People Break Down Which Movies They Wish They Could Watch Again For The First Time

People Break Down Which Movies They Wish They Could Watch Again For The First Time
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There are several movies I've watched so many times I think the viewings outnumber the days I've lived.

And much like a favorite tv series or movie, who wouldn't love to start again anew?

Experiencing that first time but with that feeling of... "I'm gonna love this forever."

We never appreciate the first time enough.

But that's life.

Warning: there are spoilers below.

Redditor Jacale1 wanted to discuss all the movies we wish we could experience new all over again, so they asked:

"What is one movie that you wish you could watch again for the first time?"

There are a lot of mystery movies I'd love to redo, just to figure out the killer sooner.


Raining The Shawshank Redemption GIFGiphy

"The Shawshank Redemption."


"A great nominee. Will never forget gasping when that rock went through the poster, and again when the warden pushed his arm through and ripped it down.... wow."


Over and Over

"Edge of Tomorrow."


"Is it bad that I got enjoyment knowing Tom Cruise died a lot in that movie. Never on screen, but it happened. Over and over. I hate that guy. How the hell was he the same height as Nichole Kidman in the movies they acted in together. Rhetorical question."


"Honestly the whole reason I watched the movie to begin with is that he kept dying over and over."


Swooned Away

“'Stardust'- if you don’t know you’ll never know."


"I’m surprised that a fantasy romcom can be so enjoyable, for a straight guy. It’s just the right balance between fantasy, comedy, drama, and romance. Most of the female cast are very easy on the eyes too."

"I swooned when Yvaine glows while dancing on the ship, and when she talks emphatically to the mouse in the caravan. This movie has a lot of A listers, and they deliver. I’m not gonna lie, I have probably watched it half a dozen times."


"The book has so much more in it, even having seen the movie you'll feel like a child again."


Hail Sigourney



"I watched this with my wife, who has never seen it, and that's about as close as you can get to watching it for the first time. It really displayed just how good the movie is. Also I love Aliens just as much for different reasons."


"Came here looking for this! I watched it for the first time with my dad when I was 11, and it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. Amazing movie."


Hey Arnold

sci-fi GIFGiphy

"Terminator 2."


"I first watched this as a kid when I knew Arnold was the good guy in movies, and I had not seen T1. I wish I watched T2 for the first time after having watched T1. The mall scene would have been even more mind blowing."


T2 was definitely bada**!! I'd redo that.


rat GIFGiphy

"The Departed."


"Bro, I'll go further. If I could watch the Nicholson covered in blood scene or the final scene between Damon and Wahlberg, I would be so freaking happy. The sheer acting clout on display for the first is near a masterclass while the last scene was just so business like, I'd love to relive that scene with fresh eyes. I love this freaking movie."



"The original Star Wars. Man, that blew our minds! It totally changed movies from then on. We'd never seen such incredible special effects. The story was so fun and the experience was amazing."


"Even though I’m not a franchise fan, I can get behind this answer. Because when I saw it first run, I was fourteen, and nothing like it had ever been done. I think it was the first movie where the special effects were the movie? Now that’s standard. It’s a reason people see many films now."

"So, for sheer originality, I’d watch it again, but only for the first time. I barely recall the second movie."



"The 6th Sense. I audibly gasped in the theater. All the clues are obvious on rewatch but that first time, before anyone knew M. Knight Shyamalan was a twist guy... wow."


"I never got to see it the first time. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) inadvertently let slip the ending thinking I had already seen it. I have never seen the point in watching it knowing the ending. But I did enjoy The Village."


"I watched it again and it was more of a sad film than a thriller."


Just Beautiful!

"Spirited Away. I was blown away by how beautiful and bonkers it is."


"Saaaaame! Every single Studio Ghibli film, but Spirited Away especially! I’ve still watched it a million times though, and it’s always special. If I’m in a bad mood that film always cheers me up!"

"Also, Avatar-the last air bender. I know it’s not a movie, but I felt like it deserved a mention. I’ve watched the whole thing several times, and it’s always great, but I do wish I could forget it and rewatch it. I’m 35 btw... lol."


Great Scott!

Doc Brown Shock GIF by Back to the Future TrilogyGiphy

"Back to the Future."


"I'd love to watch that in the cinemas... Now from the future."


Now I want to go to the movies.

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