On The Bright Side. People Share The Awesome Things That Happened To Them This Week.


Real talk: this has been a tough couple weeks. I'm a news junkie, but even I've become fatigued with the bad news and the heartbreak. So let's take a mental vacation, and let these Reddit users share the most awesome life-affirming things that happened to them this week. 

What's your good news?

My eclipse sunglasses were delivered yesterday, so I'm well prepared for the upcoming 2024 eclipse.


I hit the goal for weight loss that I've been working toward for the past year and eight months. I intentionally took it slow because I know there's been research showing that it stays off more when it's lost slowly. 

I also focused on gaining muscle during the time when I was losing weight, so it took a bit longer than it would have if I had solely focused on losing pounds. But I'm much happier with my appearance than I expected to be.


I baked a birthday cake for my neighbor and brought it to her. She's 94 today!


I finally went to the bathroom. Ive been constipated for four days due to a poor diet and stress at work.

The agony and ecstasy was both brutal and amazing.


For weeks leading up to the eclipse, I kept telling my girlfriend about the phases of the eclipse, including Bailey's Beads and the Diamond Ring. 

Just before totality I told her, "Now we have to watch really carefully or we might miss the Diamond Ring. But, just in case we do, I brought one with me..."

I proposed to her during the eclipse and she said yes!


I taught my mom how to set up an email account, stream TV shows and movies, hook up a printer, and listen to music online over the phone and it only took 5 hours! (continued...)

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She did such a good job and was very patient the entire time. She's adorable and was really excited about all of it, so the 5 hours felt completely worth it to hear her so happy.


For me, it was a girl I like texting me first and saying, "Good morning, have a nice day.


With every passing second, I am further and further from the last time I drank alcohol or had a cigarette. Im on day three now, which is the furthest I've made it in months. 

I know this is the right decision and I needed it for so long. To anyone wondering why I suddenly decided to quit alcohol cold turkey - there wasn't an "ah-ha" moment, but last week I kind of drunkenly took stock on my life. I've been drinking heavily 6-7 days a week for the past year or two and I havent drunk much less than that ever since I turned 18.

When I was in college it was just normal because everyone was doing it. When I finished school, I thought eventually I'd grow out of it. But then 6 years later I was drinking more than ever. 

My older and younger brothers and two cousins (basically every male in my family) went through opiate addiction and I always told myself I was doing pretty good because at least I wasn't on heroin. But last week I realized that was a crappy, crappy excuse. I've decided to change out of necessity. I don't want to be that person anymore. I can't live like that.


My books for this semester were only $100. When I first started school, it was $2000.


I'm on a really hardcore diet after putting on a bunch of weight during a toxic relationship. It's been since April and it got more extreme when my fiancee cheated on me and left in June. 

I was wearing size 46 jeans and nothing would fit and I felt like crap about myself prior to starting.

Last night, I bought a pair of size 38 skinny jeans that would have fit me about 7 years ago and I look great. I also picked up a pair of Jordans to go with it. I got out to my car after the purchase and started crying from happiness.


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I finished the second draft of my new novel, which means I'm officially all-go to launch it in September after waiting what feels like forever.


I interviewed an unemployed candidate for a job this morning, and calling him three hours later to offer him the position was incredible. 

Im pretty sure I made him the happiest man on earth: "Oh my god, oh my god, are you serious?"

I was, and he thoroughly deserved it.

I must add that I love the theater of offering someone a position you know could be life-changing in some way for them. It happened to me once and I'll never forget the people who gave me the opportunity. It's easily the best part of the job, and I always have an audience of other staff members present during the call so the joy is shared amongst us. 

I always knock the candidate down a little before offering them the position, just so the shock creates a greater reaction (and because I'm a bit of a jerk).

While it varies, it would typically be something like:

"Compared to the other candidates we've seen you scored far under the required grade on the technical challenge, your CV/resume was below average and you were the only person this week to fail the logic puzzle... ...however you watch Game of Thrones so I've made the executive decision to offer you a full time role!"


My grandma taught me how to make cookies after 24 years of begging her to teach me.

I made some today and they turned out like garbage, but considering her recipe is "some flour, just enough milk, and a bit of oil", I don't feel too bad. It's all about figuring it out. I'll try again tomorrow.

Everyone kind of regards me as hopeless when it comes to cooking, but I've been really trying to teach myself lately, partly because I spent a lot of time with her recently since she broke her arm and needed someone to chauffeur her around for a few months.


