We all miss our childhoods. But honestly, didn't some things work better when we were kids? Fashion, some technological processes, etc? We remember the good old days, and we want them back.

u/Yalius asked Reddit:

What is something that, sadly, has died out?

Here were some of the answers.

Cartoon Cartoons


I'm in my mid-60s but I can clearly remember the Saturday morning lineup:

6 a.m. - Clutch Cargo

6:30 - Mister Magoo

7 a.m. - The Alvin Show

7:30 - The Jetsons

8 a.m. - Rocky and Bullwinkle

8:30 - Jonny Quest

9 a.m. - The Bugs Bunny Hour

After that, my ol' man would come through and say "Go outside and get some fresh air."


Side By Side


Couch multiplayer: two people or more people in the same room with splitscreen, either co-op or PvP.

It still exists, sure, but it's been on the decline for a while, especially when it comes to big name titles. I'd really love to get some of that Goldeneye 64 vibe back from my youth, you know?


Logic Jump



Chickens are descended from dinosaurs.

Just imagine the Buffalo Wings we could have had.


The Human Condition


Making mistakes and not having them follow you the rest of your life. I am really happy that I am old enough to be past this, but certain videos or post can ruin someones life now. Even mistakes have been made and a person that is completely innocent is chastised by the mob. This mob yells and screams bloody murder when one little slip happens.

It is like we have all forgotten that we are not perfect and make mistakes.




The Roman Empire. Lest we forget.




The ability for games to have cheat codes and real easter eggs. Now, even if they did, a quick google can reveal them all, even if it is a brand new game. Gone are the days of looking for that secret your second cousin who lives 5 hours away SWEARS he found.


50 Shades


Hunter Green. I simply cannot find anything in hunter green anymore, and it's frustrating. I do not like the colors they have in style, I want hunter green.

I hope like hell that color comes back in fashion, because dyeing stuff is a PITA and my sheets and towels are getting extremely ragged. Plus I have other things in that color that are also on their last leg, but stubborn me refuses to replace it until I can get them in hunter green.

Yes I'm picky. So what, bring back hunter green.


Go, Go!


Pokemon Go. I KNOW that people still play but the first few months when it came out were great. My wife, daughter and i were out walking just about every evening that summer and taking trips to local places we'd never been too before to see what we could catch. When we went out to hotspots there were so many people just all enjoying the game and it was just a great experience.


The Sight Of Magic


Attention spans

As a children's entertainer you can see how YouTube / iPads have given children very short attention spans, to keep a room of 50 kids constantly engaged I need to be doing a new thing every 3 minutes, there was a point where you could make one magic trick last 20 minutes apparently (I'm quite a young magician compared to the rest of my circle who tell me such things).


A Relic


DVD rentals from a store like Blockbuster. Shopping for your next movie was fun. If the new release you wanted was still on the shelf, it felt like you won the lottery.


Nadine Shaabana/Unsplash

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