Non-Americans Divulge The Truths About The U.S. Most Americans Aren't Ready To Hear
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There are plenty of things to be proud of as an American citizen and how dare anyone challenge that notion.


But all it takes is a person's perspective from the outside to realize there are some things about the U.S. of A. we may not ever be ready to confront or think about.

Non-Americans let us hear their thoughts, anyway when Redditor jaycool74 asked:
"Redditors from foreign countries, what's something us Americans aren't ready to hear?"

These are what non-Americans think of our food and food consumption.

How Sweet

"You all eat too much sugar."

– whtsinthename


"The amount of food you waste is insane."

– Commercial_Quarter_6

"Theoretically, due to our obesity epidemic, it seems like half the food we eat is “wasted” in the sense that we didn’t need to eat it."

– OmegaSexy


"A lot of your favourite food brands make better versions of their products here. America often gets the short end of the stick."

– YodasChick-O-Stick

Not Lovin' It

"The quality of your fast food is absolutely horrible compared to that of Canada’s. I’m referring to the same chains, Burger King, McDonalds etc."

– earthmang2two

The things we do and how we go about our way living in the U.S.A. get closer inspection.

Insufficient Transportation

"Why don’t you have more trains?"

– TheGreenJackdaw

The Thing About Lobbying

"Lobbying is essentially legal bribery."

"It baffles me how every elected official is essentially sponsored by a bunch of companies or "movements" that are essentially comporations in disguise."

"Also, corporations don't care about you. At all."

– II7sevenII


"Staying alive isn't something that should cost more than the person's networth."

– LorckFrak

It's So Taxing

"The way you add tax to everything at the till is mental. Just tell me what it costs on the fricking label!"

– Sufficient_Vanilla18

An American Idol

"Treating your president like someone you worship is bizarre."

– Appropriate_Sun6311

"To be fair A LOT of us Americans think that’s bizarre too."

– babble0n

The Gospel Truth

"The Church in the rest of the world looks at the American evangelical right and cannot understand how you get from 'love one another' to where you guys are at.

– anteel

We probably haven't put much thought into these out-of-sight/out-of-mind scenarios.

Until now.

Too Much Exposure

"American bathroom stalls are exposed as f'k, a grown man could crawl under one of em and the vertical gap has a big enough gap to make full on eye contact with anyone walking by."

– CowDeer

The Non-Global Event

"The world series only happens in the U.S."

– Kommonwealth

Bad Construction

"Building houses out of cardboard is a bad idea!"

– StoicDonkey

I have to say, the concept of tipping in our country is completely bonkers to me.

Doling out some extra cash to incentivize good service only sets expectations, and not always in a good way.

The truth is, if a restaurant server, or housekeeping staff at a hotel, or bellhop attendant are paid decent enough wages from their employers from the start, they would already be hard workers.

Why should it be up to us to ensure we are provided with good service when companies skimp on paying their employees livable wages?

I've traveled around the world enough to know that tipping is an egregious, and faulty system.

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