People Divulge What They've Only Ever Done Once In Their Life And Never Again

New experiences are the spice of life, but sometimes that spice might be a little more bitter than you originally thought.

Whether the experience turned out to be a total flop, or it was the kind of thing that you're glad you got to do once but don't need to do again, some things are best left as one-off experiences.

*Content note: the following article contains graphic descriptions of injuries, and mentions drug use. Reader discretion advised.*

Reddit user CaneToDefeatYou asked:

"What is something you did once and never again?"

Always Swim Parallel To The Shore

Not paying attention to currents when swimming in the sea (and going anyway when there's a red flag and no guard)

Dumbest sh*t ever. I was with my two brothers and my father, happily splashing around. Suddenly we turn around and the shore just got very far away. So we start swimming back but the sea is stronger than you. If you stop 5 seconds to catch your breath you lose the progress you did during the last minute, and that's precious.

I was young so I don't remember it as a legit life-threatening situation, but my bros and dad still got chills when talking about it


It Technically Worked?

Put pizza wrapped in foil in the microwave when I was 10 thinking it will warm up quicker. It surely did by lighting on fire 3 seconds after I turned it on


Maybe Stay Out Of Caves

Spelunking / cave exploring. For starters, it begins and ends with going through a million bats. And the journey in between is just too dangerous, in the last place in the world you'd want to get hurt. And super tight squeezes are freaky.


the story of the guy who got stuck upside down in the Nutty Putty cave system will have me never ever getting into spelunking. his body is still stuck there because it was too unsafe and difficult to get him out. it's so disturbing and sad.


Every single time cave exploration or spelunking is mentioned on Reddit, the Nutty Putty cave gets mentioned. And for good reason.

Hard pass. Not a fan of being eaten by the planet.


Climb Of A Lifetime

Climbed the stairs up the CN Tower. It's a twice a year thing for charity. My friends and husband were all like "Yeah, come join us! It's so fun!!"

No, 144 flights of stairs is not fun. I've done it once. It's crossed off. Never again.

Edit: okay, it's "only" 144 flights of stairs, and 1776 steps. Sure felt like a billion, but this post has gotten some traction and I feel guilty.


Accidental Theft Is Surprisingly Common

This one time I was getting a drink that was only for a dollar, so I sped-walk my way into the mini shops, quickly grabbed one and ran out. I was running to my friend with the drink until I felt something in my pocket, pulled it out and it was the dollar...


I quickly ran back to the mini shop to see the shop owners scanning the outside of their shop, I gave them my dollar and said "Sorry", they looked at the dollar, looked at each other, spoke in a different language, and went back inside.

I'm pretty sure they called me an idiot, as I went back with shame.


My dad told me this story. In the 70s he and my mum stopped at a Little Chef (motorway services restaurant) for lunch. After they finished, they got the bill, then left. They drove for half an hour before realising, they didn't actually pay the bill.

Being honest people, they turned round and went back and paid. The staff said "We though you'd be back".


In the days before pre pay gas pumps my buddy and I stopped at a station to fill some jugs up with 100 something octane race gas before heading to the drag strip. We forgot to pay. About a half hour later we were sitting in the pit area getting the car ready when a sheriffs deputy rolls up and told us. Both of us thought the other had paid. Whoops. He gave me a ride back to the station and I paid and bought pops for everyone including the deputy. He hung out with us for a while at the track. Felt dumb.


Let's Stick To Proper Toilet Paper

Ran out of toilet paper when i was 11, saw alcohol wipe cloths and thought that would work just fine... nope, as soon as I did that first wipe it was as if the sun teleported into my a**hole and i was hopping around the bathroom trying not to squeal. Mom opened the door to check on the noise and saw me jumping around with an alcohol pad between my cheeks.

Keep alcohol away from your anus.


These Conspiracy Theories Are Easy to Debunk | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Jungles Aren't As Fun As They Look

Hiking through jungles. They look so beautiful in movies. In reality they are some of the most brutal hikes I've been on.

Let's start with the humidity. It's so bad it drenches you to the bone, and there's no escaping it. Being under a jungle canopy is like being in a pressure cooker. The heat and humidity beats you down harder than any environment I've been in.

