The National Rifle Association is struggling a bit recently.

For some reason, with the list of violent mass shootings in America becoming longer and longer and the NRA picking fights with the doctors who treat gun wounds (telling them to "stay in your lane"), donations are beginning to dry up.

It's been reported that the organization's membership revenue fell by 35% last year. Some people within the organization are scared it may soon be "unable to exist."

Money has become such an issue for the NRA that they've had to remove the free coffee and water coolers from their headquarters in Virginia.


You know things are bad when you can't afford a bad cup of coffee!

Twitter is truly very sad for the NRA and is sending them the same helpful gift NRA members are known to send after mass shootings:

thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully these thoughts and prayers are enough to balance their books.

These thoughts and prayers will save the NRA the same way thoughts and prayers have saved so many in the past!

It seems as if many sent these thoughts and prayers...sarcastically?!

Many on Twitter were glad to hear that the NRA's rapidly declining revenue also led to them scaling back their donations during this year's midterm elections!

The NRA is in deep trouble.

It is truly VERY sad.

With all these thoughts and prayers coming its way, surely the NRA will be back on its feet in no time!

H/T - Indy 100, Huffpost

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