People Reveal When They Broke Their Own "I'll Never Be That Person" Rule


Never will I ever... oh wait, yeah I will, because life is unpredictable. Rules are meant to be broken, but more importantly, there's always a point at which we will all be "that person." Embrace it!

OvertOperation asked: What's an "I'll never be one of those people" rule you broke?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

This is why I work from home.

I slept under my desk at work.

I had a rule that I would never sleep at work. I'm a corporate lawyer, and sometimes we work ridiculous hours (I've done back to back all-nighters, literally showering in the office).

I had a call scheduled for 8 A.M. Wednesday. On Monday night, I worked straight through the night, went home for about 45 minutes to shower and change clothes. On Tuesday night, I was still at the office at 4:30 A.M. I could have gone home, but the commute was about 30 minutes. I had to be in by 8. So the difference was between getting 3.5 hours of sleep under my desk, or 2.5 at home.

I was so sad when I crawled under my desk to sleep, but also so relieved to be sleeping.


Holy sh*t... I can't even imagine working hours like that, or better yet being able to function. There are days if I get just six hours of sleep I have a hard time. Let alone back to back all-nighters or just 3.5 hours of sleep.

I wouldn't have felt bad at all sleeping at work if I had those kinds of hours. Honestly seems like a necessity.


Deplaning is a miserable process.

I hate people who jump up as soon as the plane arrives and push their way out. I usually wait for most of the plane to de-board before getting up, and let people who seem in a hurry by.

One time I had 20 minutes from arriving to catching an international flight, even the gate person told us to get off as quick as possible. My family successfully got off, but some guy blocked me and told me to wait.

I made it with a couple min to spare, but barely. Thanks Mr self appointed airplane cop, you sure saved the day!


I'm a long haul flight attendant and this drives me crazy, but I also get it.

However, nothing is worse than the people who get up as soon as the landing gear touches the runway on landing. We are still moving, the door is not opening anytime soon, I'm still strapped to my jumpseat... you literally cannot go anywhere. I get the whole "uncomfortable need to stretch" thing... But you've been sat for 12+ hours, another 10 minutes won't kill you!


How about the people that take f*cking forever to get off the plane. I didn't bring five suitcases and three kids. Can I just leave without waiting 30 minutes while they act surprised we landed?


How'd that work out?

Owning a cell phone. It was 2003 and I was a teenager. All my friends kept getting in trouble for using them in school, and I was like "hahaha you dodos, I don't even need one."


Yeah, me too. I would never need to call anyone, or have friends enough to be called. Then I missed my station while reading on the train without a way to contact home. My parents got me a cheap phone then.


When you don't realize what adulting is like.

When I started my professional life I thought I would never be one of those people who complained about not having time for basically anything outside of work, and how much it drains you. I thought I would get off super fresh from my job at 5 P.M., do a couple of house chores, then head to the gym, come home and cook, have dinner, then get some time to catch up with friends and family, then prepare for the next day, then read in peace , play a game or watch tv before going to bed. Yeah....


Damn man that's like a week's worth of things you expected to do every night after work. I wish there was that much time in a day.


The key is not going home before the gym. I go straight from work, even passing by my house. Because once I go inside that house after work, I ain't leavin'.


When you realize that convenience is amazing.

I have rolled my eyes at grocery delivery, gmail's 'automatic responses' function, people who get takeout constantly, frozen meals, pre-cut veggies, disposable dishes, and leggings as pants. Then I took a digger on an icy sidewalk and ended up with both my wrists in casts. I can't drive, type quickly, cook, wash dishes, or work a zipper or button. Ask me how I feel about all those silly 'conveniences' now.


Yeah. It's hard to put yourself into the headspace or having a disability if you've never had one or been close to someone who had limitations. I was crushed under a truck at 27 and I not only take advantage of those things you mentioned above but also disability aids like grabber sticks and a shower seat. They make my life so much easier. I'm sorry you're hurt. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks, that's very kind. My injury is both minor and temporary, so I won't pretend to have any real understanding of what it's like to move through the world with a permanent and/or more serious disability. But I definitely have a new appreciation for shortcuts and products that make the day-to-day easier, how deeply tiring it is to struggle with what used to be easy tasks, and how hard it can be to rely on help from other folks to do things. It's been an eye-opening experience.


Nope, shant.

Who works in an office, wearing a suit.


I don't wear a suit, but I work in an office. Through high school and even college, I thought I wouldn't be an "office guy". Turns out I don't have any better ideas.


I was the opposite, all throughout high school and college I wanted a nice office job in a cubicle because it sounded nice and relatively stable. My friends called me crazy.

So far into my working career I am right. But I wish I had a cubicle instead of this stupid open office bs.


Hooking up at work.

