People Break Down Which Movies They Believe Are Absolutely Perfect
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What does it take to make a perfect film?

Flawless casting? Strong writing? Camerawork? Or maybe it's something you can't quite explain, you just know it when you see it.

Reddit user Brian_Ye asked:

What movie is, in your opinion, a perfect movie?

So let's go over what Reddit had to say, and then open the floor to hear from you guys so we can argue about it!

12 Angry Men

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"The most impressive one I've seen is Twelve Angry Men. The entire film is centered on a jury deliberating a decision in a single room. It had a strong hold on me." - No_Elk5745

"The camera work really does it for me. As it gets lower and closer throughout the whole film to give the feeling of it getting more cramped and claustrophobic in there. Very cleverly done." - xSamxiskillz

"Great movie, but from a legal standpoint, the actions in the jury room would lead to a mistrial, and the juror would likely have some serious legal issues against him." - eatababy

"I tell you what I like about that film. To a certain extent, the protagonist is a classic liberal: he uses logic, evidential argument and impartiality to persuade and reason with the other jurors. He doesn't get angry or aggressive."

"So much, so good, but in real life, honestly, you know that if the film concludes this way, it's just a fantasy. Some people will NEVER give up their prejudices-will NEVER see sense."

"There is one last juror who is like this. He's a bigot and proud of it. Then the film makes that leap."

"Instead of pretending that it's a perfect world and reason always wins in the end, the protagonist steps up and goes further. He sees that reason isn't going to work, so he FORCES the last man: he uses the power of numbers and the strength of his personality to crush the bigot."

"The people who wrote and acted in that film went through at least one world war, and it shows. Idealism is great, but sometimes you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty to save a man's life." - Plumb789

Jurassic Park

Well There It Is Jurassic Park GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"Jurassic Park. Perfect blockbuster. Great casting, great effects , great music, character development, great story , all around great movie." - djethoth

"I think the beauty of Jurassic Park is that it doesn't try to do anything that it knows it can't do. It doesn't try to be political, or preachy, or anything like that. It provides great entertainment, with solid characters and a convincing plot, all while posing an interesting scientific question for those interested." - Dudeman5566

"I would have to agree. Most great movies can have one or two drawbacks to make them just half-believable i.e. the audience has to do a lot or some of the work on their part to believe the story/setting/etc. Jurassic Park literally showed us another living and breathing world." - Molotov_Viking

Shawshank Redemption

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"Shawshank Redemption."

"One of the great things about this movie is the incredibly moving ending and the story behind it. Originally Frank Darabont ended with the scene of Red looking out of the bus window and leaving it to our imaginations what happened next."

"He had to be persuaded to include the now-ending of Red and Andy meeting on the beach. Those final ten seconds turn one of the greatest movies ever made into arguably THE greatest movie ever made." - Extreme-Kangaroo-842

"Brooks' final monologue is one of the greatest pieces of writing ever." - jimjangofett

"Stephen King is a phenomenal storyteller. This movie is proof that, given the right people, his stories can make really good movie adaptations; even though there are so many bad ones." - Snailsinwigs

The Incredibles

"I'd say The Incredibles. Manages to be kid-friendly with the action but also carries dark, dark themes that got me in the gut when I watched as an adult" - CreatorCaz

" 'You are Elastagirl! Pull' *whack* 'yourself' *whack* 'together' *whack* "

"Edna is one of the best side characters in any movie ever and that line is a family favorite when someone is being indecisive." - Stormdanc3

"One of the very few movies to star a married couple. So many films rely on a romance arc to carry character development, and it's nice to have a film that shows people who are past that initial rush and still love each other."

"Also, it wasn't until I'd seen it a dozen or so times that I realized the bulk of the movie is set in the late 60's/early 70's. It's an under-the-radar period piece."

"It's a beautifully crafted film, and parents everywhere are thankful to Pixar for creating so many movies that are interesting for the entire family and can hold up through dozens of rewatches." - BitwiseB

Princess Bride

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"The Princess Bride. There's a shortage of perfect movies in the world. It would be a pity if someone didn't mention this one." - lizzieb77

"I'm not one to rewatch movies too often but I'm certain I've seen this one over a dozen times, nothing else comes close." - Statechemist

"Excellent casting for a group of whimsical, yet charming, characters in a story that is somehow able to walk the knife edge of being silly but not stupid, fully embracing cliches and tropes while staying original, being fully aware of itself without being self-deprecating, and still filling the space with enough seriousness to keep the story moving and compelling."

