Observant People Reveal Small Inaccuracies In Pop Culture That Drive Them Insane

Observant People Reveal Small Inaccuracies In Pop Culture That Drive Them Insane

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Inconsistencies in movies and TV can be really frustrating, like when computers or phones beep. Or when DNA tests come back within hours. Or when guns fire with no recoil. Do you ever wake up with perfect hair and a kissable mouth?

bluesheep123 asked, [Serious] What small inaccuracy in movies, shows, games, etc. drives you nuts?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

When all the landmarks of a city are lined up in a movie...

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This is probably true of most major cities in movies, but Washington, DC, is the one I see most often. OK, we're driving and there's the Capitol! Now we're passing the Lincoln Memorial! Now we're in front of the White House! Where the hell are you going???

These won't work if the person is already dead.

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General defibrillator usage.

Try this at home, see how it goes. Okay, don't actually, but ya know.

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Busting through glass with either no cuts or very minor cuts.

This is how I feel when people say, "ATM Machine."

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"Over and out". As a former signal guy in the army, this is like nails on a chalkboard. Especially when it's said by a military or law enforcement personnel who should know better. "Over" means you're expecting a response. "Out" means the conversation is done. "Over and out" literally means "talk to me and shut up".

Big blow to the head? You need a hospital.

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Getting a heavy blow to the head, getting knocked-out, then the character wakes up later on like they just have a small hangover.

Nor is there ever any recoil from the guns...

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High caliber bullets never seem to go through people being shot and never seem to pass through thin gauge sheet steel car doors.

Not just yelling at witnesses, but last minute, case-saving evidence? Never happens.

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That's not at all how court cases work. If you yell at a witness, you'll be thrown out.

The audience knows how phones work...

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When a character is talking on the phone and you can see the damn home screen. Hate it.

Looking at you, SVU...

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"Let's review the security footage"

Proceeds to show multiple professional, moving, cinematic angles in HD...What the f_ck kind of security cameras do you have?

Continuity fails are immensely frustrating.

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When something changes from camera angle to camera angle. For example, when someone's hair is on their shoulder when you look at them and then the camera flips to the other person in the conversation and then when it flips back to the other person their hair is off their shoulder. I always pick up on it and it drives me crazy!

Definitely was not this way in real life.

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Perfect bright white teeth and immaculate makeup in ancient/old times.

Everything is done through typing, especially fast typing.

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Literally anything involving computers or hacking. Things do not work that way.

Every breakfast on Breaking Bad went this way.

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Mom cooks a full eggs-bacon-toast-sausage-pancakes-OJ-coffee breakfast on a weekday

Kid sits down for breakfast, serves himself/herself a heaping plate of everything

Conversation lasts 30 seconds, kid eats 2 bites of toast

Kid gets up and leaves for school, leaving a full plate of breakfast behind

If that had happened at my household, I would have gotten a chancleta to the face in record time.

*Cough* FRIENDS *cough*

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People that make minimum wage owning large apartments in NYC. That and how ex's will come back if you try really hard.

I tend to have good parking karma but I recognize my privilege.

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There is always convenient and available street parking.


Beep beep boop - NO.

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The little noises everything makes when working on a computer - when you open a document or window, move a file into a new directory, even moving the cursor or typing on a keyboard.

It's that movie magic in which the laws of physics no longer apply.

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Doesn't wear a seatbelt. Gets into an 80 mph collision with 6 rollovers. Just minor scratches and bruises. Maybe a dislocated shoulder. F_ck off.

Super relatable tbh...

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People don't say "bye" before hanging up the phone.

How do they drink fresh coffee that quickly?

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Cups of liquid never have any weight to them.

And people don't know how to drink from coffee cups and pretend they are full.

"Hey Betty here is your piping hot fresh full coffee from Coffeeland"

tilts "full" coffee cup parallel to the ground and pretends to drink

Inverse pixelation... yeah, WTF?

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When a photo magically enhances when its zoomed into.

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