 2 time GIF by American Gods Giphy

I still always wear a watch to check the time instead of my phone. Having a nice watch has become much more of a status symbol or fashion statement now, as opposed to a device to tell time with.

Drives me nuts when I see people with watches on reach for their phone to check the time.

- TheFickleDetective

I have always wanted a pocket watch.

People tell me, "You can just use your phone." No listen, it's about style.

- InsertCleverUNHere3

A Can Opener From Serving In Vietnam

I bet mine is pretty obscure but I firmly believe it shouldn't be. A P38 can opener. I got sick and tired of can openers breaking on me. I don't even open that many cans and I know I'm not using them wrong. They just seem to fall apart, even the "nice" ones.

One day I went over to my grandpa's house and he needed to open a can of something. He pulled out his P38 that he got while serving in Vietnam and it worked like a charm still.

I got one online for literally $1.50 and it still works perfectly 8 years later.

- DierdreSpencer

Home Phone

A home phone line. Everybody I know seems to have cell phones only.

- mulatto4gelato

On the plus side, landlines can work without power (but you gotta have a phone that does too) and if you call 911 they will immediately have your location.

Soooooooo... Kinda handy!

- Super_Mud

They can come in handy if you live in a remote area with terrible signal. My parents got a home phone for this exact reason as they recently moved to the mountains where even getting one bar of cellular data is almost impossible.

- ImagineIfBaconDied

I have both, the land line wont run out of charge, drop calls, or suck. Plus you can use it to call your cell when you can't find it.

- Midoriandmilk

Checks And Balances

A checkbook to keep up with my bank balance and sometimes I use checks instead of debit cards when it comes to paying some bills.

Most people use Excel on their computers, but I don't have that program on my laptop and refuse to pay for it.

- ilovelucygal


A double edge safety razor. Outdated if you go by what Gillette wants to sell you. But still the best shave ever for a dime a blade.

- w1n5t0nM1k3y

I make safety razor handles out of hardwood on my lathe. A friend recently approached me, and wanted to get his son a razor and a literal lifetime supply of blades for his 18th birthday. We did some math, found a good price on bulk "shark" blades, and I turned a sweet-looking handle out of purpleheart that will slowly change colors over the decades.

We set the kid up with a fresh blade a week for a hundred years, and a razor that will last that long for under $400.

That would get you like 150 Gillette refills.

- EarhornJones

No Upgrade Needed

machine washing GIF Giphy

My washing machine. Bought it used 20 years ago for $75. It was already probably 15 years old then. I need a pair of pliers to turn the dial, but that thing has never broke down on me. I love it.

I am not tempted in the slightest when I see these new $1200 fancy front loading pieces of crap no matter how many flashing lights they have.

- HowardSternsPenis2

Vroom Vroom

My car. 38 years old, but still going strong.

There is a lot to be said for the lack of computers and ease of repair on such an old car. I could probably stand in the engine bay, despite the fact its got a 3.5 litre V8 in there.

Failed its test on emissions? Detune the carburettors.

Running a bit rough? Fiddle with the timing using a strobe light.

It manages 70mph on the motorway easily, has power steering, 4 electric windows, cruise control, what more could I want?!

I mean apart from ABS, airbags, rear seatbelts, crumple zones and all that modern stuff.......

- MegaphoneButthole


When my grandfather passed away, the kids (my father, his sisters and brothers) went to the storage locker to go through everything (more like fight over everything). Once everyone was done freaking out and destroying the family I was asked if any of the remaining items I wanted.

There was a super old black and decker dremel tool with a metal cutting disc and sanding drum. I still use it to this day and every time I use it I think of him and how it was one of few items that didn't destroy the family.

- happyinboost


For me it's HotMail, I don't use it for anything other than a junk mail collector.

Like honestly, Facebook, I don't need an email every time some on mentions my name. Oh the other out dated thing I still use , Facebook.

- consistentlynsistent

Hipster Bike

A 1980's Swedish-made Crescent "World Champion" bicycle. Oldfashioned thin-walled steel frame, 10-speed gears with the shift levers on the lower frame member.

Stupidly outdated in the age of carbon fiber, but a very good bike for its time and the sort of thing I couldn't afford back then. I got it for free from the recycling center, changed some bearings and tires, good as new. The only problem is it makes me look like a damned hipster.

- BoredCop

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