I got approved for my graduate assistantship, which means my master's program is paid for!


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I have an 8-month-old daughter. She has two lower teeth.

Over the past few days, she has greeted me every morning in tears. She has teething pain from an upper tooth that hasn't broken through the gum line yet.

My wife and I do everything we can to ease her pain, but there is only so much you can do.

It breaks my heart to collect my kid from her crib in the morning, knowing she's in even a small amount of pain. I never thought kissing away tears is something I'd ever do in my lifetime, but if it makes her happy, that's all that matters to me.

This morning, I walk in her room and she's quiet. Just looking out the window. She sees me, smiles, and says "Dad-ee" - first time I've heard her say that word instead of DA-DA.

My kid now has two upper teeth; both popped through.

Today is a good day!


A friend of mine told me he has a couple of pictures of my cat, Sunshine, from before he was hit by a car. (I watched my neighbor speed up on the curb and hit him. When I confronted him about it, he laughed and said he didn't like the cat anyway.)

I cried for hours, but was so thankful that he found the photos. I lost every photo I had of him when my phone was destroyed shortly afterward. He was my service pet for PTSD, and such an amazing friend. I still miss him and visit where he was buried. It's so hard to let him go. He was the outcast of the litter, and he was left to die until I found him with a ray of light shining on him (hence the name). 

I had him for 7 years, and he was truly my best friend. But the pictures brought a little something back. I still have his collar next to my bed and now I can print some pictures out to remember him. Chris, if you are reading this, thank you. I owe you more than you can imagine.


My husband and I work for the same company, at a fairly large warehouse, which in turn needs a large pool of trainers to call upon. Said pool is also used as a source of supervisors, which continue on up the ladder. 

Yesterday, we were both interviewed for a handful of trainer spots, and the interviewer said we're among his top picks (out of a group of 75 candidates or so). We love our company, so it's such an honor and thrill to be considered!

Also, today is my birthday!


Last night I had a very good conversation with my dog on what was going on in Bachelor in Paradise.

Taylor is a real piece of work.


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My son finally met his godfather after 7 years. His godfather has been battling breast cancer (it happens to dudes too) for years. A month or so ago he was declared cancer free and this week he was cleared for everyday activities. He gave my son a huge hug and both were crying. So was I.


My 18-month-old was doling out double high fives last night.


She hesitates, then does it.


Tiny voice: YAAAAA!!


I finally went to the dentist after almost 4 years. My teeth were stained and I was sure I had about 47 cavities floating around in there, so I put it off for far too long due to some combination of stupidity/naivete/fear/finances.

But I went in there, filled out some paperwork, and got the X-Rays done. They blasted the stains and stuff off my teeth, and found no cavities or problems (somehow). I'm not afraid to smile any more, and I feel better knowing my teeth aren't going to fall out.


My new puppy and his older brother were playing on top of me, licking me and jumping around the bed. I honestly haven't felt that much pure happiness in a long time. I was giggling like a little kid for 5 straight minutes.


I thought I had scared off a friend by telling her I loved her because she stopped responding to my messages. Yesterday, we had our first normal interaction since me telling her I loved her. I get another chance to be her friend.


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I heard my baby's heartbeat. It's not the first time, but it's amazing every time.


My boyfriend was having a tough day at work, and I got him to laugh so hard at a joke that he gave me a high-five. He then told me he loves me (not the first time but every time he does it makes my heart happy).


I've been working really hard on a database for the last three years. It's been a tough sell to convince the senior management that it is useful and superior to paper documentation. Today, I got an email saying that I received an award from senior management for leading this project, detailing how useful it's been to them lately.


It may seem silly, but I got to spend an entire day uninterrupted with my daughter. My son is almost six months old, and since I just had back surgery I am unable to lift or carry him. So while my husband was gone all day (at school and then work) my in-laws were kind enough to babysit him at their home. 

My daughter just turned 3 and I haven't been able to spend much time with her since her brother was born.

We spent hours outside coloring with chalk and playing with the dog, reading a bunch of books, practicing writing our names and a bunch of other things. She sat at the table across from me with her coloring book while I did some work on the computer, we cuddled up and shared popcorn and a movie, and she helped me with every chore.

I miss her like crazy, and while I am sad that I can't do much to care for my baby boy right now, I'm so happy that I got to have that quality time with my little girl. It passes by so quickly.


I had surgery yesterday and was expecting them to find a bunch of potentially cancerous polyps, based on symptoms I've been having. To my great relief, everything was clear!



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