Your road of good intentions will lead where such roads always lead. No matter how pure and good your intent, something is waiting around the corner to basically smack you across the face.

At least, that's how it feels. No matter how many good deeds you do, you can never really catch any sort of break. It makes you want to go back inside forever.

u/GJJ16 asked:

Dear redditors, what's your "No good deed goes unpunished" story ?

Here were some of the answers:

ID, Ego, Superego


I found a wallet on the subway, looked through it. There was an ID with an address on my way home so I stopped and rang the bell saying I found a wallet on the subway with this address. So he comes downstairs and I confirm its the same guy as pictured on the ID. He then proceeds to accuse me of stealing the cash that was in it (several thousand dollars to hear him tell it) and threatens to call the police. This is before I handed him the wallet so I still could have just walked away with it. I threw it off the little stoop into the bushes because what the heck, dude.


No Respect For My Stuff

I lent a friend a tablet for something to play on. I come home...and I get screamed at by my mom for "downloading porn through her Amazon account." I look at my Kindle, and the jerk had downloaded a ton of lesbian erotica onto it. This wound up with me fiercely verbally defending myself against her anger, and her awkwardly having to make a call to tech support to help make this go away.


Unsupervised But Still Annoying

I was playing at the playground with my young kids. I'm a big guy (6'6 and 270lbs), so I'm always hyper aware of my surroundings when around a bunch of kids.

So as we're playing, I notice a little boy unsupervised who is about to fall off the platform of the playground structure (which is about 6' high). My kids are on the ground and safe, so I quickly hustle over in time to catch the kid as he falls off, but he wiggles on the way down and bangs his arm on a pole.

I get him turned right side up and try to calm him down, when some soccer mom comes rushing at me yelling at me to get my hands off her son and that I'm hurting him, etc etc.

I get out of there and back to my kids and we go over to another part of the playground (this place is huge and has like 5 areas) and like 10 mins later I'm approached by 2 cops who want to talk to me about hurting the lady's kid (she claimed I pulled him off the platform so my kid wouldn't have to wait for the slide and that she "saw the whole thing officer".

So I got to get interviewed and almost arrested because this lady didn't want to parent her kids. The only thing that saved me was that another parent saw what was happening and corroborated that my story was correct and the lady was letting a 2 year old who could barely walk explore literally several acres of playgrounds with almost zero supervision.

She also didn't like when the cop asked her if she'd have preferred I let her son fall on his head (he tumbled headfirst when I caught him)...


A Zero For Kindness

One of my friends was going though a death in the family, and missed some school. He asked me if he could borrow my math homework, and I, of course, said yes. It was a major homework assignment that was worth many points. He ended up losing it and I got a zero. Needless to say, I don't let people borrow my school work anymore.


And Then...Poof

I was going to a music festival and my friend wanted to go with me but he couldn't afford it so I bought him a ticket. He drove us there and we were having a good time. Well one of my favorite artists came on the stage so I went into the pit to have some fun while he stayed in the back because "he was just chillin". After the set I walk out of the pit looking for him and turns out he left me there, no ride, hour and a half away from my house, I was 15 years old and wasn't about to buy an Uber so I had to call my mom to pick me up who was livid at me at first because apparently my friend told her that he thought I had a ride home. Needless to say I never invited him anywhere again.


A Little Bit Of Mooching

I helped a young single mom out that lived in my neighborhood. She was very grateful, but for at least a year after every time she needed something she thought I might be able to provide, she sent her kid over to ask for it - things like new shoes, groceries, bus money, and even food for their cat. I got pretty tired of it. They finally moved - and asked me to help with that.


Taken Advantage Of

I lent an acquaintance my library card so they could check out a couple of comp sci textbooks, three months later I get an email saying I have five textbooks (each worth about $150) and that I need to return them or pay for them. Contact my "friend" and say I either need the books or the cash, or the books and the three bucks or whatever the late fee was. They say they lost the books, which is ok, just find them before you have to pay 1k out of pocket for these things. Six months later, they've blocked me on all forms of social media, and since our class is over I have no way to see them. Ended up having to pay about 500$ and beg for leniency. (and also my local library has a student forgiveness program as long as it's the first offense, which saved my butt)

Moral of the story, never lend anyone anything that you wouldn't give a complete stranger.


Learning A Hard-Line Lesson

I let my baby brother move in with my family because he was trying to get clean and was facing homelessness. He in turn stole $20k in jewelry and other items from our home. I filled a police report, he admitted it and went to prison. My entire extended family (mom, sister, etc) was upset because I sent my brother to prison. We don't speak anymore.


No More Helping

Spent 500+ hours on a legal case helping fellow tenants, got them all thousands of dollars in rebates and reductions... the only thank you I got was "you could have gotten more", as my primary witness argued against me because he was leaving and just wanted to get paid quickly.


This Meowster Is Mine Now


A friend asked me to "cat sit" while he interviewed for a job in another part of the country.

I love cats, so I agreed - with the stipulation that he'd take it back soon because I already had a cat and the two of them didn't get on well at all.

Then he called to say he got the job, but his new apartment didn't allow pets, and asked if I'd keep his because he didn't want to give it up for adoption to strangers.


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