The Next Batch Of New Emojis Is All About Inclusion And Accessibility


All new emojis must be approved by the Unicode Consortium, which often receives submissions from companies like Apple and Google on what the next emojis should be. In a victory for the disabled and LGBTQ+ communities, the Consortium has announced 2019's new emojis will include many symbols centered around inclusion.

Apple requested last year that the list of emojis include more diverse, inclusive symbols.

Their request was definitely heard!

Other new emojis include a computer, a planet, and... AN OTTER!

But the big ticket items among emoji lovers have definitely been the guide-dogs, deaf individuals, and non-binary couples.

The new emojis feature non-binary couples with almost any mix of races.

While these steps are definitely important, many Twitter users were most excited about a certain other emoji...

In general, social media was glad to see a new, more inclusive set of emojis.

The new emojis should become available along with an upcoming software update. Congratulations to Apple and the Unicode Consortium for taking steps to improve disabled and LGBTQ+ representation!

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