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Let's face it––some things will never stop getting under your skin. Your complaint might be entirely legitimate, too. That dude who you run into at the supermarket never places her shopping cart in the cart return. Your boss is an ass. There are fires burning in the Amazon and people in power are exhibiting a rather laissez faire attitude toward the matter. You know, the usual.

You might find yourself nodding in solidarity thanks to Redditor potatoflavoured, who asked the online community: "What will you never stop complaining about?"

"That dental insurance..."

That dental insurance is treated as a separate entity from medical insurance.


"I was watching..."

Audio levels for movies and TV shows at home. I was watching Seinfeld on Hulu last night, TV volume at 12. Conversation was audible, intro and outro music, deafening. Switched to Homeland. TV volume on 75, still had to put captions on to understand the dialogue.


"If you'd all step back..."

People who stand right on top of the baggage carousel at the airport so no one behind them can see or get their bags.

If you'd all step back, we'd all be able to see and grab our bags in an orderly fashion. Idiots.


"I only seem..."

How tired I am. I only seem to be getting worse as I get older.


"There are like..."

Our flippin' doctor's office!

There are like 7 ladies that work at the front desk and NOT ONE can show me how to use the GD kiosk?! They just wave their finger over the desk and yell "Use the kiosk! Use the kiosk to sign in! What you have a question? Type it into the kiosk!"

Also for 2 WEEKS I have been trying to make an appointment, and for 2 WEEKS I am constantly put on hold or hung up on! Finally I call another part of the office and they say that the number I have been using is deactivated! THEN REMOVE THE OPTION ON THE VOICEMAIL!!!

Every time with this place!




Everyone driving slower than me is an idiot who can't drive.

Everyone driving faster than me is a maniac who shouldn't be allowed to drive.


"Women's clothes..."

Women's clothes not having pockets or a sufficient number of belt loops. WITNESS MY RAGE!


"Can't we just have..."

Filing taxes. Can't we just have corporations, investment companies, and other agencies report our tax relevant documentation directly to the government? Then could we just review the automatically prepared return and approve/disapprove quickly? Oh wait, TurboTax and H&R Block spend a lot of money lobbying to keep our system archaic and expensive for taxpayers. The compliance costs in the USA are 10x what they are in some European countries. Oh, and we tried to pass a bill in Congress called the "Taxpayer First Act" that would bar the IRS from providing software for filing free tax returns. Thankfully, the second version of this bill was passed without that provision.


"Ticketmaster selling..."

Ticketmaster selling out tickets to shows within minutes to bots. Then having those sold out show tickets re-sold for astronomically more.


"Once I was in urgent care..."

Once I was in an urgent care waiting room feeling like cold garbage water when some dude plopped down and started watching the big bang theory on his laptop, no headphones, and had it not been for the laws of this land I would have killed a man that day.


"When it's winter..."

When it's winter complaining about the cold, wishing it was summer. And when it's summer complaining about the heat, wishing it was winter.



Microtransactions in full priced games.



Lazy, neglectful, inconsiderate pet owners with chronically barking dogs they leave outside to rot.


"I've been a DC fan..."

DC Universe movies.

I've been a DC fan since a kid, always preferring Batman and the Justice League to the Fantastic Four and X-Men. (I read both, just prefer DC).

Marvel has done a great job creating a series of movies that almost always work and appeal to a wide audience.

Starting with Man of Steel, DC undertook a personal mission to make the lousiest, underwhelming, room-temperature piss movies they can.

They're not exciting, they're not entertaining and they always inevitably leave me wondering how the hundreds of people who had a part in making each movie didn't bail when they realized how uninspired that crap was.


"Stores that refuse..."

Stores that refuse to take your money unless you give them your email address, phone number, and other such personal information.

I've even taken to just leaving the merchandise on the counter and never coming back. I mean, I'll warn them. I'll say, "I'm not going to give you any personal information, I can pay you right now with real money but if somehow you genuinely cannot allow this transaction with only currency then I'm going to leave and never return."

Last place I did this at was a guitar city. Dude gambled and lost on a four digit purchase.


"People who have zero..."

People who have zero awareness when they're in public. A group taking up the entire hallway, people having conversations in the doorways, getting in the elevator before people get out, standing in front of a grocery shelf in a daze while you're waiting to get some Frosted Flakes and move on. Now you've gotten me started with my complaining...


"Imagine how bad..."

Aim bots in online First Person Shooters. They are getting so sophisticated that they are basically indistinguishable from natural human movement. Imagine how bad they are going to be in the near future when they are literally assisted by AI.


"My future..."

My future grandchildren are going to hear about how much I hate Game of Thrones Season 8.


"They are dangerous..."

Anti-vaxxers. They are dangerous, delusional people who must be stopped.


"Fight me."

Daylight Saving Time. It throws off the entire household for at least a week every time and it's a pointless pain in the ass. Fight me.


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