Things That Are Newer Than People Might Think

I never know the age of anything.

It's funny how we look at certain aspects of life and just have a certain sense of nostalgia attached.

Take Adele for instance. It feels like she's been a part of our lives forever.

But she's only 4 albums in.

That's a drop in the musical bucket.

A very magical and musical bucket.

Redditor LunchCautious8781 wanted to talk about some items that seem old but may still be in the beginning stages.

They asked:

"What do most people not realize is newer than they actually think?"

Iphones. 14 generations is not that far on. Let's talk at 50.


Pregnancy Test Im Pregnant GIF by Shay MitchellGiphy

"Home pregnancy tests, in the 1970s. No longer do we have to inject the lady’s urine into frogs, mice, or rabbits to confirm a pregnancy!"


Water Only

"The knowledge that it’s bad to drink when pregnant. Only became widely known in the 80s."


"This one boggles my mind. Alcohol isn't exactly new -- the ancient greeks had wine and mead. The temperance movement was active for a good hundred years before they got the 18th Amendment."

"But nope. While there were certainly some alarms raised throughout history, people were surprised to learn about fetal alcohol syndrome in 1973, and it wasn't confirmed by a second group of researchers until 1979. In the 60's through 80's it was apparently common for doctors to give alcohol intravenously to women to stop premature labor."



"The word sibling was coined in 1903."


"I learned in English class in 1990 that English didn't have a word for sibling. Later, they said there was a word but no one used it in everyday speech. My mind was a little blown the first time I saw someone actually use it online, around 1999."


"This is totally false. The word sibling was coined in Old English and used to refer to anyone who was related to you. It fell out of use for a little while, then was brought back in the 1900s to exclusively refer to brothers and sisters."


Photo Op

"Having to show ID at the US/Canada border. Prior to 9/11 they often wouldn't even ask to see a drivers license."


"Same at the Mexican border, even after 9/11. I can remember going down to Puerto Penasco around 2002 or 2003 and just being waved through on the way home. Didn't even have to roll my window down, much less show an ID."


Carb History

Bread Oprah GIFGiphy

"Ciabatta bread goes all the way back to the early 1980s."


"Haha I heard of that too, awhile back. I went googling it again and apparently baguettes are from early ~1900s. Crazy, I would've thought they'd be historical."


Oh that is good bread.

For Comfort

"Boxer briefs are fairly new to the scene, becoming popular in the 1990s."


"I'm happy they did. My favorite underwear."


New World

"Tomatoes are actually a new world crop. So when you associate Italy with pasta sauce, you're actually thinking of Italy, post Columbian Exchange (mid 1500s). And actually, tomato sauce wasn't even integrated into Italian cuisine until the late 19th century, so go figure."


Back Together

"What hit me the other day: Germany. It was only reunified 30 years ago."


"Same with Italy. Not that it was reunified 30 years ago, but it hasn’t been a country as long as America has."


"I was actually just thinking about this last night because Google Rewards gave me a survey asking about my feelings towards Trabant as a brand: really don't know why it wanted to know my opinion on a brand that went defunct when the Berlin wall fell lol."


The Drift

"The theory of plate tectonics. It pretty much makes up the entire backbone of modern geology, yet it wasn't actually accepted until the 1960s. Alfred Wegener proposed his theory of continental drift in 1915 but couldn't explain the mechanism behind it so his theory was dismissed."

mechanism behind it so his theory was dismissed."

"Over the next few decades, the evidence of crustal movement became undeniable and plate tectonics developed as a theory. It's just crazy to me that geologists were pretty much completely clueless until around 60 years ago."



Read New Zealand GIF by Rugby World CupGiphy

"New Zealand! Its indigenous population only arrived there about 800 years ago, despite Australia just across the Tasman having been inhabited for 75,000 plus years."


History short and long is fascinating.

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