People Break Down Which Things No One Looks Good Wearing

The great thing about fashion is that everyone looks good in something different. That’s why we each create our own style.

My best friend avoids gray at all costs since it’s drab and almost depressing.

However, I fill my closet with gray shirts or sweaters since that color makes my skin glow. I can’t wear leather jackets because they make me look like a tiny zombie, while my best friend has a leather jacket in every color since she can pull them off.

With some people being able to pull off items that others can’t, we may not think about the fact that there are some items that no one looks good in. Luckily, Redditors are hear to remind us of exactly that.

It all started when a Redditor asked:

“What does no one look good wearing?”

Do Not Trust The Sales Guy

"Fedora with safari flaps, even if the guy at the store says you’re the only guy he’s ever seen pull it off."

– Responsible_Repeat75

"I’ve never fought for anything in my entire life. I’m fighting for this hat!"

– chillbros42

It's All In The Sleeves

"Dimitri Martin explained it well: “I saw a guy wearing a leather jacket and thought, ‘that is cool’. Then I saw a guy in a leather vest and thought ‘that is not cool’. And that’s when I realized that cool is all about leather sleeves.”

– sellwinerugs

The Offensive Stuff

"A shirt that says "FBI: Female Body Inspector""

– Revegelance

"Pretty much any shirt that tries to put a "funny" spin on common acronym."

– Uncle_Spenser

Make America What Again?

"Political hats"

– Narrow-Escape-6481

"Unless it just says 'political hat'"

– PeterNippelstein

Lose Hair, Gain Everything Else

"That ugly cape you have to wear when getting your hair cut"

– nlowrey95

"Those capes will humble you real quick"

– GhoulFriend8

"I suddenly go from two chins to five chins when I have to get my hair cut"

– hausbritm

On Your Head

"Shower caps"

– Deleted User

"Hair nets along the same vein."

– TrevorPace

I Changed Colors!

"Fake tans that make you look orange"

– ChaosInAPickleJar

"I'd say any fake tan for that matter. They never look right IMO."

– Shanester79

Definitely Odd

"Any t shirt claiming your birth month gives you special powers or you are owned by your significant other. So tacky"

– dolphinsmademedoit

Wash Your Clothes!

"Ketchup stains."

– XploringTheWorld

"By contrast, I take people more seriously if they have mustard on their face."

– fezfrascati


"Rat tail hair style"

– Every_Palpitation667

"I was a kid when this was fashionable and all the biggest jerks at school wore rat tails. I always wanted to try yanking on one of them just once but could never work up the nerve."

– SofieTerleska

A Different Kind Of Accessory

"2 liters of cologne."

– Teeheeleelee

"Well technically you could look cool you’d just need to be downwind and in a different building XD"

– KingBenjamin97

Total Agreement

"Those f*cking hiking shoes with the individual toes."

"Also crocs."

– Admiral_F*ckwit

And Disagree

"Those Walmart t-shirts with gangsta looney toons characters. Like taz with a Rolex rolling dice and flashing cash. Bonus points if the shirt sparkles."

– Reserved_Toast

"13yr old me feels very targeted."

– Fit-Importance-3043


“Skin colored leggings. It always gives me a "wth" moment before I realize what is happening.”

– Romy_xd

“Saw someone wearing skin colour leggings that had that weird scrunched up butt thing.”


saw a lady at the airport once who just was wearing a SLIGHTLY oversized hoodie and no pants. i wish she was wearing skin-colored leggings.

– paladude_


All I know is, you can never go wrong in your favorite sweats, which basically make up my entire wardrobe!

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