People Who Instantly Regretted Meeting Their Online Friend In Person Reveal What Happened


Oof, you wanted this to go so well.

The age of the internet brought an entirely new kind of relationship into our lives--online friends. And sometimes those friends fulfilled a much needed role in our lives. But sometimes, those friends needed to stay being online friends.

We usually know which within a few seconds.

u/BlckHoodie asked:

People who have met their online friends, what made you instantly regret it?

Here were some of those answers.

Just Left Of Bad


Not instant regret, but did make me realize things could have gone badly if this friend hadn't been a good human.

I used to play Halo 2 with a guy. We were playing Halo one day and I made some off the wall comment about how bad traffic was due to them redoing one of our local roads, and he said his town was redoing a lot of roads too. I think I had a friend over or coming over, and I forgot to mute my mic and said the road he lived on, asking when he had to leave/come over (again this was 15 yrs ago, a little fuzzy).

Anyways, dude was like "holy crap, do you live in XYZ" and I told him yeah. Turns out he lived like 5 miles away from me on the other side of town. We met up, I was about 11 or 12 at the time, he was like 17, and he went and bought me a burger and milkshake while we chatted. Pretty cool dude from what i remember, but when I got home I thought about how different that could have been if he wasn't just some high schooler trying to make a kids night with a burger and shake.


Wrong Message Delivered

My brother met a girl in person that he had known for 4-5 years online during which time they had kind of had an online relationship.

She had brought her friend with her to meet him and while they were sitting around a table awkwardly making conversation, with my brother apparently quite shocked at how bad she looked in person compared to how she looked online, and having absolutely no interest in her other than as friends, the girl sent her friend a message saying "omg get me out of here, he's looking at me like he wants to jump me", but she accidentally sent it to my brother.

What ensued was likely incredibly painful to be part of. My brother showed her his phone and looked at her in disgust.


From Nice To Nuts

Met a girl I really liked on WoW but she lived in another country, after a couple of vacations there it turned into a relationship. Made the decision to move and start a new live there with her. After living there for 4 months I slowly realised she was crazy. Huge mood swings paired with a lot of aggression. Ended up getting stabbed in the side by her while asleep. Needless to say; after getting out of the hospital I took the first plane back home, she's still in a psychiatric hospital.


The First Ghoster

When I was in high school I met a guy from a different high school in a local chat room. We hit it off and after a few days we agreed to meet up at the store I worked at once I finished work.

Well I guess he showed up a little early, with a friend, and came through my check stand. I thought it was him (we'd swapped photos), but I was really shy and didn't want to be wrong. I waited for him to introduce himself, but he never did, and he and his friend paid for whatever they had and left without conversation.

I was still hopeful that wasn't the guy, so I waited up for him for an hour after my shift. Of course, he never showed, because that absolutely was the guy. He must have been disappointed when he met me in the checkout line and instead of being a decent person and saying he wasn't interested, he just ghosted me.

If I could go back in time, I definitely would have said something to him at the check stand. That's my one regret.


A Painful Run-In

When i was 14 i had an online friend two states away who was 14. He and his mom took a trip to see me and the first thing we did when we saw each other was run full speed at one another. Our heads bounced off each other and I chipped my tooth and broke his braces. I'm pretty sure his front tooth was also loose and he ha toa go to the dentist to fix it.


Real Life Impostor Syndrome

My friends and I met him playing league of legends and turns out he only lived about an hour away. He insisted on being referred to by his in game name when in person and made a big deal of it whenever someone called him by his real name.


Personal Pitfalls

Met up with a friend I met in WoW.

I fell down steps.

Instead of helping or asking if I am okay, she laughed. Hard. Like, not breathing, on the floor. gasping for air, seal clapping hard.

We've been friends for like 8 years ever since that and she still reminds me.


What; Jessica!

It was my friend "Kate" who befriended this girl, "Jessica", who allowed us to come and stay with her when we travelled to the US. Jessica was rude to me instantly and kept my friend away from me. I'd go upstairs and she'd find a reason for them to go downstairs. She had Kate share her bedroom and she'd lock the door for hours and so I'd just go off and do my own thing. We met her two (odd) friends and they both ignored me. When it was time for Kate and I to move on to another state, Jessica insisted on coming with us.

The lady we stayed with in another state, "Robin," took no shit and called Jessica out on her strange behaviour. Jessica proceeded to lock herself in a room and demanded Kate stay in there with her. They were in there all day and eventually Kate came out and said to me that there's something wrong with Jessica and she's actually scared. We (Kate and I) had plans to stay with another online friend, "Matt", in another state and Jessica demanded we cancel because she doesn't like or trust Matt. We said no, this is our holiday and we've paid for flights, and Jessica said then she will come with us but we can't meet up with Matt. We said no, she cried, we left. Kate blocked her on everything.

Kate's mother called us not long after saying Jessica contacted her crying, saying Kate is in danger and we abandoned Jessica, and she's so concerned for my friend's safety (edit to add: as a I recall, she claimed to be concerned about Matt and basically wanted Kate's mum to tell us to stay with Jessica). It was actually incredibly scary. Kate found out later from another girl, "Jane" (they all knew each other from a forum) that Jessica had been telling everyone they were in love and had even slept together.

I don't know how much of that is true but I've known Kate for 20 years now and she's never identified as anything but straight. She denied it 100%. Jessica was just obsessed with her, and months later Kate heard Jessica was telling everyone she was saving money to come to our country to find Kate. She never did, thankfully.

Other than the time spent with this girl, we had a great holiday and made some good friends (I still talk to Matt, he's great).


Remember To Clean The Top Of The Fridge Next Time

Friend for 6 years flies over to Australia to hang with me for a month, little did I know he was a bit taller than me.

I was 5' 10"

He was... well... 6' 7"

I never knew he was this tall, he never talked about it, and when I was at the Brisbane airport waiting for him, I text him stating 'I don't know where you are', to which he replied 'look up'.

Towering over everyone is this blonde guy that has the arm span of the airport lobby. I cried, we laughed, and I regret bringing him over because my ceiling almost hits his head.


Oh Yup You're A Racist


Made a Runescape friend and chatted on and off for several years. He ended up being near-ish to my town and we decided to get some food.

Things were going great until a black man and white woman came in and he whispered, completely seriously, "I hate interracial couples."


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