It's a generational thing. That's the stock answer we all give when people of different ages don't understand one another. High Schoolers versus Nursing Homers... that's a real thing. So much has changed and advanced over the last sixty or seventy years. And for some it's changed in such a rapid pace it's difficult to keep up or keep 'hip' when trying to understand a new generation. It's not that people don't want to relate but often it seems nobody to want to take a first step in trying. So let's.

Redditor u/Doi_Mi_Hoi wanted to elders of Reddit to reach out asking... Older people of Reddit, what's a question you want teenagers to answer?

The dinosaurs roam for Yeet...

I read about "kobe" and "yeet" and I'm even more confused than I was before.

~Your local dinosaur.


Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player. Saying his name channels his energy through you and momentarily makes you more accurate. KOBE

Yeet is a warcry of our people (specifically young people) and using it causes every muscle in your body to be involved in the throwing action. YEET

Kobe for accuracy, yeet for power. They are mutually exclusive, you can't yell "KOBE YEET" and have an accurate, powerful throw. The most recent command before the object leaves your hand it the one that takes effect.

Yeet also has non-practical uses. It is a catchall term for standard responses, particularly when yes is the expected response.

If someone says "are we going to see Avengers 4 right now" the default answer is yes, so "yeet" suffices as a response to the question.

Hope I helped <3


What is your earliest memory of the internet?


Loading a page as a kid for the chamber of secrets movie and it taking 10 mins or more to load. Good times, now everything is instant!


Use the button... 

How do I get this thing to work???


Turn it off and on again.


What's the biggest thing you think we don't understand about you?


There are people who seem to forget that we aren't adults yet. We aren't as mature as you, and we haven't had the same amount - or type - of life experiences you have.

I'm not saying we should be given a pass to act immature all the time. But it seems we're expected to never make a mistake ever, and never get upset over anything ever, and can never do anything to just relax and enjoy ourselves because now we're "too old for that." I swear some adults think that the moment you hit thirteen or so, you're meant to act just like someone who's like forty years old. We are still on the path to that - more than twenty years away from it, in fact. Try encouraging us towards it, rather than telling that we suddenly can't have frickin' feelings just because our age now ends in -teen. Just... I wish more adults would understand that we are still in the process of maturing and growing up. There isn't a switch that flicks one day from child to adult, and if there was it definitely wouldn't do so when we're thirteen.


Walk in my shoes?

Any of you wanna trade places?


That would put me closer to death so sure.


Do you plan to go into technical field to support your incoming robot overlords, or are you going to fight for the resistance?


Let's talk About Sex Baby... 

Are you guys learning anything about sex that's accurate? I went to a private school so my experience was very different.


Not from school, unfortunately, but everything i have felt i have needed to know about sex has been answered with a quick google search. adults tend to think that what we're seeing is porn, but the internet is actually full of really valuable resources related to sex ed & educators are good at getting their resources in front of us.

inaccurate information doesn't spread among teenagers like it used to. yes, most of the information we get about sex comes from our peers, but it is easier than ever to correct misinformation.


What happened in your life when you were "coming of age?"

Like we had baseball games and adventures in the woods with our friends on our bikes.


Literally 3 days ago I went with my friends to abandoned part of the town to explore old buildings and try to climb on the roof. Does it count?


Why not say darn?

What's up with saying 'oof' all the time?


It's like when someone tells you how they lost a wallet with $500 dollars in it and you say 'Ouch.'


What's this new trend of just having 6 Instagram pictures and then deleting old ones when you add a new one to keep the number to 6?


𝒶𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓉𝒾𝒸. We're all hella insecure & delete all of our pictures when we decide we Hate Them.



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