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Oprah Winfrey could do no wrong. Not only is she an influential media producer, but she is also a philanthropist who has inspired millions of viewers to be the best human beings they could possibly be.

She's the real deal. Why wouldn't we want her to run the country?

After rumors about a possible run for president swirled after her powerful "time is up" speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, she set the record straight, once and for all, on the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Oprah Winfrey on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | 11 April 2019

Noah asked what we were all wondering about.

"Is Oprah Winfrey running for president?" he asked, eliciting cheers and applause from the audience.

As viewers crossed their fingers and waited for an affirmation, Harpo said:

"You don't even want that to happen."

Oh, yes we would, Oprah. Alas, our wishful thinking did not manifest in the way we had hoped.

"Why would you say that?" asked the host.

Oprah's reason for not taking over the White House lay in a conversation she had with close friend and co-anchor for CBS This Morning, Gayle King.

"You know, Gayle, my dearest friend, I thought she was actually serious. Like 'I think you should do it. You should do it for the country."
"I said, 'You don't want that to happen because I have such a beautiful life! I have such a beautiful life! Why would I want to put myself in that?'"

She remained adamant about continuing on her own trajectory in life.

"I know my path and my path isn't that. But whenever I decide whoever I want to support, I will get behind that person."

Some remain hoping against hope.

Oprah stuck around for the online "Between the Scenes" segment on the show to participate in the Q&A session in which we learned she has an avocado orchard and has the edge of her toilet paper folded into a triangle on the rolls in her bathrooms at home.

She also said she is planning to open a school in the United States in the vein her South Africa academy.

When you're working with kids, you never know what you're going to be dealing with on a daily basis. Are you going to have the delicate sweethearts, opening their hearts to learn?

Or are you going to be dealing with a sinister group of bee wranglers, who have suddenly set up a black market bee ring througout the school?

Yes. That's a real thing that happened.
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