Nostalgic People Share Their Favorite Cancelled TV Shows That History Forgot

There is nothing that brings you back to the good old days like reminiscing about TV shows you use to watch. Everyone had their favorites, but sometimes the good stuff was overlooked and completely forgotten. Maybe the forgotten shows weren't that great after all, or maybe they demanded a specific taste.

Polite_Werewolf asks:

What cancelled TV show did you watch that nobody seems to remember?

An intriguing plot

Discovery made a show called The Colony for a couple seasons about post apocalyptic survival in an urban/ suburban setting. A dozen or so random volunteers from all walks of life. Was fun to see how they interacted and helped eachother.

That's fair

The Adventures of Brisco County Junior

Classic Bruce Campbell. That show needed at least one or two more seasons.

I don't recall

I used to love a show on Disney called So Weird about a girl who constantly got herself into supernatural situations. No one seems to remember it.

Did y'all write this show yourself because I don't remember it one bit

Sagwa the Chinese cat

Wait, Skeeter from Doug?

My cousin Skeeter Every time I try explaining it to people, they look at me funny. I thought it was great.

Anything with Eddie Izzard is amazing, bring it back!

The Riches

It started Eddie Izzard as a con man hiding from his past taking the life of millionaires.

Sounds creepy and unfamiliar

Today's Special. Early 80s? Kids show about a mannequin come to life inside of the toy store after hours. There are also puppets!

A Fox dropout

The Good Guys with Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. It was on Fox, but I never even heard of it until after it was canceled. I saw it on Netflix; I think was the first thing I ever watched on Netflix streaming.

News from all centuries

Journeyman! It was about a newspaper reporter who could travel back in time - kind of like a reverse Early Edition mashed up with Quantum Leap. It was really pleasant.

Apparently there is a super squirrel and a catchy theme song involved in this lost gem

Two Stupid Dogs.

Alternate history is always interesting

Kings with Ian McShane. It was set in a slightly alternative history of modern USA, and every d*** moment of that show was lush and magical. Watch it; you probably won't regret it. Until it ends forever.


Herman's Head, Like Pixar's Inside Out but live action.

The shows we miss

I still miss Early Edition.

It was a fun show. Kyle Chandler and the rest of the cast were great.

Just for the action figures

Ronin Warriors, if only because of the sweet action figures.

Sounds good!

Parker Lewis Can't Lose. It was Ferris Buellers day off as a sitcom and much better than the actual Ferris Bueller sitcom.

A personal favorite

Wishbone, a PBS show about a dog that tells stories about history by acting them out with humans.

whats the story, wishbone?

A huge cliffhanger and then a cancellation....that's rough!

Clone High!!! It is one of my favorite shows and they cancelled after one season on a huge cliffhanger. I dream for them to bring it back one day.

Oldie but goody

Dinotopia! I don't know why but I was obsessed when I was a kid.

Oh yea, the guy with no belly button

I feel like I'm one of 4 people that watched Kyle XY.

Live action Lord Of The Flies

Kid Nation

Basically a reality game show with a group of kids in a deserted little town without any adults and they have to create their own community and rules. It was like real life Lord of Flies without the gore lol.

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