Normal People Admit What They’d Really Do If Money Wasn’t An Issue

Normal People Admit What They’d Really Do If Money Wasn’t An Issue

Ah the simple life... with RIBS!!!

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I'd probably move to the mountains and open a BBQ shack. Like literally a bare bones place that operates in the summer only. Maybe some canopies for people to eat under, but that'd be about it.

Livin' large "Little House on the Prairie" style. With Peppers!

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Growing hundreds of pepper varieties. I started growing a few plants and have slowly added to the amount every summer. I get geeky about growth and getting maximum growth without using chemicals. I would love to have a small farm and just work it daily.

Write away.

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I would love to write all day, everyday. It would give me time to make something that wasn't a steaming pile of garbage.

Feel that need for speed....

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Race car driver. No hobby is more financially insecure, so assuming that is taken care of... I can't imagine anything better. As Steve McQueen said, "Racing is life, everything before or after is just waiting."

"Wanderin' free, wish I could be, part of your world"

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I would just travel, anywhere and everywhere. I would love to spend a year or more living in a place and then move on. I would spend a lot of time near or on the ocean as well so I can scuba dive.

It's art darling. Art is the answer.

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I'd open an art gallery/patisserie. I'd buy and sell local artwork. Talk about art all day. Eat macarons. Bake croissants. I'd die happy, for sure.

No! Just keep living!

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I'd die morbidly obese. But so so happy.

Cheers darling! Cheers!

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I'd build a distillery. I'd make gin, interesting liqueurs, and cocktail bitters.

FREEDOM! I will not give you up! I will not let you down!

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If I wanted to do a single thing, I could probably make work out of it.

I just want the freedom. The freedom to do nothing, and the freedom to engage in brief projects chosen by myself. Pretty sure my ability to have hobbies has atrophied by poverty anyway - having to do everything cheaply is exactly why hobbies aren't fun to me, as they then just become more work.

Keep it old school.

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Start a used book store. Collect rare/out of print books, learn how to restore/re-bind the really old ones, and sell them along with regular used books. There will probably be an espresso machine, comfy couches and chairs, and a friendly dog.

Welcome to Westeros, how can I take your order?

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I'll become a blacksmith. I love the idea of making swords, axes armors and all sort of cool stuff. Also, I would love to open a restaurant. Both would be great.

Do you hear the people sing?

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Music. I wouldn't even care if I made a career out of it. If I had the time, I could actually finish writing a damn song.


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I'd start a cat rescue. I could spend my life petting cats and making sure they get good homes.

Rachael Ray is calling.

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One would assume that a passion for cooking would translate well into a job. No. NO! Food service, even in fine dining, is absolute hell.

If money we're no object I would love to host meals for people in my dream home. Kind of like a food Network show/Tupperware Party but in person and without awkwardly trying to hawk merchandise.

They can come when food is ready or come early if they want, start with cocktails, then walk them through the entire preparation start to finish. I love watching people cringe when I start making something that their childhood ruined, Then gaging their pleasant surprise with something like Brussels sprouts which can actually taste phenomenal when prepared right. Introducing people to new foods they love, showing them industry shortcuts, and especially simplifying complex dishes feels like teaching a kid how to ride a bike.

Oh well, back to minimum wage reality.

Teacher's pet!

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I'd go to school forever. Pursue any type of degree I want, any kind of class I want, forever. Learn all about science, math, literature, language. I want to know all, without the stress of having to worry about grades and assignment deadlines, although I would try to complete them all. If that gets boring, I would go to trade school, learn carpentry and welding, metalworking and auto mechanics. By the time that gets boring, getting back into a classroom would probably sound fun again.

Strike a pose.

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Photography for sure. Exploring places would be crazy-good.

That sting is sweet!

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Beekeeping. The best reward would be seeing honey with my label on it.

I want it ALL!!

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So many options! Preferably a combination of below.

Write novels

Professional book blogger

Avid food blogger who eats a bit, gives rest to homeless

Competitive lifter or something else active (yoga, marathon runner)

Start my own charity

Become an English professor in 18th century literature about provocative women.

Increase my proficiency at stand up comedy

Take singing lessons, join a band

Take up an entirely new hobby I have mild interest in

What I would actually do:

Have daily social engagements, read a novel every 3 days, go to the gym daily.

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