It's always nice to receive a compliment, no matter who it's from.

Though many men feel especially warm inside when they are complimented by a woman.

Maybe they finally caught the attention of a woman they've been pining after for ages or are simply reminded by their long-term partner that they are loved.

Redditor ovelypsycho577 was curious to hear some of the best compliments men received from members of the opposite sex, leading them to ask:

"Men of Reddit: what was the BEST thing a woman has ever said to you?"

Like A Mother To Me

"'I did not give birth you and we might not match on a DNA test, but you are my son no matter what anybody says'."

"Said by my best friends mum."

"She has been like a mother to me all my life taking care of me while my mother's alcoholism escalated over the years."

"I love her by all my heart and when she said it I just started crying."

"I never doubted her caring but having the verbal confirmation was just so touching."- fujione

Knowing You Made A Difference

"I graduated college 10 years ago."

"I still think about the time someone told me 8am classes suck less with me there."- chicagotim1

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A Love That lives Forever

"When my wife was dying of cancer, she had one of those bitter evenings where she lashed out at how unfair for her to be fighting for her life at age 39."

"She was lashing out at how unfair for her children to grow up without her and for her to miss seeing the adults they would become."

"She shared how every single moment of every day was full of struggle, pain, and fatigue—and she was bitter and angry about it."

"I told her something I’d felt ever since she got sick, that I wished cancer took me instead."

"She looked at me through her bitterness and pain and said, 'I would never want this pain to happen to you.'”

"That was the most selfless, loving thing I’ve ever heard, and it helped me so much as I dealt with survivor’s guilt after she died."

"This conversation happened nine years ago when our youngest was four."

"He’s 13 now and will be the best man in my wedding this Saturday.""We were lucky enough to find someone who loved our little mess and, after six years of dating, I finally proposed."

"I feel confident my late wife would approve of where we are now, and by her telling me it was okay to live on, I was able to do that."

"Also, here’s a PSA."

"If you have friends and family who are widowed, please make yourself present in their lives."

"Widowhood is isolating, many recent widows and widowers are in no place to reach out for help."

"Grief is messy; their lives are sloppy, especially if they are raising children.'

"So reach out to them and let them know that, while you may not understand what they’re going through, they aren’t alone and they can’t push you away."- zikadwarf

“'You’re an amazing father, and I know you’ll continue to be one'.”

"My wife just before cancer claimed her life."- RifleShower

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Destined For One Another

"My girlfriend in college once gave a valentine's day card."

"In it, it said, 'I'm glad I met you'."

"Seems a bit unromantic, maybe, but this gal was always awkward at expressing herself, I was too."

"A lot of people say 'I love you', and don't mean it ,"

"Sometimes they think they mean it."

"But when she wrote 'I'm glad I met you', I knew she meant it."

"Like, she really meant it."

"She was all nervous to give me the card too."

"I thought it was very sweet, and I couldn't get the card out of my head for weeks."- MuscleShake85

A Much Needed Boost To One's Self-Esteem

"A friend told me she preferred how I looked bald rather than when I had a ton of hair and that I was a great looking bald guy."

"This meant so much as I am bald due to alopecia areata and legit used to have thick flowing locks so it was a hard process choosing to shave my head that first time."- Vegetable_Kale_8144

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Hard Work Paying Off

"Random girl from work, told me I looked good and asked me what I was doing to loose weight."

"I had never ever gotten a compliment like that before and it felt good."

"Made me more motivated to keep on track."- aqxea2500

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

"'The books underestimated you'."

"'Are you real?'"

"Man, nothing can get me happier after that."- mohamedkkenway

"When preparing a girl a bit younger than myself for a sleep study, she said, 'You have the most perfect face I have ever seen'."

"'Take my number'."

"Now, I don't feel I'm ugly or anything, but I ain't no model either."

"I had a gf at the time so I never called her, but I still think about it sometimes because damn, she came on strong!"- pateralus9

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"She said yes when I asked her to marry me."

"37+ years ago, yes we are still married to each other."- pekak62

A Rooster Among Hens!

"My friend from work and I had been drinking one night and she drunkenly told me, 'you’re honestly such a hot piece of a** and you don’t even know it which makes you even hotter', and it really made my week, haha."

"She then proceeded to tell me that I had a certain effect on women whenever I would walk into the office as well as women from other departments would ask about my dating life to her hoping to flirt with me."

"I work in a pretty female-dominated industry and honestly had no idea about any of this."

"I just assumed people were being nice to me."

"So ladies let this be an example that most of us guys are idiots and we need to be literally spoon-fed everything for us to understand, hahaha."- paulespinosa

Memories to Cherish

"'My cheeks hurt from smiling', on a first date with a woman I dated for 3.5 years."

"Ended 2 ish years ago but I still remember that."

"'I normally get a lot of anxiety after sex, but I didn't have any with you', said to me by the woman of my dreams the day before I left the country for the foreseeable future."- Alexander_Elysia

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Restoration Of Hope

"'I promised myself I'd never date again, but then I broke the promise with you, and I'm glad it was you'."

"Said by my current girlfriend :)"- Momo156

"A girl once told me that I had perfect eyebrows."

"I have sh*t self esteem so it was pretty nice to hear."- BusinessExternal2245

A Welcome Mistake!

"Girl: ‘How old are you’, on my birthday."

"Me: '14'."

"She: ‘Really?? I thought you were older, take it as a compliment’."

"She is my crush and is the first person ever who guessed me older than I am."- OwlCat_123

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Setting Them Free

"I want a divorce."

"Expensive, but worth it."- Backyouropinion

A Change In Heart

"'I always thought you were a bit weird but you're actually ok'."

"It was a long time ago and I still think about it from time to time."

"I was really nervous around people when I was younger so didn't tend to speak much."

"Couple that with being generally awkward with bad dress sense and it's easy to give off weirdo vibes."- Reddit

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