People Divulge The One Thing They'll Never Change Their Mind About
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We often surprise ourselves when our opinion on something unexpectedly changes.

Maybe a TV show we thought we hated is much better than we realized, one food pairs with another surprisingly well, it is possible to go a whole day without eating cheese.

On some matters though, we find our mind has not and likely will never change.

On things both significant, such as politics, or more frivolous, such as preferring cats to dogs, or the age old cilantro battle.

Redditor itsdandyhere was curious to everything people believe they will absolutely never change their mind about, leading them to ask:

"What will you never change your mind on?"

Always Plastics On The Upper Level

"That my way of loading the dishwasher is correct."- Far_Dragonfly_3748

Everyone Has An Opinion

"Not showing dislike on youtube is a bad idea."- SuvenPan

Never OK!

"People who litter are terrible people."- Ok_Association555

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It's a Safety Issue!

"People who don’t use indicators when they drive are a**holes."- Beetle_Jugo

"I'm Always Right!"

"That reevaluating your opinions when you find evidence that contradicts them is a good idea."- DodgyDuderino

Youre Wrong John C Mcginley GIFGiphy

Heartbreaking But Humane

"Sometimes it is kind and humane to euthanize an animal."

"We can’t save them all and they won’t live forever."- KatTheDogFosterer

And Then There's Science...

"Big rock in water make big splash."- DudeManBroGuy42069

"The Earth is NOT flat"- Loaki8

Climate Change Earth GIFGiphy

Not A Safe Situation For Anyone.

"Dogs have no business in the lap of a person actively driving a car."- leowomanthe

Always Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated.

"People who treat waiters/customer service people badly are the worst type of people."- learnercow

One could easily be accused of being obstinate for being unable unwilling to change your opinion about something.

Which could very well be the case on certain matters, which can be unequivocally proven by science.

But in other matters, one should always stand firm in one's opinion, and never let anyone convince you otherwise.

After all, it will only be a matter of time until everyone realizes anchovies on pizza are delicious...

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But some movies can send you into a messy place.

Some topics are just a lot to handle.

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No need to watch that again.

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