Life is full of unbelievable things that catch us off guard, but somethings just shouldn't be allowed to happen. People share their experiences that shocked them to their core and that were statistically just not feasible.

u/RedditYankee asks: What was the most statistically unlikely event you've witnessed?

The same beach!

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About 15 years ago, I was on a plane in America. I sat down next to a girl about my age. We started chatting, just idle travel chit chat. She was an Australian, and I'm a naturalised Australian, I still speak with a Canadian accent.

I mentioned that I'm actually from Australia too. She was surprised, and I asked her where she was from. She told me it was so and so away from Sydney. I told her to try me. She mentioned a region, and I told her I was pretty familiar with it, as I'd lived in a town from that area. She told me the town name - it's a coastal town, see. I asked her what beach she lived nearest to (it's how people identify in that place). She said the beach name. I told her that's my beach too.

I asked what street it was. She lived three doors down from where I lived. I knew a few of her siblings, but had just never actually met her.

when the earth loves you

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When I was a kid I was on the beach with my family and a family friend. Said friend realised that he'd lost his wedding ring, presumably while swimming in the sea at some point earlier that day. I decided to head out with my snorkel to have a look and after only a few minutes spotted the wedding ring half buried in the sand, in about a meter depth of water. It still blows my mind that I found that ring!

watch your back!

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Was at a shop counter in Wisconsin, and some dude came up behind me and kicked me in the butt(gently), thinking I was his niece or something. Apologized profusely, went on our separate ways. A few weeks later, I'm in an airport in Houston. I hear a man behind me talking about how he accidentally kicked some poor girl in the butt. I turn around, and there's a long moment of staring at each other before I decide to walk away. Dude probably s*** his pants.

The perfect combo

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My dad is a personal injury attorney (aka ambulance chaser). One time when my dad was driving me to school, we got into a car accident where the car behind us caused three cars to be pushed into each other fender bender style. Everyone gets out to exchange information, and realize the guy not only hit my dad, aka the personal injury attorney, but the driver was also responsible for the car being pushed into the two other guys who were an insurance adjuster, and a chiropractor. Everyone made sure to exchange business cards.

What are the chances?

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I live in Ireland, and I found my friends passport on a night out in Scotland where he had been the previous weekend.

No way!

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Went on holiday abroad. Walking round a market. Turn the corner and physically bump into a guy. He looks up and it's the guy I was best friends with all through school.

Traveling neighbors

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Was in the car with my father going to Cape Cod. A car had been driving alongside us/near us since our home town. When we got to the Cape, the car followed us to the house we were staying at, then pulled into the very next driveway. Turns out our neighbors rented the B&B next to us with no planning what so ever.

Impossible aim

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In the 5th grade I threw a paper airplane that sailed across the room and stuck in between a boy I liked 2 front teeth. It was amazing.

He knows

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I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos, back when Bob Saget hosted, while eating pretzels and drinking diet black cherry soda. Saget led into the commercial break by saying, "don't put down those pretzels and diet black cherry soda, we'll be right back!" I almost choked.

Say what!?

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I've posted this before on here, but I once saw a guy try to kick a football, miss and instead kick a pigeon into a nearby girl, spilling her milkshake all down her front.

I mean, I don't know how statistically improbable that is, but any chance I get to tell the story I'll use.

Thank god for movers

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My wife lost her wedding ring. We thought that maybe she left it in a restaurant when washing her hands and it was stolen. After a year and a half of it missing we were moving across the Atlantic and hoped it might show up when we cleaned our house out. No luck, it was gone forever we thought. When we got to our new house one of the movers brought my wife her engagement ring. He found it in the living room rug. A rug that we walked on almost every day since it had been missing. That we vacuumed at least once a week. That got rolled up and shipped across the Atlantic. A few minutes later he found her wedding band in the same rug.

Happy birthday y'all!

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At a party a few years ago, about 30 people or so. I overheard a vague acquaintance talking to a woman I didn't know about that 'if more than 23 people are in a room chances are 2 will share a birthday' factoid. She asked him his birthday (which I didn't know), he said March 18. She freaked and said 'mine too!'. But this is where it gets weird. My birthday is March 18, too. So I told them and we all lost it slightly. Another woman came to ask us what the fuss was all about, we explained and she practically fell over. Yep. She was March. I'm not up to the maths but I'd love to know how unlikely that was.

The friend you see all over the world

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I met a woman in a remote mountain village in the Philippines that I had hiked to for a local celebration. Her, my brother and I were the only foreigners there. We made small talk yadda yadda, we were Australian backpackers and she was an American journalist doing work, and that was that.

About 2 months later I was walking into Chiang Mai zoo in Thailand and as I was walking in, she was walking out. We made that "wait, what!" face at each other and stopped for a chat. It was absolutely bizarre.


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Back in about 2006 I went to get school supplies for college. I also bought a phone. I picked one that had some speed dials and looked. Ok, some guy came over and tried to pitch me a warranty plan that I passed on. I paid for stuff and left. I got home and a few hours later I opened my roommate assignment and used my new phone to call him. We chatted for a minute and I said I just bought the phone I was calling him on. Silence. Is it an AT&T 2130? Uh, yeah. Did you buy it at staples in West Lebanon? Yeah. Dude, I just sold you your phone. This gets better. A few months later we are at school and we were talking about boy scouts. He asked if I was in the order of the arrow. I said yes. Do you have your membership card? Uh, yeah. Right here in my wallet. Look at the signature of the treasurer. It was him. I had been carrying the signature of my future roommate in my wallet for like 6 years.

Good guess!

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I scored a 10/10 in a true-or-false test where I didn't know the answer to even a single question. The chances of that happening is 1 in 1024.

Dodged a death

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A lightning strike right behind my car. It sounded and felt like the back of my car exploded.

Crazy physics

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A tea cup fell down from my hand, landed perfectly standing, tea surface made a very unusual vertical splash that reached the ceiling (4m high). There is a mark on the ceiling to this day

Impossible stats

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I was at a poker table where one guy got pocket kings four hands in a row. Someone looked up the stat and it was astronomical.

Something doesn't line up here

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Can someone tell me what the odds are that a tree would fall on my car on a sunny, wind free day, while I was driving it? Like, I was in motion, this big tree saw me, went "f*** this bitch in particular" and totaled my poor car (I was somehow fine.)

This is of cosmic proportion

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A meteorite that was big enough to light up the area like daylight.

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