The list of what irritates me is endless.

I mean... breathing too loud or dust can set me off.

I'm a bit unstable, yes.

But I'm not alone.

So let's discuss.

RedditorAburntbagel6wanted to hear about all the times many of us just couldn't control our disdain. They asked:

"What never fails to piss you off?"

I feel like this article can go on forever. Let's get some highlights.

Wasted Time

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"Meetings that could and should have been an email."


Lotto People

"Getting stuck behind people playing the lottery at a corner store."


"I also used to work in a gas station and you’re SO right. I f**king hated the lottery people. Especially since my store had a small staff and there was usually only one of us working at a time, which meant that I couldn’t get any of my other work done as long as they were there."

"And you’re right, it’s also pretty sad to watch. I had one lady who used to come in every day and spent hundreds and HUNDREDS of dollars on scratch tickets. One day, she won $200 after spending probably around $600 and she was so excited and saying she can 'finally pay her bills.'"



"No situational awareness. Job, home, shopping, driving. Think for one minute and go about. OBSERVE!!"


"My mom is one of those people who leave the shopping cart in the middle of the damn aisle and proceed to walk twenty feet away. After correcting her a million times to no effect I just walk away now so people don’t know I’m with her."


Shut Up!

"Endless barking in the middle of the night, I love animals but that sh*t I can't stand."


"Endless barking in general drives me up a wall. One of my friends dogs was barking almost an entire gaming session the other day. I wanted to reach through the computer and smack him for letting it go on."



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"People being mean to service workers, especially if the workers are very young."'


All of these things. I hate them all.

Admit It

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"People who never accept fault when they mess something up. Like, why blame a million people when it was clearly you who did it???"


From Above

"My upstairs neighbors."


"I had terrible neighbors at my previous apartment. It was a one person studio for students, but her boyfriend was clearly living with her illegally and he was loud."

"One night we knocked n the door at 3 AM because of the loud music and an unknown girl opened the door. I just thought they were having a little party. But the next door I saw the girl living there come home with a suitcase after having been away for the weekend... Her BF was cheating on her in her own apartment."


Move Away

"People who sit directly next to me at the airport, movie theater, any other place where you can choose a seat when there is PLENTY of other seating."


"I can’t YES this enough and the ones who can’t park for crap so they park so close you can’t open doors on one side of the car or the ones who park directly behind when you pulled through so the door won’t open to load groceries."


It's Over

"People who try to restart old drama. Like I'm done with you, just leave me alone."


"Yep, half the reason I've basically quit playing one of my favorite online video games. People keep bringing old crap up or sh*tting on on someone who used to be our friend. I got tired of it so I just ejected the game out of me."



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"People walking too slow in front of me with no way to get around them. It’s even worse if it’s a couple or group taking up the whole sidewalk. HAVE SOME SPATIAL AWARENESS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!"


'Did I ask?'

"People who bother you for fun."


"This is literally one of my coworkers. My job is to keep up the printers and make PowerPoints basically, and this coworker keeps trying to rush me to make his power point faster. Doesn't matter how many times i tell him that he should send in the request sooner instead of waiting for the last second he doesn't listen and says'Did I ask?' in this 'tough' guy tone."



"When someone apologized for an action but never actually changes their behavior THEN they get pissy when you 'bring up the past.' Honey, if it’s still happening, it’s the f**king present."


"Classic narcissistic behavior. If someone decides that the problem with your relationship is that you won't suddenly decide to be okay with their bulls**t... Run away."


Hurry Up!

"People who take their sweet a** time trying to find their wallet/card in their purses/pockets/whatever after standing in line and waiting their turn. Ffs, why can't they find that crap and have it in hand when they get to the counter and place their order."


"This and also people who wait in a long line but don’t look at the menu until they’re at the counter. COME TF ON! You had 15 minutes to figure out your order."


Oh Shut Up!

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"Diesel pickups blowing coal and making extra loud noises with whistling turbos and noisy waste gates. Also my neighbors that treat their property like it’s the dump."


Speed Up!

"Crazy slow drivers, we all have places to be."


"I was thinking this yesterday because there was a slow driver on the other side of the road causing the other to overtake. Meant someone nearly crashed into me and as much as that person was a d**khead, I thought if that person had just been doing the damn speed limit nobody would be dangerously overtaking."


I just don’t want to...

"Being accused of things that goes completely against my character. Having to repeat myself more than 3 times."


"If I have already said something, and have then repeated it, if someone makes me say it to them a third time, I am just so irrationally angry I will 100% give snotty attitude when I say it. I could probably work on that… I just don’t want to. F**king listen, and I wouldn’t have a problem."


They all suck...

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"Instagram influencers."


"Any type of social media influencers at that. They all suck. At least in my eyes they do."


A Hard No!

"Any sort of animal abuse."


"Along those lines, people who use their animals for protection by keeping them aggressive. So many pitbull attacks in my damn town… nothing against pits, just the people in dangerous areas in my city tend to buy them and use them as a weapon. Both depressing and infuriating."


Oh Dumb!

"Stupid people, majority of things are just common sense, but for stupid people it’s not. We have daily work meetings and the same two to three people ask the same f**king idiotic questions daily and each times it’s answered in a clear concise manner and the rest of the team know and understand but these three wastes of oxygen don’t grasp it."


Life in general pisses me off. I'm easy.

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