"It's endlessly rewatchable and quotable and good for all ages. Endlessly fun and charming in a way that any changes would simply detract from it." - IAmTheKingOfNoPants

Silence Of The Lambs

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"Silence Of The Lambs is an absolute masterpiece, the portrayal of Hannibal Lector's character is nothing short of perfection." - Hannibal_the_dentist

"Anthony Hopkins managed to capture that type of menace that makes the primal part of your brain crawl in just the way he would look at other characters and the camera." - sayest

"I didn't get around to seeing this movie until like a few years ago because I thought too much time had passed and maybe it was outdated."

"Holy f*ck, that movie floored me. It was so good." - buttwhisperer


Shrek Smile GIF by PeacockTVGiphy

"Shrek. No jokes here, Shrek is a masterpiece that is as good today as it was when it released" - NabbyNab14

"Shrek has one of the best messages for kids. The ending at the wedding is literally just the movie telling kids that you're beautiful for who you are on the inside, but actually showing it."

"Like, in a lot of princess movies the point is also that you're beautiful for what you are on the inside, but the princesses are also beautiful on the outside so it's not very powerful. Shrek says, no she's still beautiful even without being beautiful on the outside." - Passname357

Terminator 2

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"Terminator 2. A big reason for me is Robert Patrick. His acting and mannerisms of the T-1000 still impress me with every single viewing. He stole the show." - Disthrowaway5678

"Hands down the best sequel ever made." - TheMeanGreenGoblin

"When he tilts his head down while angling his gaze up and moves so fast without breathing heavy... Arnold played killer-robot well, but Patrick played scary-killer-robot-on-a-mission flawlessly." - iamnotdownwithopp

"The scene in the mall where he unloads the 9mm and doesn't blink. This was not by accident. He trained at weapon ranges to be able to fire like this and have zero reaction just the way a terminator should." - Ragnarok314159

"The scene with John riding the bike and him running behind him - Robert Patrick had to tell Edward Furlong to ride the dirt bike faster because Robert could easily catch up to him and tap him on the shoulder. He might have ACTUALLY been a Terminator..." - arkady2009

"I think it's probably the greatest sci-fi action movie ever made."

"It's scope is so focused on what needs to be told and shown. It has great action choreography and it's filmed perfectly. The script is fantastic in its ability to fully form the characters and their motivations. It's fantastic." - bongo1138

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse

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"Spiderman: into the spider-verse." - noqms

"This. The animation does a better job of feeling like a comic book came to life than anything in the MCU (except maybe Ragnarok)."

"On top of that, the story is excellent, and the music combo is perfect. Good music elevates the movie, and Into the Spiderverse nails that as well as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc." - gimlithepirate

"100% this. Spider-Verse is absolutely phenomenal. Great animation, lovable characters, and some of the most beautiful shots I've seen in any movie, period. It's a total treasure." - thunderboltkaiju

"The Leap of Faith is 100% a perfect sequence. It starts with him sitting there after he's been tied up and abandoned. Character hits bottom. Ends with the Comic book slamming down showing the Miles Morales Spiderman in the new iconic black."

"Thing gives me chills."

"The mirroring in this movie is amazing. All the failures of Miles in the first half are victories in the second half."

"And it's marked by that one moment - Miles stuck in that chair while his dad talks to him. And the ultimate lowest moment, the hardest hit. His dad tells him he loves him and that he doesn't have to say it back."

"Earlier in the movie he had to be forced and at this moment it's the thing he wants to do the most. They're both in pain having lost Aaron. And he can't tell his Dad he loves him."

"Miles Morales can't. Spiderman can."

"And that's the trigger. That's the slow raising of his head with the lightning in his eyes and the start of the song." - ogier79

"Little details I noticed:"

"When Miles tried to leap earlier in the movie, he initially picked a somewhat high apartment building before chickening out and picking a lower one. Now, for his moment of truth, he's on a skyscraper."

"When he jumps off the skyscraper window, the glass breaks when his fingers pull away because they were still sticking to it when he jumped. The spider-heroes' adhesive power is triggered by stress and released by relaxation. So, when Miles made his leap of faith, he was still nervous."

"As Miles fell downwards, the camera frames him in an upside down shot to give the appearance that he's rising."

"During the failed leap of faith, Miles hits a flagpole which bounces him into other street objects until he is left helplessly falling with his screams of terror (AHHHHHHH) stylized in onomatopoeia."

"This is contrasted in the successful leap, where Miles - instead of hitting a flagpole and crashing, loops around a flagpole - using it to spring himself upwards with a triumphant bellow (WOOOOO), similarly stylized in onomatopoeia."

"SO GOOD." - MrProdigal884

OK so you've read everyone else's passionate arguments about their perfect movies - it's your turn to geek out and get gushy. Tell us which movies you loved and why.

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