Non-Americans Reveal Which Common Things In The USA Don't Exist In Their Country

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It's easy for Americans who haven't traveled outside the country to assume citizens in other parts of the world have access to the same amenities offered in the US.

But people who were not born in the States know very well how what a world of difference life in North America is compared to where they've come from.

Curious to hear of the things most Americans take for granted as citizens of the US, Redditor CapitalBread6959 asked:

"Fellow Non-Americans, what is something quite common in the U.S. that is completely unheard of in your own country?"

Americans do drinking differently.

Bottoms Up

"My German friend visited us in college. First party he goes 'THEY DO EXIST!!' and held up our pack of red solo cups. Haha"

– mulljackson

Cup Overruneth

"Free drink refills."

– internetsss

H2O Required

"Every single place with a bar is legally obliged to provide free tap water on demand in England. Most restaurants will give you a pint of tap water with food for free (you do have to specify tap otherwise you get stung with some fancy expensive shite!) Admittedly the measures of alcohol are small here, though, compared to other places."

– anon

Some industries have laxed work protocols compared to in other countries.

Bee-Lining It For Home

"Health care workers going home after work still in scrubs. And washing them at home."

– orebro1234

Work Clothes Stay At Work

"This!! It's so weird to me. Here it's literally forbidden to leave hospital grounds in your work clothes. I would hate having to bring them home and possibly carry some resistant hospital bacteria there with me. Plus you never know how well other people wash theirs, I like it done professionally at the hospital."

– pauliaomi

Making Sense Of It All

"Many moons ago, I did an IT internship at a hospital's service desk and being the intern, was always the one who had to run out and physically check things."

"When I had to go in to work on something in an operating room, I had to put on a full body tyvek suit, gloves, mask, coverings for my shoes, etc."

"Which made sense to me. Except the OR nurses who worked there wood just breeze in and out all day long, wearing the same scrubs they wore commuting to work on the bus."

"That DIDN'T make sense to me."

– caribou16

Meanwhile, over at school...

Dances Don't Happen Everywhere

"Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Winter Formal, Prom..."

"We have none of this, the closest thing is the graduation itself."

– badeksha

American Educators

"Teachers buying school stuff so they can teach."

– comicsnerd

The way certain things work in the US definitely raised eyebrows.

Feeding The Sink

"This thing were the kitchen sink has teeth."

– PoetPont

Going Nowhere Fast

"As a Dutchy, driving a car and turning right on a red light. That messed with my head. If you do that here you are gonna hit at least 5 cyclists."

– CowabungaNL

My Japanese cousin always comments on how Americans are friendly and are more open to striking up a conversation as opposed to citizens in Japan, where they prefer to keep to themselves and be captivated by their smartphones out in public.

As an introvert and one who can't stand small talk, I actually loved being left alone whenever I was in Japan riding the subway and walking about the city. Nothing against engaging with other people, but I found the quiet and my personal space being respected to be very calming.

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