People Share Their Funniest 'This Person Has No Idea How The Real World Works' Experience


I'm surrounded by idiots!

It's amazing how so many people survive day to day. Some humans just can't seem to get it together. You know the type... the people we come across who just learned to tie their shoes at 21 basically. They more often than not get into positions of power, which is even more frightening to think about. Some of us just know the basics but eventually the basics run out. And then those people cross our paths and make our lives.... well, eventful.

Redditor u/jix333 was hoping everyone would share their comical tales about the humans they've been in contacted with who left quite the impression by asking.... What is your "This person has no idea how the real world works" moment?

He was just lovely.


We had a trainee in our company and her father demanded she still gets 6 weeks summer vacation, because she was also going to school. (She had 28day paid vacation total per year). Threw a tantrum while we were working with customers around. He was just lovely. Sobricat

Santa Baby....

Was working in an office, mostly women. Our desks were situated so about 7 of us could chat while we worked. It was around Christmas time, and the ladies with kids were talking about when their kids learned that Santa wasn't real... and one of the girls chimed in (I believe she was around 20 years old?) and said, "you mean there really isn't a Santa like in Elf?" We all went completely silent. Until finally, another lady asked her, "you're joking right?" She wasn't joking. milkmoney54

Learn Earlier. 

In high school, someone posted a listing on the internet to sell something, I can't recall what it was. They listed the price they were asking, a lower price they would consider, and a lowest price they would go absolutely no lower than. I did hope she had a friendly, charitable buyer approach her with the higher asking price, but... it's not really the way the world works. A good lesson to learn in high school I suppose. nirgle



When I was staying in Uni housing, one of the girls on my floor asked when the maid would come to get her laundry.

I think I stared at her for a good 30 seconds before realizing she was serious. Some people just have a different standard of normal. anamorada

Hang Up. 

I worked at phone carrier store for a while and you would not believe how many adults would come in and confidently say "Hello, I broke my phone, so I'd like to have the installment payments removed from my bill."

And I'd have to explain to them that they hadn't paid off their phone yet, so I couldn't do that. They broke something they didn't yet own. They never could wrap their head around it. thehelldoesthatmean

"Once a week for one or two hours."  

A roommate didn't want my boyfriend over between 5pm-10pm, but there was really no other time that fit with both of our schedules (I had college classes, he had work and college classes, and we all had our own rooms so I didn't think she cared with both of our doors closed). Bf and I were seeing each other about twice a week due to distance, and carefully following the rules set out in the roommate agreement.

While mediating this, someone asked how much time she thought we should be spending together. She answered "Once a week for one or two hours." I_Ace_English



I was astonished that it never occurred to my 22 year old classmate that some college work needs to be done outside college.

This guy would simply forget entirely about college the minute he wasn't attending a class. silentwhim

Off the Clock. 

I worked in a grocery store with a kid who decided that the rule against using your cell phone on the clock didn't apply to him. When the department manager yelled at him for using his phone one day, he ranted to me "She's not allowed to tell me not to use my phone, only the store manager can. He can fire me if he wants, the union will just get my job back. And if they don't, I'll go on unemployment."

For context, it was super rare for our union to reverse a firing, I saw it happen twice out of dozens of firings and 4 years. He did eventually get fired because he got caught working off the clock so his girlfriend could go home earlier, and cursing out the manager who told him to stop. gritwoodser


When my sister had two small children we were talking about when they grow up. Having experience raising my own 3 children I said something like "well you can only do the best you can in raising them and hope that they turn out OK."

She said "Oh bullcrap, MY kids are going to graduate college and make something of themselves."

Both got knocked up right out of high school and neither attended any higher education. solo_een_vir

Blog Ethics.


"I don't need to study, when I'm older I am going to be a Youtuber and I'll win a lot of money." This was said by a girl who was expelled from school by the ethics teacher. mainhille


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