People Share Their 'I'll Never Do That Again' Stories


It isn't the best feeling to have anticipation, but the worser feeling is when your anticipation is met with a negative outcome.

You've been so excited for weeks to try this thing, you've wanted it so badly, and now it's here, sucks. Like, really sucks.

So now what? Guess you'll just never do it again, and move on with your life, huh?

u/Abletoxx asked:

What were you excited about to do for the first time, did it, and then said "I'll NEVER do it again?"

Here were some of those answers.

Tomato Wars

La Tomatina.

Massive tomato fight in a small village in Spain. 20,000 participants in a narrow street, drunk,fu ll bladders packed in like sardines. National guard is there to monitor. Then they force the trucks through to drop tomatoes on you to throw at others:

•you will get stepped on,

•you will get peed on/pee on someone,

•you will have tomato in every crevice,

•you will have to throw out everything you wore that day.


Freelance Blues

I used to do photography exclusively as my main source of income. I started shooting for local car dealerships and wouldn't ask for the money until I invoiced them at the end of the month. 4 months went by with only 2 dealerships out of 12 paying up on time. Things got pretty ugly (legally) and I began to write out contracts and requiring 50% downpayment from thereon and full photo sets only delivered after payment received. I stopped working for dealerships because most of the owners are jerks.


One And Done

Skydiving timeline: nerves, nerves, nerves, super nerves, INTENSITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, LOUDNESSSSSSSSSS, sudden crotch pain, dealing with excess adrenaline in a calm situation, bumpy landing, hobble away with all the sound muted for the next few hours.



ANY large public NYE celebration. It's awesome until the event is over but once it's done, you're now stuck in a massive mob of people trying to get home. The subways are crammed, there are no taxis and if you drove it takes you 30 minutes to leave the parking lot and 2 hours to clear the traffic jam.

Much better to watch it on TV with some friends, have some drinks, get a NYE kiss, and go to bed right after.


Boing Boing Boing

Jump on a trampoline. I've already twisted my left knee twice and its ever since felt "loose". I was in a children's birthday party and they have a full adult trampoline. I was so giddy to experience jumping on it for the first time, I did, and after two jumps, I felt my left knee shift a bit and I was done.


For The Ego


In hindsight I think my partner only did it to seem cool. Her friend (a lesbian) had a crush on her and that's why the friend did it. Me (a 21 year old kid at the time) didn't really take time to think about what kind of emotional baggage or insecurities this might cause for everyone else, because I was too busy being wrapped up in the fantasy/ego of it.

Blew up in all our faces. Then our dumb asses did it AGAIN and made it even worse.


Raves Ain't Fun As You Age

Music festival camping, in a tent.

I've been doing festivals and raves for 10 years but never actually did a multi-day camp until last month. I was SO excited. Months of preparation. Spent a buttload of money on tickets, gear, everything.

I hated it! I was unable to sleep for 48 straight hours, and spent the last night in a hotel. There were some major logistics issues at the campsite (especially around toilets and showers) but even without those problems:

  • I can't sleep in a tent due to noise from neighbors
  • I can't sleep in a tent due to temperature
  • I don't like being that dirty and dusty that constantly
  • Cleaning everything up, packing and getting on the road is a gigantic pain
  • At 32 I just can't party as hard as my 20something friends for days on end without crashing

I came home 100% convinced that was my last festival ever. After a couple of weeks I've decided I'd do it again.... in an RV. My own potty, shower, AC and bed are just requirements for me to have fun, and I'm ok with that.


Bottle Service

Floor seats at a concert. Turns out I prefer being up high and not crowded out by people taller than me.

And bottle service at a high end nightclub. We did this for my friend's bachelorette party and I can honestly say I had less fun than going to your average dive bar. Also, RIP my wallet after that, it's expensive!


Frozen 2

Jumping into the ocean in Alaska.

It was late August and we were anchored in the middle of a kelp forest. It was very sunny so the water was turquoise and looked extremely inviting. I stripped down to my bikini and jumped off the bow of the boat. As soon as I hit the water, it felt like my veins turned to ice. My body went into shock and I could barely breathe. I swam/struggled to the back of the boat and had to get hauled back onboard. Never again.


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