'The Way She Sneezes' And Other Odd Things People Find Attractive


Human sexuality is weird. There's no way around it.

It's oddly common for people to be attracted to/turned on by strange things about others. And then, once you fall in love, everything becomes endearing and attractive.

So what are some of the oddest things people will own up to?

u/kolachekolaches asked:

What's the oddest thing you've found attractive about someone?

Here were some of the answers.

Excitement IS Hot


I used to be interested in a guy who had this deep, gravelly voice most of the time, but would switch to an ear-splitting falsetto whenever he got excited about something.

What can I say? It was hot.


A Lil Klutzy

I saw a girl in the park once eating an ice cream cone and it slipped out of her hand. I found the way that she juggled it trying to catch it and the way she reacted to it dropping really cute.


Aww that's cute. Reading your comment made me think of the girl as a corgi somehow


A Delicate Gesture


There was this boy I liked who had these long delicate looking hands and I thought they made him look so handsome because he tended to talk with his hands and just had this languid way of moving, I could have listened and watched him talk for hours and was always hoping he'd just noodle around on his bass so I could watch.

Incidentally my husband also has hands like that with the added bonus of tons of super cute freckles.


A Crooked Smile

My best friend makes fun of me for this all the time, but I like interesting teeth. Not super gnarly or meth mouth or obvious poor oral hygiene, but if a guy has a tooth that's a bit crooked or chipped or has a gap. There's just something about it I find very charming and think it gives their face/smile some character.


A Scent And A Build

My first boyfriend was a pretty lanky dude. He had quite an elongated neck and it was so warm and just nice to burrow my face into and kiss. Also, it carried his scent. Not his sweat or anything, but the sweet wonderful scent I still miss that his skin carries no matter how soon it is since he's been in a shower.


Tiny But Mighty

I worked at a sub shop in high school and I was working one night when a cute and petite girl about my age, maybe 5'2" and no more than 100 lbs came in. She ordered a 15" double cheese steak sub and 2 large fries, eat in..... I made her food and handed it out to her, she ate the entire thing without blinking..... I wanted to propose right then and there. This was probably 12 years ago now and I remember it like it was yesterday.


When It's Everybody

I find myself madly in love with anyone I can have a good debate with.

I'm a software developer, a bisexual software developer... so my life consists of a whole lot of reminding myself I'm not really attracted to the person, I just work well with them, calm down.


Rolling release cycles are ruining software by reducing the need for Q/A testing by a dedicated team and instead rushing updates to consumers. The consumers are then more likely to find a bug, but since updates have such a faster workflow than before a new update can fix that. Compare this to a product with a release cycle that consists of a feature freeze and bug fix period. Combine this bug fix period with Q/A testing and possibly a opt-in beta and the release will be much smoother and hopefully contain less bugs.

In short, how you doin'?


The Most Wonderful Human

I knew I fell in love with my fiancée when I asked her on our first date about any amusing tinder experiences (we met through tinder) and she told me the first guy she matched with after breaking up with her longtime bf was a married man trying to cheat on his wife, and instead of taking advantage of the situation she talked him out of it, helped him get into therapy and get his life back on track. She keeps tabs on him every once in a while. He's still married.

Only a beautiful soul would see through that effort for a stranger going through hard times.


Past Skin-Deep

I love skeletal structures. Deep hip bones, shoulder blades, and collar bones. The vertebrae on the back of the neck are also amazing.

Similarly, when the tendons in someone's hands are pronounced and you can see all the parts dancing as they do something intricate with their fingers like type on a keyboard or play certain instruments.


It Was The German


I think I've posted this before, but I didn't know just how much a good strong voice could turn me on until I heard my classmate say Arbeitsvertrag. He was sitting to my left and I was looking to my right (where the prof was sitting), and I just turned my head slowly to look at him and now I'm hyper-aware of how sexy his voice is.

I think I may have creeped him out because not once since then has he sat next to me in class, potentially to prevent having to work individually with me...


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