People Break Down The Biggest Myths They Learned In School That Were Later Disproved

Let's face it, we were lied to in school with some of the lessons we were taught.

When we grow up and learn the errors of our ways, we must then strive to relearn the things we thought we know.

How do these myths in education even get started?

It feels like we really shouldn't start listening to anything significant until college.

That's why I stopped paying attention in middle school.

RedditorAthompson9866realized it was time we all discussed and unleashed some truths.

They asked:

"What is the biggest myth you learned in school that has now been disproven?"

And then... BOOM

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"This is super specific but I had a biology teacher who told us the human genome was so complicated that they'd never be able to map it and then they did like... 3 years later."



"That Dutch people have weird family names because Napoleon forced them to have family names and they chose the silliest ones they could think of."


"Nicknames + place names/German names that got turned into Dutch words. For example 'Naaktgeboren' (born naked) is probably from German 'Nachgeboren' (after born), meaning a child that was born after its father died. It also was already in use before the French invasion, like many of the weird family names."


Behavior Patrol

"That if you did anything bad it would go on your permanent record."


"In retrospect this single lie probably prevents 80% of misbehavior in school, or in my case heavily incentivized avoiding getting caught."


"As someone who worked in schools on the record side, this is true to an extent- most schools send discipline reports so that admin and counselors at each level could look back at your behavior from however long you were in that district- sometimes they transfer it to other schools if you move too. It doesn’t go to the college level but can impact rec letters and if you are expelled that is technically a legal process and can be shared as well."



"Just a few years before the young Einstein completely disrupted physics, the physicists of that time were saying that everything about physics was discovered and understood. That research in physics was dead/dying... Then came in quick successions: general relativity and quantum physics... total revolution!"


Head Forward

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"That you should tilt your head back when you have a nose bleed. Nah bro."


"First time I did that, I vomited. Learned immediately. Never did that again. Whoever suggested that deserves to step on lego for all eternity."


Now that is a dangerous lie... not to mention the taste!


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"Bears don't actually sleep then entire time they hibernate."


"Right?! Man, I was taught that any animal that hibernates is just sound asleep through the whole winter. Imagine my surprise when I learned the truth."



"I had a biology teacher try and convince a class of 15 year olds that we humans use 10% of our brain. We told her that she shouldn't base her lesson on 'Lucy' and we Googled it to show her that she was wrong. I got kicked out of the class for pulling out my phone. Had a fun chat with the principal."


Counting Up

"That the metric system would be fully adopted in the US by 1995."


"Interestingly enough I learned today that the US measures it’s pools in meters like sane people so today I stupidly assumed they just use metric for swimming and I walked into a 1.76 mile open water swim thinking it was 1.76 kilometres and ended up doing a way longer swim then I expected but it’s ok I got a cool shirt and came like 200th out of like 700 people so that’s cool."


99 Flavors

"Mine is that your tongue has specific areas that taste only specific flavors. Like there was a spot on your tongue that only tasted sweet, one that only taste salty, one that only tasted bitter, etc"


"I immediately started experimenting with my tongue during meals after learning that at school. My conclusion was: That's complete bs. Lol."



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"One day our High School Physics teacher wrote on the blackboard 'Everything you know is wrong.' 40+ years later I think he might have been onto something, but then again maybe not."


The more you know. The better life can be.

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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