People Share The Backstory Behind Their Most Noticeable Scar


When I was a kid, I witnessed a classmate trip and bust his knee on the pavement. He had an angry wound and it bled everywhere. It was pretty scary to see, in fact. Thankfully, he recovered. It was springtime and the weather was getting warmer and he, much like everyone else, wore shorts everywhere. That scar he had from the accident was gnarly. He loved showing it off and probably felt like a warrior of some kind.

After Redditor ordinarybloke1963 asked the online community, "How did you get that scar?" people shared their stories and they're fascinating.

"Mom got me one..."

I was 10 years old, in Girl Scouts, and I really wanted a jack knife. Mom got me one, and said, "Be careful. And if you're not careful and you cut yourself, don't come crying to me." So I'm outside whittling on a stick, and the knife slipped and sliced into my finger. Oh s***. Mom's gonna kill me. I was scared to go inside the house, 'cause Mom would know what happened, so I rinsed the cut with the garden hose and wrapped my sock around the finger til it stopped bleeding. Mom's been gone 35 years and I think of her whenever I notice that scar.


"I was four..."

Brown recluse spider bite. I was four, and my mom didn't notice it for DAYS. Definitely could have died, but luckily got away with just a scar.


"I was riding my bike..."

I was riding my bike in the city, and a car door from one of the parallel parked cars opened up in front of me. Broke glass, bike, and needed surgery on my collarbone.

Now I can tell when it's about to rain because my metal plate begins to hurt.


"The neighbor girl hit me..."

The neighbor girl hit me in the head with a high-heeled shoe when I laughed at her for not being able to do a cartwheel. It hurt so bad and was fairly bloody, but at the end of the day only one of us could do a cartwheel. And that was me! Suck on that Darla!


"They opened me up..."

Hodgkins disease. They opened me up to biopsy various things. Scar runs from my breast bone to my pubic bone.


"This guy at school..."

This guy at school would give friction burns to people by running his cast against their arm, I wanted to see how long I last. Fast forward 6 years, there's still a mark there, safe to say I got a scar from stupidity.


"I was really ill."

I was really ill. In the middle of the night I went to go toilet and got up too quick and was half awake walking to it. In the hallway I ended up fainting and hitting my head on the edge of a small cabinet, it made a deep cut across my left eyebrow in the shape of an arc which left a scar. I went into a concussion, not long, and I have no memory of getting up or being in the hallway. I had to get stitches and it's permanent.


"When I was 4 or 5..."

When I was 4 or 5, I tried to chop a small piece of wood. As I placed it on the block, the axe slipped from my armpit and landed on my finger.


"I have a few..."

I have a few because I was a moronic child.

I have a small vertical scar directly in the middle of my forehead. I was probably around 4 years old, I went to go say good night to my grandmother and decided to jump on the bed. I missed and hit the window. Broke open my head and needed emergency trip to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, I was holding my bloody towel against my head while jumping on the chairs.

I have some discoloration in my right hand, because when I was little my mom worked at a golf course in the cafe. She was closing up and had just turned off the deep fryer. I wanted french fries, and realized the deep fryer is where they come from. Like a genius, I stuck my hand in the oil. Thank God she just turned it off otherwise I would have lost the hand.

On my left hand, I have a one and a half inch scar. You can still see the holes from the stitches that I had. I was cleaning the excess plastic from a 3D printed project. It just got out of the acid bath, which is used to help get rid of the extra bits of plastic. I was shaving down larger bits that didn't get burnt off with an x-acto knife. If you ever had acid on your hands, know it makes them very slippery, so my project slipped and I cut through my left hand.


"A ferret bit me..."

A ferret bit me when I was two. Yes, it's still there over a decade later. No, I am not ferret man or a wereferret.


"I wrestled with my brother..."

I wrestled with my brother after being told not to. I landed on a sharp corner of a table. Good thing it didn't hit my eye.



Opening a can of corn. only visible scar is from losing a can opening battle. Little white line about an inch long running down my thumb. Got it about 4 years ago now.


"Oh, on my arm?"

Oh, on my arm? Doing laundry.


"I was jumping on the bed..."

I was jumping on the bed got too close to a drawer and split my eyebrow open (lucky it wasn't my eye). It isn't a massive scar but if you look close it looks like i put pink marker on my eyebrow.


"We were walking back to class..."

From a girl in elementary school that unintentionally gave me a paper cut on my f****** eyeball. We were walking back to class after art and she was swinging her art piece around. I was sadly walking next to her. Wore an eye patch for a bit which was cool at the time. I still have a noticeable floater 20 years later.


"You know how..."

I'm late to the party, but I broke my arm in 1st grade. They had to cut the cast all the way up my right arm for swelling. You know how those saws aren't supposed to cut skin? Well apparently that's not true. They had 3 nurses holding me down while I screamed at them "it's cutting me!" Over and over again.


"Later that week..."

My mom had found one of those pirate treasure like chests on the front of someone's lawn for free, so she brought it home for me and my siblings cause it was cool looking. Apparently though, one of the pointy gold metal clasps was broken and was sticking out.

Later that week, I was playing the floor was lava with my siblings and was hopping from pillow to pillow when i trip on said pillow and cut the length of my forearm on the gold pointy thing.


"It had been raining a lot..."

It had been raining a lot on the island I was living on at the time and it was before they paved the road so there were some real big puddles. Was biking home from town after it had stopped raining for a couple days so the puddles were all "nice and warm" (sarcasm- bathtub temperature and very unpleasant). I got off my bike to walk through one that was pretty deep and turns out some branches were hidden by the murky, stagnant jungle water. Got stabbed in the ankle, gushed blood into my sandals for the half mile left to get home, then rinsed it out with a hose and rubbing alcohol. Never got infected, somehow, but the scar is still there from it.

Also on that island, stabbed myself in the foot with a pitchfork huckin' sea grass off the beach (during the big sargassum cluster breakup a few years back).


"When I was a child..."

When I was a child there used to be only one cartoon a day on TV. My brother and I were always racing like crazy to get to yhe living room because we didn't want to miss it. Let's just say that my brother was a bit too eager to win. I have a huge scar in the middle of my forehead. I wish I had s scar that had somekind of deep or profound meaning. It just reminds me that we were very stupid kids.


"We had a dog..."

We had a dog that we used to wind up by blowing in her face. She used to go ballistic. Launch herself at you. One day I lost. She bit through my upper lip. Straight through. We knew if Mum found out that would be the end of her. So Dad made sure she never knew. Don't feel to bad for me, I was 22.


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