People Describe That One Weird, Off The Rails Episode From Their Favorite Shows


Some television shows are just weird from start to finish. Others seem perfectly normal and then throw in a "unique" episode here and there. That's what we're here to talk about today - those episodes that made fans check that they were watching the right show. Those glorious WTF moments deserve to be celebrated.

Let's do it.

One reddit user asked:

What was that one really weird episode of an otherwise normal show?

People were not afraid to speak their minds. It's almost like all of Reddit has been sitting around thinking they were the only ones who saw the episodes, or they imagined this all as a fever dream.


These episodes were 100% real, and 100% bonkers.

Spongebob Trauma

The Spongebob episode where they go to the future and everything is chrome. Honestly scared me when I was a kid.

- Faulkee

Also the episode where they thought they killed a man and attempted to hide the body, all while trying to convince the cops they weren't acting strange.

- DaleDimmaDome

I have a vivid memory of the anxiety I felt in the Spongebob episode where he keeps missing the bus, cannot remember anything else from that episode except how much I hated it when it was on the tv

- TulipTapir

Who Was Really Victorious

Don't know the name of the episodes, but both are from Victorious:

  • The Breakfast Club tribute. It wasn't that weird but for a kid watching who (ideally?) hasn't watched TBC, it was just confusing
  • The talk show episode in which Rex interviews the actual actors. It was so weird. Way more dirty jokes than usual.

Supernatural Got Weirder Than Usual

the French Mistake from Supernatural... probably one of the weirdest episodes to made by any TV show (in case you haven't seen it, the main characters slip into a parallel universe where they are actually the actors on the Supernatural, using the actors real names and everything)

- jaydone_

I don't know what was funniest; Sam and Dean being utterly bewildered by Misha Collins, horrified that Jared Padalecki is married to "Ruby" (Genevive Cortese), the directors/producers getting shot up by Balthazar, or Sam and Dean's "acting".

- NootTheNoot



Walter chasing after the fly in the underground lab in Breaking Bad. Pretty sure it was the whole episode

- markedasred

That episode from Breaking Bad' where the only thing they do is to try and catch a goddamn fly.

- qti_

The fly episode in breaking bad where they spent the entire episode trying to kill a fly

- noor4lhadi713

Boy Meets Murder

Boy Meets World, 'Psychotic Episode'

The episode is essentially a series of dream sequences, in which main character Cory (Ben Savage) murders his friends and family one-by-one in a variety of ways that involve lift shafts, strangulation, baseball bats, and so on. Boringly, it's all explained at the end to be part of Cory's worries about his impending wedding

- Denster1

Already Weird

The Garnet's Universe episode of Steven Universe was weird and was odd compared to the usual nature of the show, which is already really weird.

- Manderelli

Deep Space Racism

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had an episode where Captain Sisko woke up as a 1950s African American science-fiction writer trying to get his story about a space station commanded by an African American (so basically a 1950s version of DS9) published. Of course, with the story being set in the 1950s, he meets a lot of skepticism about whether the public would embrace a series where the commanding officer is black at a time when segregation was still ongoing in parts of the country.

Now, many of the examples here are about episodes that are not only weird in the context of their series, but also poorly-regarded. This is not one of them. "Far Beyond The Stars", as the episode was called, is actually well-regarded by a lot of fans, and is actually quite a good episode. But it certainly was quite a change of pace from the usual shenanigans involving wormholes and squabbling space empires.

- Mean_Mister_Mustard

Test Sounds

There was one episode of Johnny Test where none of the characters spoke for the entirety of the episode but it still played out like a normal episode. There were sound effects and the mouths moved but there were no actual voice lines.

I'm sorry for putting my parents through that episode.

- TeremyYT

X-Files Flip

Well all the episodes were weird. But The X-Files had some strange ones.

One especially strange one had a lizard man bitten by a human (a reverse of the stereotypical human bitten by a werewolf).

The lizard man turns human each day and is compelled to do human things, like having a job at Kinkos.

- JonSpangler

The best part of that episode was when Mulder confronts him and saids that he's a monster who turns into a human, and the monster tells him he's right, he kinda has that line like:

Monster: (Mulder stares quietly at him) what is it?

Mulder: I don't know, I've never just been right about something completely before.

- ClownShoes4Cash

Aliens and Sasquatch


I loved McGyver as a kid. But one day i got home from school and he was fighting sasquatch and building a flying machine from trash. What the fuck was that all about?

- maksen

Samurai Appa

"Nightmares and Daydreams" from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was the episode right before "The Day of Black Sun" parts 1 & 2. That whole progression to the samurai fight scene between Appa and Momo.. and they had voices... wut...

- hanhem

I laughed so hard at that scene. When Appa started talking I died.

- pleasegetoffmycase

As a kid I loved it, because the blood bending the week before spooked the crap out of me. I was relieved when they put out comedic episode the week after.

- Beowulf50c

Doctor WTF?

Doctor who. That episode with the... "Concrete slab" That thing literally gives head. Its cannon that someone has sex with a face... that's on a slab of concrete.

- the_atheron

Okay. The episode is bad, but you're kinda taking everything out of context.

There's this green alien dude. He "eats" people by absorbing them, and their faces appear on his body. He "hires" a group of people trying to investigate who The Doctor really is.

The entire story is told from the perspective of the one guy who survives the green alien, telling the whole thing like a video blog about The Doctor.

The girl he loves ends up dying, but the doctor is able to save her life after she dissolves into a stone slab. So she's a face in a stone slab. A bit weird.

There's a throwaway line the guy says towards the end: "We even have a love life." To which, the stone slab lady says "Oh, don't tell them that."

Like I said, the episode is bad. But that's all anyone ever seems to remember is that one throwaway line.

- tehweave

Roseanne's Dream

Roseanne had an episode where she killed her entire family one by one and then went to court and it turned into a musical? I remember watching it thinking WTF? I think she even apologized for it. BTW there was a WHOLE SEASON that was OFF where they won the lottery and became millionaires and crossed over with AbFab's Patsy & Edina? Weird. They came back next season and said it was all a dream.

- MiguelitoLikesIt


Y'ever see Dinosaurs?

Y'know - that 90s sitcom with all the Jim Henson dinosaur puppets that covered such classic topics like stale bedroom antics, steroid abuse, fighting a romantic rival to the death after he tried putting the moves on your wife in the frozen foods section, homosexuality herbivorism, and more?

Yeah, the last episode was f*cking weird. They had to explain to a f*cking baby that its father's actions had led to a sudden onset of global f*cking cooling that would kill off all the dinosaurs and end civilization as they knew it in an unknown period of time.

And people say the 90's were a great time to watch TV.

- gullitics

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