Everyone has unusual phobias.

Things which they simply can't bear the sight of, and are forced to turn away when they find themselves in the presence of it.

More often than not, these things are usually habits or behaviors which one normally wouldn't do in polite society.

But, have you ever been repulsed by something that the majority of people might consider "normal"?

Something that's just an everyday occurrence in life?

Redditor Allthelights011 was curious to learn what "normal" things fellow Reddit users were disgusted by, leading them to ask:

"What’s a completely normal thing you find disgusting?"

Fun to do, not to watch.

"Watching people eat."- elladeighthecat·

Just not my style

"Gauged ears, or is it gaged ears?"

"I don't know."

"Big gross holes in people's ears gross me the f*ck out."- alienanimal

Blood? No problem. Saliva on the other hand...


"I was a nurse for 6 months before I found a better paying job and I could deal with blood, feces and urine no problem but if someone is drooling or spitting it grossed me out."- sayziell

watching arrested development GIFGiphy

Just because it's nature doesn't mean it isn't gross.

"When animals are 'doin' it'."- Colonelfudgenustard

Every month!


"I know it's completely normal but just the initial cramps and mood swings honestly suck."

Mmm, that's good.

"Licking fingers while eating."- scapstick

oscar isaac eating GIFGiphy

Not pleasant to watch or do.


"The feeling after you puke is terrific."

"It's all the sh*t you feel beforehand and the act of throwing up itself that weirds me out."- geico_fire

No one needs them or needs to see them.

"Skin tags."

"I know people can’t help them and they’re painful to remove but they make me physically ill."- Stealthnt13

Wash your freakin' hands!

"Dirt in your nails"- dejavuthrills

If I didn't actually have to, I wouldn't...

"Pooping!"- stormwaltz

Toilet Pooping GIF by Alberto PozoGiphy

Perhaps what's most difficult about these particular aversions, is that ignoring or avoiding them, or simply looking the other way might not be possible.

Leaving one no other choice than to grin and bear it.

And maybe occasionally withhold the vomit you feel coming...

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