People Divulge The Oldest Celebrity They Still Find Attractive
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Age is just a number.

We all hope to stay sexy until the end.

And even when we don't feel sexy, maybe there will be people who still think we are.

Redditor Debonair-Redditor21wanted to hear about famous crushes that enter into the "Harold & Maude" territory. They asked:

"Who is the oldest celebrity that you still find attractive?"

All Hail Dame Helen Mirren. Is there anything else to say?

How Old?

Viggo Mortensen Peace GIF by Golden GlobesGiphy

"Viggo Mortensen. Very handsome at 63."


"Damn, he is 63? Time flies."



"Elvira. Cassandra Peterson. Just turned 70 and still breaks out that amazing personality at every appearance."'


"Omg. I saw the BEST suggestion for a movie ever. Elvira & Dolly Parton playing their stage personas as estranged sisters who must team up to fight evil."



jane seymour call me kitty cat GIFGiphy

"Jane Seymour. 71 and still stunning."


"Live and Let Die. Incredible, and she'll always be in my mind as Elise McKenna, the woman so beautiful that Christopher Reeve's character went back to be with her in Somewhere in Time. I totally get the desire."


Hey Su...

"Susanna Hoffs (63)."


"Plot twist: She sang 'Walk Like an Egyptian' because she's immortal and actually lived in Ancient Egypt."


"She was my first crush. As a child, I used to watch MTV for hours just for that moment when she cut her eyes in the 'Walk Like an Egyptian' video."


I am loving this list. I didn't think I would.


mads mikkelsen hannibal GIFGiphy

"Mads Mikkelsen."


"You mean my daddy issues? Damn I love that guy. Death Stranding really nailed how he can come through a medium without much hassle."


My Biological Clock

"Marisa Tomei."


"Jesus, I was so confused watching the new Spider-Man movies with Marisa as Aunt May. Marisa Tomei is perpetually the hot 80s chick in my head, also Jennifer Connelly. I was watching Morbius and seeing Requiem for a Dream and Career Opportunities. I AM OLD, I GUESS."


Oh Captain

"Christopher Plummer, right up until the day he died at 92."


"I first saw ‘The Sound of Music’ as a child, watched in many times, know if off by heart etc. I didn’t watch for many years."

"Then as an adult I wanted to introduce a friend’s kid to it, put it on, and spent the next couple of hours absolutely dumbstruck by how hot Christopher Plummer was. It had never struck me before that time but go**amn have I never forgotten. No wonder Maria chose the Captain, if I had to choose between him and God I know who my pick would be."


Hey Tim!

"Timothy Olyphant. Idk what it is about him. He's so funny, charming, and handsome that I don't care how much older than me he is."


"I do NOT get tired of watching him; he is so expressive. In Catch and Release there's a scene where he and Jennifer Garner are having a conversation that consists entirely of gestures and facial expressions. Hilarious!"


"He is amazing in Justified and Deadwood... hell, pretty much everything. I think I just found out I may have a man-crush on the dude lol."



Michelle Yeoh No GIF by RegalGiphy

"Michelle Yeoh."


"Ugh she was a vision in Everything Everywhere All at Once. And if she doesn't win all the awards then there is something really wrong with the voting system."



"Oof that's kind of a hard one. Without looking up a bunch of older actors I think I'd have to go with Ken Watanabe. I think he's in his early 60s now and the last time I saw a recent pic of him he was still looking fine AF. And an honorable mention is Steve Carell... I don't know what it is but he keeps getting hotter with age. I was never attracted to him until he did that silver fox photo shoot with the paint brush 'n shi*t."

total class act...

"Stanley Tucci. As my mom says about handsome men, he just looks like he smells good."


"He visited our hotel a few weeks ago. As the Restaurant Manager I was specifically told that my team and I were not to treat him any different to other guests, which we don't."

"The guy was a total class act polite, courteous, and always keen for a chat. Never mentioned his movies, his career, but was there to enjoy time with his family, and they themselves were also a joy to be around. Can confirm he always had a slight aroma of warm cinnamon."


Let me Think

"Oof that's kind of a hard one. Without looking up a bunch of older actors I think I'd have to go with Ken Watanabe. I think he's in his early 60s now and the last time I saw a recent pic of him he was still looking fine af. An honorable mention is Steve Carell... I don't know what it is but he keeps getting hotter with age. I was never attracted to him until he did that silver fox photo shoot with the paint brush and stuff."


Old Guy

"Jeff Bridges is still a hottie."


"I can’t believe I had to scroll so far to see this. He’s so damn handsome, and I unbelievably beautiful in King Kong. (1976). Just wow."


"The Old Man made me agree with you."


So Hot!

"Monica Bellucci. I may just be a bit pickier than most though."


"I can’t think of a hotter character than her as Persephone in the Matrix Reloaded."

"I literally had to rewatch those scenes to absorb the plot because every scene she was in was too distracting. Totally off topic, but I always shipped her and Keanu in the movie and real life. Imagine how blindingly beautiful their offspring would be!"


Hey Mary

julie andrews snap GIFGiphy

"Julie Andrews. That is one classy lady."


Bond Boys

"Pierce Brosnan."


"Alternatively, Timothy Dalton, and in the same way. Both Bond men that I found meh during their tenure, but the older they got, the hotter they became. Pierce is at his peak now and I haven’t seen Dalton since Penny Dreadful but he was such a daddy on that show."


Hey J

"Jeremy Irons (73)."


"Been crushing on him since my late teens, he just finer and finer. Love men with those stony faves."


"Holy heck yes. Gorgeous man."


1000x Hotter

"Just watched Jurassic World Dominion last week, Sam Neil is still really handsome at his age."


"Honestly Sam Neil, Laura Dern AND Jeff Goldbloom could all still get it."


"Sam Neill is 1000 times hotter right now at 74 than he was in the original Jurassic Park at 45. I saw Jurassic World Dominion and was like... Lol what is happening??"


All the Ways

colin firth glasses GIFGiphy

"Colin Firth, All Day Everyday and Sideways Twice on Tuesday."


Well that is a long list of sexy. Cheers to growing sexy with age.

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