People Share The Most Obvious Signs That Someone Has Feelings For You
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When we were kids, we may have relentlessly teased a classmate for no reason other than due to having an innocent crush.

Which is certainly odd behavior. Why would anyone torment someone they really really like by making fun of them? Well, it's one way to get their attention, I suppose.
As adults, our amorous intentions may not have changed all that much since we were running around and causing mischief in the schoolyard.
We still desire to be noticed by the person who gets our hearts going without verbalizing our feelings.

Curious to hear the ways people behave around the people they like but are too afraid to speak up, Redditor Eastern_Assistant_87 asked:

"What are some very obvious signs someone is into you?"

These Redditors shared their regrets about the women who wanted to get some.

Missed Opportunity

"Looking back on my time in college I got some pretty clear signs that I completely missed… if a girl invites you back to her dorm because she 'forgot' something and then can’t remember what she was going back to get and then sits on her bed and just kind of looks at you, that’s a pretty clear sign… I think about that occasionally. I can’t believe I missed that one."

– Heyigotone

The Couch Was "Scratchy"

"This female friend of mine used to come over to work during the day. Eventually she asked me if she could stay at my place over night because she needed to be in the city the next day. I setup the couch for her (I didn’t offer my bed lol) and we both got into our individual sleeping spots. About ten minutes later she comes to my room and asks if she can sleep in my bed with me because 'the couch is scratchy '. I didn’t make a move. These sleepovers continued for another month or so until I finally did and she was (obviously) very into it and didn’t know why I didn’t make a move sooner. I’m an idiot."

– Mrcrest

Ever notice the person who always seems around? These Redditors certainly did.

They Want To Be Near You

"They go out of their own way to be around you."

– nRenegade

I Spy A Stalker

"If you see that person hiding in a tree outside your window."

– 168942269

It's Laughter They're After

"Laughing at everything I say. Its how I recognised my gf liked me. I could say virtually anything and I could see her laughing."

– Caeberon

Everyone has their different methods in obtaining affection.

Visual Sign

"When you glance at someone and your eyes meet for precisely 2.55 seconds, the other person wants to have sex with you."

"It works. Believe. Me."

– xanax-sniffer

The Plan

"I like things to be very clear and obvious so I insist on waiting for them to issue me a section 3.02 notice 'intention to persue romantically' which will set out their detailed 5 year plan for us and describe the boundaries of their proposed persuit including likes / dislikes and information on any allergies."

"Still waiting, but one day I'm sure my luck will turn..."

– Grouchy-Praline5950

Some people send or receive mixed signals.

To Be Clear...

"Mark, if this is you from accounting, for the last time just because I grazed your hand reaching for a doughnut does NOT mean I’m in to you!"

– Guinness1313

Vague Interpretation

"Honestly, I got rejected by a girl who seemed to send very obvious signs, so I don't know anything anymore."

– 1up_1500


"Bro she told me she's into me a week ago, i confessed the very next day... Have been getting ghosted ever since... I'm literally losing it and feels so terrible. (Crushed on her for 2 years)"

– An0ny0x00

Many people brace themselves for rejection, which is denying themselves credit for thinking it's not possible to be anyone's object of affection.

But skipping the reindeer games and declaring your heart's intentions to the person you like, while risky, may be worth dispensing with prolonged anxiety wondering how the other person thinks.

There is always plenty of other fish in the sea.

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