Experiencing things for the first time is something not enough people really appreciate. When we say "first time" we tend to think about first kisses, first intimate experiences, first heartbreaks... but there are literally zillions of firsts we all have that we just don't take the time to appreciate.

One Reddit user asked people to share the "firsts" they wish they could experience again. Of course some responses were sexual, but you might be shocked at the other stuff that came up! Enjoy some of our favorite responses.

Moving Out


The intoxicating euphoria I felt when I moved out of my parents place into my own apartment!

- CompletePermission



Getting my dog as puppy, my parents surprised me with him. He's 8 now and I would love to spend more years with him if I could.


Make Your Move


The night I made "my move" on my now fiancé after being in love with her for 2 years

- Gopokes34

Quality Comedy


I'd like to experience watching The Office and Parks and Rec for the first time all over again. I cried from laughing watching both of those shows, and I still do on occasion from Parks and Rec, but I'd just like to not be aware of what was coming.




It sounds weird, especially since I am a lesbian, but when I was 13 (I'm 38 now) I spent a whole day with a boy named Wally just kicking around the campground where my mom worked. It started out that my sister and I were 'competing' for his attention, and I just assumed he would gravitate to her because she has always been more pretty/girly than me. I was and always have been a tomboy.

But it turned out Wally liked me better, and he became my date for the day. We only held hands, maybe hugged once or twice, but otherwise we just talked and laughed and he made me feel beautiful. He was the first person who ever really made me feel beautiful, and probably the only one until much later after I'd come out and fallen in love with a girl for the first time. I never knew his last name or how to find him, and he went home after the weekend and I never saw him again, but I will remember that wonderful boy until the day I die. The way I felt that day was brand new.

I stopped seeing myself as an ugly tomboy and started understanding that there are many different types of beautiful and someone out there appreciates them all. That realization about myself and about the world is what I would experience over again. Wherever Wally is I hope he experiences ten times the joy he gave me every day.


That Letter


Finding out I got accepted to college. It was right in the middle of the financial crisis and I'd petitioned my school to accelerate high school (3 years instead of 4), contingent on whether or not I got into my first choice with scholarships. (My mom had been laid off, Dad died, and we were in the middle of losing our house to the bank.) I got the letter January 12, 2010. I'll never forget it, it was like the wind got knocked out of me. There was over $100K in scholarships inside. I knew I could stop waiting tables and all my hard work was for something -- I've never felt anything like it since. Like a ticket out.

- Diana_Sea

That First Kiss


My first kiss with my wife, who I had been in love with for three years but she only saw me as a friend....SUPRISE, MUTHAF^CKA....we married now...such a mind blowing feeling!


Baking From Scratch


Baking and eating a cake that I made from scratch.

It still tastes just as good as the first time, but that sense of accomplishment isn't nearly as strong anymore. The first time I started with just butter, sugar, flour, etc. and ended up with an entire f^cking cake, it felt like I was magical. Now, it's just, 'I made this, it's yummy.'




Giving birth sucked overall, obviously, but the instant euphoria when the cord was cut was INSANE. Feeling the oxytocin punch me in the face was the best thing I've ever felt in my life.

10/10 would have another baby.

- PrettyPandaPrincess




I got to enjoy snow from a young age, but my partner only saw snow recently in her late 20s. She was so excited, it was amazing to see. I wished I could have enjoyed that excitement as an adult so I could properly remember it.

- SmackMyPony

H/T: Reddit

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