Nostalgic People Reveal What They Wish Would Have A Comeback

Nostalgic People Reveal What They Wish Would Have A Comeback

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Popularity is fluid and constantly changing. So what's in right now might just be a distant memory by the time you get around to hopping on board. Don't worry, the very best things always have a way of coming back around into fashion. One Reddit user asked:

What do you wish would become popular again?

As expected, the responses were an endless parade of awesome stuff.

Flying Cars

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Positive futurism

Used to be when thinking of the future it was flying cars and jetpacks, feeding everybody, eliminating disease, exploring space and the oceans, colonizing the moon and Mars.

Now it's dystopianism, climate destruction, the collapse of civilization, death of privacy and individualism.

Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards with personal written means so much more that 3 people remembered your birthday was coming up and took time to pick out a card than that 50 people wish you happy birthday because Facebook told them to.

Saturday Mornings

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Saturday Morning Cartoons. I would love for my daughter to get the same experience that I did as a kid. Sad now that kids cartoons come online and they can binge one after the other. I had to wait an entire week to see what would happen on "MASK."

Big Hair

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Big/Frizzy hair.

Would make my mornings quicker. I was born in the wrong decade... Could have been such an 'it' girl in the 80s.


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50's dresses and suits. They are the most dapper and awesome things ever

Physical Music

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Music in physical format. And I'm not talking about the (relatively) small vinyl resurgence, but a resurgence for all kind of phyiscal formats. CD, minidisc, DCC, DAT, SACD, DVD-A, any obscure format you can think of. Those pieces of plastic had soul!

Streaming music is convenient, but seriously, it isn't very fun.


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Value being placed on learning, not just education but actual skills required for learning, assessing the validity of sources, importance of fiscal knowledge in ones life, value of opinions but not over facts etc. an appreciation for learning that isn't marred by agendas, so many teachers, consciously or unconsciously, push politics into the classroom.


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Quality products. If people cared for their belongings instead of replacing them we'd be in a much better place right now.

I've been a shoe repairer for a few years and I can tell you, shoes now are not as sturdy as they look on the outside. Most are plastic and foam stitched together in one pass with a glaze of adhesive to give the impression of a good job. If the common person knew just what they were being sold I guarantee that big brands would be reeling back from the response.

Breakfast Prizes

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Cool toys in kids' cereal.

sadly, it just died.

Being Able To Enjoy Things

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Life outside of social media and people being able to enjoy things without feeling compelled to constantly post updates to instagram/snapchat/facebook/etc.

Count Chocula

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Altoid sours. Man I miss them...

And the original Count Chocula formula. They brought the cereal back but it's not the same!

No More DLC

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Full, complete computer games with no pre order DLC or micro transactions. Bring back full expansion sets 1-2 years after release.

The Wild West Of Internet

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A decentralized internet and unregulated.

I want irc. Icq. Aim. Forums. Message boards. Napster. Chat rooms. Not Facebook everything.

Classic Cinema

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Western movies, Detective movies. Really just classic cinema. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with superhero CG movies sometimes. But I wish I could go to the movies and see costumes and sets and real props where beautiful actors and actresses talk in that semi cliche yet clever way they did. I live right next to a massive multiplex and I just wish we could get movies that felt like that.

Fondue? More Like Fun-Do!

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Fondue parties. I know it was a marketing ploy by the Swiss cheese board but dipping bread into hot cheesy sauce is fun and delicious.

Radio Personality

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More specifically, independently owned-and-operated radio. The whole medium went to shit after the giants gobbled up most of the stations and turned them into soulless clones of each other, removing the personality that made them great. Now radio stations outside major cities are just awful and even a lot in major cities are awful. I wish we could see a renaissance of independent radio stations, we could have so much great music return to radio and we could have real personality and creativity in these stations.


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Honestly? Drive-in theaters. Me and my family used to go to the drive in once and a while. I think it is one of the best ways to watch a movie with family and friends. Aside from the bugs and the occasional noisy neighbor. Wish they would make a comeback.

Thanks Antonio

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Antonio Banderas is trying to bring capes back into fashion, and goddamn do I hope he succeeds. That shit looks glorious and I want to wear one without being looked at like I'm a freak/terrorist.

Actually Leaving Work

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I can't help but imagine how nice it would have been in the 50s where you could leave work at 5, and there'd be no way for anyone to contact you until you came in the next morning. Then again, those guys didn't have smartphones.

Playing With Strangers

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Arcades, it was so much fun playing random strangers on two player machines.

H/T: Reddit

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