Massive Newly-Discovered Dinosaur Thought To Be Earth's Largest Animal Gets A Fitting Name ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Huge paleontology news from South Africa! Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur, believed to have been the largest land animal "to have lived at the time." They named the creature Ledumahadi mafube, which translates to "a giant thunderclap at dawn."

The dinosaur weighed in at a massive 26,000 pounds, making its name especially fitting.

Dino-fans all over the world were very excited by the new old creature!

Of course, since this is the internet, some Twitter users couldn't help but crack jokes.

Paleontology Twitter served up a healthy dose of Jurassic snark.

Enjoy the new dinosaur, everyone! Ross Geller would be proud...

H/T - Twitter, NPR

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