Poor People Share The Most Out Of Touch Advice They've Received From A Rich Person

Successful people who come from humble beginnings usually don't forget where they came from.

But some of those who were already born into privilege and wealth may claim to be compassionate towards people who are financially disadvantaged.

But unless they've lived the experience as someone from the lower class or have a deep understanding of what life is like on the other side, the wealthy will never understand what it's like to be poor.

Curious to hear about interactinos with the affluent from strangers online, Redditor Salazard260 asked:

"Poor people of reddit, what's the most comically out of touch 'advice' you've been given by someone wealthier?"

When it comes to working normal jobs, rich people just don't understand.

Easier Said Than Done

"A mom to my mom, a single mother with three kids: 'you should just stop working if you are so stressed about it.'"


Not Helpful

"Sounds like a psychologist I went and saw once, spent the hour talking about how much pressure I felt being the sole source of income in the house, to be told 'sounds like your job is stressing you out, you should quit!' When I asked how I’d pay the bills his response was 'I can help you apply for a new job, I’m really good at job applications, I’ve got every job I applied for! - yeah mate I don’t think that’s going to help. Never went back."

– LazerTRex

Acceptable Wage

"Not really advice, but one of my high school friends came from a rich family. But because he wasn't really that motivated in life, his parents encouraged him to find a summer job."

"He was going to go job-hunting at the mall, working in retail. I asked him how much he wanted to earn. He said, 'Not too much. $40 per hour should be a good start.' This was in the early 2000s."

"It reminds me of the Arrested Development scene where Lucille thinks a banana costs $10."

– buckyhermit

When it comes to renting an apartment, these are not the people who should be weighing in with their thoughts to help.

Clueless About Rent

"I had a boss at the time tell me it cant be more than 800 bucks for rent in the DC area when I asked for a pay raise. The minimum rent I could find at the time was closer to 1800."

– Worst_Choice

Let's Start With Step 1

"That I need to buy several apartments and rent them out. Unfortunately, he did not tell me where to get money to buy several apartments."

– blezmalfoy

When it comes to family and financials, we're all not the same.

That's Not How That Works

"I remember when I was at high school and I mentioned to someone that I'd like a gaming PC but couldn't afford it, he said 'can you not just ask your parents for the money?'"

"I said no because there was nothing left over after bills and groceries."

"Yeah, but if you ask realllllyyyyy nicely, couldn't they give you the money?"

"Like what goddamn money? The money for the food we eat? The money for our electricity bill? Sure, no doubt my family are happy to suffer just so I can have a piece of tech I don't need."

– pizdec-unicorn

Ignorance Is Bliss

"I had a friend like that and one time pulled out a pen and paper and did my family's financials roughly in front of them. I showed income, taxes, utilities, insurance, groceries, gas, car payments, loan payments, etc and then showed how little was left over and then said that some of that needs to go into savings/retirement just in case. I then asked them 'so where is that money I ask my parents for coming from?'"

"He sat there dumbfounded for a bit, I think one: that I knew all this off the top of my head (the recession made me hyper aware of financials) and two: it started sink in how ignorant he was about money in general, and how good he had it. He wasn't a bad dude, and wasn't one of those who thinks money was infinite, but I guess didn't realize how much 100 bucks was to a lot of people."

– chikenjoe17

The Other Way Around

"'Just have your parents give you the money'.... B*tch, I support my parents."

– ExistingPosition5742

Going Nowhere Fast

"I had a buddy in college that asked me to drive him to the next town over. He had a car but his parents said he was spending to much in the gas card. His solution was to bum a ride but told me it wasn’t fair for him to pay me for gas out of his allowance because I had a job."

"I’m still stunned by the mental gymnastics that dude went through to justify his behavior."

– Pencilowner

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

"After dumping me my long-tine girlfriend would occasionally reach out with her crazy rants."

"One of them was I should just dump my parents somewhere, as in literally dropping them off on some corner, and let them fend for themselves."

"I dodged a rocket not marrying her."

– OfficePsycho

The rich could afford many luxuries that are unattainable for the rest of us, and good for them.

But when it comes to offering any kind of wisdom or suggestion to improve our financial standing in life, money can't buy them respect when they are completely out of touch.