Then there's the swarms of biting bugs. From never-ending mosquitoes, giant spiders on everything, ticks jumpung on you from everywhere and colonies of aggressive fire ants criss-crossing the trails, you can expect to have more bug bites than you've thought possible to survive.


Once-in-a-lifetime Was Enough

Went to Times Square for New Years Eve in New York City. I live in NYC and I figured it was the kinda thing I wanted to see but didn’t need to see again. Went in 2000 when I was 18. Got there 11am and stayed for 13 hours in the freezing cold but with close spots to the ball drop and screen. I’m glad I did it. I’m also glad I’ve never done it again.


Peer Pressure Sucks

Did heroin for the first time and wasn't into the sensation at all. The same roomate that talked me into herion talked me into smoking some crack to even out. Luckily I wasn't a fan of either and never did either ever again.


Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It

Removing paint from a table. I still need to finish sanding the thing but that was a nightmare, who paints a table with like 30 coats??

Edit: Used Citristrip Safer Paint Remover, then scraped the flat surfaces with a scraper, then used steel wool on the other parts, rinsing the chunks of paint off in between as it gunked up the steel wool real quick. Then repeated the process a few weeks later, then used a belt sander on the flat surfaces, now just need to hand sand the other surfaces.... It's like you want to quit but you are too invested at that point.


Beware The Bar Brawls

Tried to intervene during a street fight. Got shot for my troubles.


Was at the bar with my ex wife. Two regulars (one of which I considered a friend) started arguing. My friend went outside to go home and end the problem. A**hat decides hes gonna continue the fight in the parking lot. There was a group of us that followed and when he went to pull A gun my drunk a** thought it would be a good idea to step in and try to stop it all. F**ker shot at me three times. One of then hit my leg.


To be fair, it sounds like you might have saved your friend's life.


Yeah... still not good enough reason to try it a second time.


Running In The Desert Sounds Like A Bad Time

A marathon in the desert.


Do you try to find new ways to die every day?


Well I'm an epileptic with brain cancer who still cooks.


Can't Lose Money If You Don't Play

Bought a $20 lottery ticket.

Lost $20.

Never again.


Shoplifting Is Maybe Not The Best Idea

I stole a tester eyeliner from the makeup section at a store when I was 17. The security guy took me aside in a small room and "questioned" me, asked for my information, and to scare me, he said this would always be in my record and companies won't want to hire me anymore and I burst into tears and had a panic attack. He said he'll let me off if I pay double the price of the eyeliner, so I did and he let me go.

Now, I don't know how much of what he told me was real and if the resolve was legitimate, but if he tried to just scare me into not becoming a serial swiper, it worked.


Pretty sure he just pocketed the cash after.


Yeah. That's definitely a shakedown lol


Hot Things Are Hot!

Grabbed the hot grill as a 5 year old. Learned my lesson.


Put my face on a just unplugged iron.

This is my earliest memory. I was younger than 4. My mother was ironing the clothes and i was in the same room. She finished, unplugged the iron and left the room for a second. I was curious how hot it was so i went to check it. Why with my face? Because whenever i had a fever my mother used to check if i had a temperature by putting her cheeky against my forehead and well... Monkey see monkey do.


Wrong Kind Of Lube

When i was 14, i accidentally mistook bike chain lube for sex lube. At first, i wondered why it was blue, but that thought was almost immediately overpowered by an intense burning sensation.


Definitely Not Avocado

Asume the green stuff on the sushi tray was avocado...


More Like Bed And Social Anxiety

Stayed at a bed and breakfast. I’m not social enough to socialize with people during breakfast.


Same. Came downstairs at 9:15 because they said breakfast was served until 9:30. The owner said, "there you are!" and showed me to a table with a little card that said Mrs. Whinecube (in fancy script) and then proceeded to scold me that all the other guests were already done eating.

Never. Again.


Why Do So Many Kids Do This?

One time (I was around 12 or 13?) I suddenly took interest on my sharpener, since my pinky finger was small enough I decided why don't I sharpen my finger? Like why the f**k not?? So I plunged it in and twisted (hard). Took nearly a week to heal.

One of the most stupidest things I ever done


I did this as a kid too, it’s like some sort of whack childhood intrusive thought that you actually act on.


It's often good to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, but it's perfectly okay to head right back to that comfort zone immediately afterwards.

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