People Share The Things Everyone Looks Stupid Doing


Life comes with an assortment of tasks that human beings were just not meant to look nice doing.

Looking "good" is not really the point of physical labor, so it can easily be explained there why somebody lifting a heavy load may not look like they just walked off the runway.

Emotional labor is pretty similar. How can someone look "great"when they're trying to resolve a conflict or work through some serious emotional issues?

u/Negative843976422 asked:

What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?

Here were some of those answers.

Waaaaaaait Foooooooor Meeeeeeeeeeee

Trying to catch a bus that's already leaving


And then you realize you won't catch it and you just stop and pretend you didn't even want it that much


Your Friend, The Straw

Trying to find the straw in their drink with their mouth.


"The straw is a great invention. You can drink without using your wrists. The straw is your friend, until you lose eye contact with the straw. Then he will betray you and make you look like an idiot." - Demetri Martin


Bye Bye Football

You can't look cool running-down a loose football.

They're oblong. Unpredictable. You have to just nonchalantly jog in a general direction while you wait for them to stop bouncing. Even then, you might end up way off.


Pain And Humiliation

That little jog you do after tripping on something or nothing (like when you let your foot go a bit lazy, so you don't lift it high enough and it ends up tripping you when you slide it along rough pavement).


Slurp Slurp

When you are eating and some piece of your food hangs out of your mouth so you have to try your best to act natural and get it back in your mouth even though you know that everybody noticed it, but everybody ignores it because they have all been there but you still look like an idiot.


Faster! Faster!

That awkward juggle/dance at a cash register when you're trying to put your change in your wallet, take the receipt and 12 gallons of coins, and grab your groceries, all while the 30 people behind you are silently judging you and waiting for you to get your act together so they can buy their pint of ice cream...



Blasting music in your car so loud that other cars who share the same road feel the bass drop and can clearly hear the lyrics. While I'm at it, might as well add overweight white biker dudes who think it's okay to carry along a speaker to play music and let everyone know how cool they are.



Eating. There's no way to look good while eating. Chewing looks weird and sticking the utensil in your mouth looks dumb and swallowing is just uncomfortable. No thanks.


A Fly Or A Wave?

When you start to yawn but then you lose the yawn and have to pretend to have a longer yawn or cut it short and feel awkward. Another one is swatting at really small flies.


Filming with a selfie stick at public area.

But seriously, if you have tried making a YouTube video yourself, you'd know how how awkward it is. With cameras and lighting set up and then talking into the camera and carrying the conversation all by yourself. It's very different if you have a production group.


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