We certainly have a complex relationship with our neighbors to the north, don't we?

While Canada has their own complicated relationship within the American pop culture narrative, in the worldwide sense their our largest trade partner in everything from vehicles to plastics.

The bond is strong.

But a quick mention of 'Canada' might yield different thoughts among non-Canadians. You might have half the population crack a joke while the other half would ask if it's possible to move there yet.

Reddit user, hakunamatata004, wanted to know where your mind goes when they asked:

"Non-Canadians, what comes to mind when you hear the word 'Canada?'"

Even if something doesn't feel Canadian, it might still be the first thing someone talks about when you ask them about it.

Sounds Like A Good Watch

"Primarily The Red Green Show. It screened in Australia years ago and was the first Canadian production I remember seeing. I still think about the episode where he made a moped from a chainsaw and a bicycle in handyman corner."


"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."


"Red Green was great."

"You know, as you get older, having a piss is much like a fireworks show; You stand around waiting for it to start During the process there are a lot of "Ohhhhs" and "ahhhhs". And you're never quite sure when it is over"

"I'm 67, and I think about that every time I piss. :)"



Google The Video And Be Enchanted

"As of this afternoon, house hippos"


"Do you have any idea how many Canadian children that commercial hurt when we realized they weren’t real and couldn’t have as a pet??"


"Cautionary tale about fake news, before fake news was a thing."


A Lot Of Thought For Just One Bird



"A Redditor called them 'cobra chickens' and I will never forget it"


"As a Canadian, geese are pretty much cobra chickens. They’re just aggressive a-- holes."



"Seriously though."

"Once I was doing a photo shoot for a family and the mom tried to get her kids to pet the cobra chickens. I was in such shock I didn't say anything. I'm surprised those children weren't attacked, especially since their babies were nearby"


"You got a problem with Canada gooses you got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that one marinate"


An Outfit For Every Occasion

"Hockey, syrup, jean jackets, geese, and a surprising number of sexy celebrity men named 'Ryan'."


"Jeans and denim jacket over flannel is the go to for Canadian men and women, from checking the syrup taps first thing in the morning, to carvery/karaoke night at the legion."


Not Quite What You Think

"I grew up in Canada... Is there anybody here from Canada? You know, I used to get really upset when I told people where I came from down in Los Angeles because I always got the same response: 'Canada? Wow. Must have been cold.' Now I just go along with them...'"

"Yes. Ca-na-da. It was a frozen hostile wasteland. And there was much work to be done if we were to survive the elements. After boring a hole through the ice to find food, my good friend Nantuk and I would build an igloo to protect ourselves from polar bears and flying hockey pucks. Then we would drink a lot of beer and when Nantuk was ready, he would tell me the story of the great moose who said to the little squirrel: 'Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!'"


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Took It Long Enough...

"People saying "ey" after some of their sentences. Either that, or using maple syrup a bunch."

"Or I'm just thinking of stereotypes of Canadians that are shown on TV a lot."

"The real thing I think of when I hear the word "Canada" is that they probably have a lot more moose than we do. I haven't seen a single moose in my area, so maybe Canada has some."


A real Canadian would know where to go and what to do on any given day that would make you feel like a "real" Canadian.

Want A Donut? You Know Where To Go.

"Hockey team inside a Tim Hortons drinking coffee saying it's the best coffee shop ever over and over"



Let's Get A Drink

"Driving over the border to go to the bar when you turn 19"


"Windsor…I feel hungover and dirty just thinking about it."

"Not that anyone asked for a story, but when I was 19, some friends and I were invited to spend the weekend at one friend’s grandma’s apartment in Windsor while she was away. Before we even get to the apartment, we stop at the Beer Store for provisions."

"We arrive in the lobby of the building, arms full of 6-packs, only to be met by a room full of sour faced geriatrics in wheel chairs. This friend neglected to mention his grandma lives in a retirement community."


A Snowy Treat

"I once heard they drop syrup on snow to make some kind of frozen popsicles. That’s what comes to mind."


"Tire d'érable. It's kind of like caramel on a stick made from boiling maple syrup (to remove water) and pouring it over a snowy table and attaching a tongue depressor to make a lollipop."


"Yes!! I usually get it at the canal but one year we made it at home with some snow and maple syrup. It's my favourite canal treat right next to Beaver Tails (Killaloe Sunrise - cinnamon and lemon). So good! And some hot chocolate. Winter treats are the best."



Some things are so Canadian you can't help but ignore it when you hear it.

They are, at their core, Canadian.

A Canadian Staple

"Grizzly bears and poutine"


"Canadian here and I’m appalled it took so much scrolling to find poutine lol"



Their Niceness Carries

"The flag, the first line of the anthem, and of course how nice they are. Everyone saying they're sick of hearing how nice they are and claiming they aren't nice...why?"

"Nearly everyone I've ever met who's been there has a story of someone being extremely nice, not just polite."

"I lived in Toronto for a few months as an 18 year old and it was the first time I'd ever seen a subway system. I loved it, but it was confusing at first. Early on, I got lost on my way to school and some guy in his 30's, clearly on his way somewhere important (dressed in a suit, had a briefcase) stopped and asked me if I needed help."

"I was meek and said no, but he insisted and took me to a nearby map. He asked where I was going and explained everything about the lines and times and just everything. I expected him to then hit on me or something inappropriate, but no."

"Once he was done he said good luck and continued on as though he hadn't just given up 10 minutes of his time. I'll never forget that experience."


Thanks For All The Help

"Liberators.... I am dutch and my town amongst large parts of the Netherlands were liberated by Canadians. On remembrance/liberation day we do not just have dutch flags flying but also Canadian flags."


"We still have tulips on remembrance day here in Ottawa, and I live near the school the Dutch Royal family attended."


Think what you want.

I'm gonna go to Timmies real quick and grab me a box of Timbits.


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