People Divulge Which Totally Normal Things They Find Absolutely Terrifying
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The world can be a very horrifying place. Seriously, there are death traps literally everywhere if you think about it. And it's so horrifying, in fact, that most of us are completely desensitized to it. Like, we literally drive around in a two-ton machine that could fail every single day. Hence why my anxious self doesn't drive.

Let's talk about the scary things that are normalized. Sorry if this article spikes your anxiety--reader discretion is advised.

Mangled_inside asked:

What is something that you find terrifying that everyone finds normal?
It's the seemingly-mundane, everyday things that can be the most terrifying.

Trains should be more commonplace.

“I would enjoy driving a lot more if it weren't for all the other drivers on the road.”


“I don't understand how everyone else is so calm about giant speeding death machines... man, I wish trains (it's on a track, and operated by a professional - so much better than randos in cars!) were more popular.”


I don’t trust these people.

Smash Bill Murray GIF by Groundhog DayGiphy

“Anybody that can consistently get themselves to wake up 10-15 minutes before their alarm is supposed to go off for the day.”


“I absolutely HATE the sound of alarms and almost always wake up before it goes off, even if I'm getting up at a different time from my normal schedule. My subconscious desire to avoid the sound is apparently greater than my desire for sleep, although I'd prefer the extra few minutes of sleep.”


That one Vine makes it more terrifying.​

“The Thomas the Tank Engine theme song.

One time I was house sitting for a family and the power went out at their house. I was looking for candles down in their basement and when I was walking back through the family room to go upstairs I stepped on some kind of book/toy thing that played like a distorted version of the song. It scared me so bad that I dropped one of the candles (somehow it didn't break). It probably wouldn't have been such a big deal except it started playing again randomly like 15 minutes later, I ended up putting the toy outside in the shed after it played the second time.

That was five years ago, and even now when I hear the song or see Thomas my heart starts racing and I have unpleasant memories of that night.”


Those eight years in med school weren’t for nothing.

“Doctors being able to cut open your body and put it back together.”


“The first part is easy. It's the latter that's the real key trick of it all.”


What other people see as silly, or may not even think of, may be the most horrifying thing in the world to someone else. Like that Thomas the Tank Engine guy.

It is really scary if you think about it

Space GIFGiphy

“F*cking Space...I mean like...WTF? Most people are like space, yeah planets and sh*t. But hell, it just goes and goes."


“I also feel like we view our atmosphere as a sort of bubble. It feels like we are closed in because we are used to it. But if you look into the night sky and r e a l l y think about it, you're just staring into endless miles of the literal void that we are floating in. When I really think about it, it honestly gives my body the same sensation as standing on the ledge of a drop off. It is so weird to me that we all bicker about the dumbest sh*t when we are meat sacks living on a floating rock in literal infinity."


Use debt wisely.

“Debt is something that I feel like a lot of people are far too comfortable with. Debt is not fundamentally bad by any measure, in fact many types of debt we're familiar with (like mortgages) are very good, allowing people to effectively leverage themselves to build lasting wealth.

But it's easy to forget that this debt creates non-flexible liabilities that can easily overwhelm you if you're not careful and something bad happens, like losing a job. Debt is a tool, and you should always understand the dangers of a tool before you use it.”


Nope nope nope.

“When I see a plane flying overhead, there's no doubt in my mind it will safely arrive at its destination and I've been right 100% of the time. But when I'm on the plane, I'm sure it's going to turn into a spectacular ball of flames full of screaming people and flying carryon luggage at any moment.”


​Yup, if you think about these things long enough, they do become more and more horrifying.

Why isn’t this talked about more?

baby pregnancy GIF by CBSGiphy

“Pregnancy. I mean just stop and think about the whole concept for a second…”


“For real. You spend months with a second human growing inside you. It f*cks with your brain and hormones. Then after 9 months of hell it bursts out of your vagina like the f*cking Kool aid man. Only bloody as hell, and screaming.

How the f*ck do any of y'all understand all that but still go through it voluntarily?”


Thanks for the reminder.

“The fact that at one point, it will all be over. I really like to overthink so realizing I won't be able to do that forever is terrifying.”


“I used to have regular panic attacks. Most revolving around the concern that I was already dying and that the future I experienced after a traumatic event is actually my life flashing before my eyes, imagining a complete life.

It took therapy, EMDR, and medication to finally stop having daily/multiple times a day panic attacks. Don't be afraid to get help, it's out there.”


Periods are the literal worst.

“Having periods. I've been stopping them with medication for the past 10 years or so, but I used to have monthly meltdowns over it. I don't even mind normal blood that much, but I can't deal with a murder scene in my pants.”


​It’s crazy how we as a society have accepted all of these things as normal, while us anxious folk have to deal with these paralyzing everyday fears. I know I wish I could forget about most of this stuff.

Remember that the world can be a beautiful place. Take in what you’re grateful for, and leave the rest. Well, as much as you can these days.

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