"And things that go bump in the night..."

An old saying featured in just about every ghost story ever told, be it around a campfire or under a blanket-tent.

But every now and then, all of us do hear an unsettling noise which might wake us up in the middle of the night.

Something that might be an ongoing problem for night owls, who likely hear scary or unsettling sounds on a regular basis.

Redditor PatkaLopikju was curious to learn the creepiest and scariest sounds heard by people who are frequently awake in the early hours of the morning, leading them to take to Reddit to ask:

"Night Owls, what's the creepiest thing you heard at night?"

An unexpected passenger.

"I had herd a loud noise come from the bed of my truck while driving 5 hours north."

" I thought I may have broken something in the rear end so I pulled over, to find out a drunk guy had crawled in the back of my truck and fallen asleep."

"He woke up 5 hours and 450km away from where he fell asleep."- EWood454.

An unwanted visitor.

"Someone tried to open up my front door of my house"- alwaysnar.

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A cute and loyal disrupter.

"Not a Night Owl, but in my early twenties I would hear a dragging sound just below my bedroom window between 2 am and 4 am."

"Only on Sunday nights, but for weeks."

"It would wake me up, and at first I thought I was dreaming as no sound would be heard, but as soon I doze off the sound would be heard again."

"If I got out of bed, turn the lights and looked outside I would see nothing."

"After a few weeks I resisted sleep and nothing happened, but as soon I would turn the light and sleep, the sound would wake me up."

"Eventually I would let myself go to sleep but be more alert, keep the window not completely shut so that I can turn the backyard lights and peak through it faster."

"That was the plan for Sunday nights."

"I was prepared to try to catch the origin of the sound, It happens, I get up, as I turn the lights to look, I heard steps, running away, but small and fast steps."

"This happened for a few weeks, only on Sunday nights."

"I talked with friends, girlfriend, everyone thought I was joking. I was starting to believe something was wrong with my head."

"Every week I would start with a bad night sleep."

"Until one Monday morning I realized that my faithful and loving dog, a rottweiler, had his kennel door wide open."

"My mom started letting him roam the backyard at night but only on Sundays."

"And without my knowledge he would come sleep under my bedroom window."

"The dragging sound was him snoring and the small feet sound, was him checking out why did the backyard lights did go off."

"I never had a problem sleeping with him there."

"I still miss him to this day."- anunofreitas.

You can't make this stuff up.

"Used to live on the ground floor."

"At 2 am some random person knocked on my window and asked if I had 50 cents for a lighter."

"It should have been creepy, but I found the situation so absurd that I just laughed, gave him the 50 cents and he was on his way." - User Deleted

Mysterious laughter

"Children laughing."

"Was in the jungles of Brunei during an army training exercise."- PitcherTrap.

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From outside my window.

"I was lying in my bed, reading."

"Suddenly I hear loud footsteps right outside the window."

"Sounded like someone was wearing heavy boots and basically thumping their feet and passed my windows."

"Here's the thing. I live on the ninth floor(top floor of my building)."

"The terrace can't be accessed in the night and on the rare occasion that people do walk there at night, it sounds quite different."

"There's no place to walk outside my window cuz it's a nine floor drop."

"And that sound definitely came from beside me."

"Not above."- HighQueenOfFae.

Terrifying decor.

"Just the other day, I heard a strange scraping noise on the wall from the hallway."

"It sounded like someone scraping their hand across it."

"I know for a fact that I locked up, so I casually walk out the room to see what it is."

T"hen there’s a loud as f*ck scrape and something swings out from the corner at my arm."

"After I finish climbing back into my skin, I see that it was just one of the decorative garlands we’d hung up: it had come loose and scraped across the wall, then came loose some more and swung out to greet me at the perfect/not-perfect time."- PeeJayx.

Creepy, crawly critters!

"I am hearing impaired and so was unaware that raccoons had gotten into the crawlspace."

"Then I heard them screeching."

"That's a sound I never needed to hear coming from my walls."- FreedTMG.

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A harmless, terrifying, prank!

"After a night out at the bars some friends came back to my place to hang out."

"I got home first and went into the dark house where I had to walk into the living room to switch on a light."

"While I was struggling to turn the little knob on the lamp in the pitch dark from the corner of the room came this low, slow, wet mixture between a hack and an evil EVIL laugh."

"Like every evil character I’ve ever seen doing the evil laugh COMBINED didn’t compare to the bone chilling slow, guttural laugh that came from the absolutely dark corner of the room."

"B*tch I broke the screen door off my front door running RUNNING out of that house and just screaming like a banshee to my friends walking up to the house."

"I screamed 'there’s someone in the house!' over and over and didn’t understand why we ALL weren’t running at that point but I have a couple buddies who for some BIZARRE reason like to run to danger rather than from it."

"Well, long story in Reddit terms short, if I thought the monster in the corner was laughing hard when I ran out you can imagine how hard he was laughing when my buddies run in with us behind them and click on the light., in one try —and I live there, and find our friend Steve rolling on the floor holding his belly from the pain he’d somehow got ahead of us all then shimmied the sliding glass door open, and then hid in the corner."

"It was just my good luck to be the first person inside to get to experience the sheer terror of a menacing laugh coming from a dark corner 5 feet away."

"THATs The creepiest sound I’ve heard in the dark."- Drnstvns.

Your friends and neighbors

"I was reading a book on my couch, the edge of my couch is right by my front door."

"So about a foot away from my head I hear nails scratching along the door outside."

"And then there came this weird knocking and I said hello and the person on the other side in a really high-pitched voice that was kind of quavery said hello hello hello."

"It ended up being a drunk neighbor who had got fall down drunk peed his pants and couldn't find his way home and, I didn't know that though really scared me those first few minutes."- jenniferandjustlyso.

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There are certainly benefits to being a night owl.

But one imagines heavy sleepers and those who go early-to-bed are not feeling envious when reading stories like these.

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