I'll never be one of those people involved in office romance. Office romance happened.


Don't work in an office but same. I married mine so I guess it's a good thing I broke this rule. He's the best.


I know 4 co-worker marriages that occurred at my company. I guess when the corporate overlords attach the ball-and-chain to your leg and you spend so much time just naturally happens.


Lol okay.

I was never going to be a 'mean' parent. My child will be able to eat what they want sleep when they want and don't have to go to school.

  • just to make it clear. Thats a rule I promised my 8 year old self. I broke it


I was a little bit of the opposite. I swore I wouldn't be the type of parent to let my kid do whatever he wanted, when he wanted. I can't say I "broke" that rule, but I'm a pretty relaxed dad. Sometimes cookies for breakfast IS a good idea.


When you realize that you are, in fact, messy.


I used to watch my mom and dad doing chores around the house, like clockwork, and I thought to myself "f*ck this. I'm a clean guy, I won't make such a mess, and I certainly won't fuss about it".

Now I'm an adult with a relatively nice house, and nice things, and upkeep is just a part of it. Matter of fact, try running a vacuum across your floor once a week, and empty the canister every time. Then think to yourself "if I didn't do this, all that debris would just keep building up".

Believe it or not, once you get a good routine going, you can keep sh*t pretty neat and tidy, and do a complete clean, and only spend maybe 2.5 hours a week doing so. It's nice to live in a clean house.


There's something different about it when it's your stuff, your house, your responsibility, as opposed to being a kid and being told to clean up.


How you know you're committed.

Before I was in a serious relationship I hated hearing couples use 'we' to describe everything they did. It was not a point of jealousy, but annoyance that I thought they lost their autonomy.

Welp, turns out 'we' is a convenient word choice to describe you and someone else doing something so it's super weird if you intentionally avoid it.


We no longer have a hemorrhoid problem.


I feel VERY attacked, but in the future.

I'll never be the older gay guy with a chihuahua.

He was neglected. I couldn't just leave him there.


We don't always consider dire situations when setting a rule.

Glad you decided to break the rule for something that was worth it.


Cry to me dude I'm a STRAIGHT guy with an accidental chihuahua.


When you discover independent art.

I'll never be one of those people with mass produced art on their wall.

That's me now because I don't have enough time or talent to make a thing nice enough that I would enjoy looking at it. I've got a white and gold mandala, a set of lavender watercolor flowers, and a flower collage that looks like an ocean. So pretty.


Places like society 6 and redbubble have a bunch of independent artists who upload their digital art and fit it to different mediums. A nice combination of supporting artists and being able to order that sh*t online.


"When you got nothin' you got nothin' to lose."

"I'll never be one of those people who give a f*ck about money, you can't take it with you, might get hit by a bus tomorrow so enjoy it while you can!"

I had this mindset for the best part of my life, from 18 to about 30 I was pay day to pay day doing what ever I wanted and eating bread for the last week until payday rolled around again. Didn't give a f*ck about debt and ran my credit in to the ground buying stupid sh*t and going out.

Now I'm very close to 40, I have a career and a mortgage and get paid pretty well I'm the total opposite. I aggressively budget, pay in to a pension plan and don't buy stupid sh*t. I do budget for going out but it's a far cry from they days where I'd just throw my card behind the bar and not give a shit or spend money I don't have on the latest games console.

Guess it just took me a bit longer than most to grow up financially.


After checking my bank account after this weekend, I'm still waiting for that bus to hit me.


Being the cool parent doesn't always work out.

When you are younger, you think that when you'll have kids you'll want to be their friend. That goes right out the window once they get a little older. I am not my kids' friend. I am their dad. They've got plenty of friends, but only one dad. And my job is to be sure they don't grow up to be assh*les.


I have a young son and I hope we can be buddies someday, but right now my job is to make sure he isn't an assh*le when he's 25 (or before that but especially at 25).


Comfy pants only.

I said I would never ever wear leggings as pants because they're not pants.

Then I found out how comfortable they are and I never wear anything else!


"Tights aren't pants," is a phrase my wife once uttered with complete disdain. She has now arrived at "Leggings aren't tights." I assume the leggings as pants question is stuck in subcommittee hell right there with pants that include useful pockets.


You are no match for a fussy eater.

"My kid is going to eat what I make for dinner or he's going to eat nothing, dammit!"

Yeah well I'll die on that hill when he's old enough to argue with. Right now I live in a world where fed=sleeping through the night and if that means some peanut butter crackers as a side to two pieces of pasta then so be it.


Yeah well I'll die on that hill when he's old enough to argue with.

Oh man can I ever relate to this. Parenting a 1 year old is about as easy/hard as training a dog. You have to recognize when they haven't got a clue what you're jabbering at them about.


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