People Share Which Movie Completely Traumatized Them As A Kid

The Feels

Everyone's adolescent eyes manage to see a movie they aren't supposed to.

And it's not just an adult horror movies, either. Plenty of "kid's" movie contain content that the average child cannot handle.

For me, it was Small Soldiers, a 1998 live action film that sees a young child's evil and creepy soldier action figures coming to life to go after kindly, yet still creepy, alien-esque action figures, even going so far to attack the kid and his family with miniature weapons. Something about the stiff and human movements of the aggressive toys, and even the good guy toys, was enough to send chills down my spine and to avoid action figures for a long time.

We all have a movie that gave us nightmares as children, and that's why Redditor u/moonchild0622 asked... "What movie traumatized you as a kid?"

10. Worst scene of 1984 cinema

The Neverending Story. The horse dying just ruined me.


Came here for this..



9. E.T. is everywhere

E.T. terrified me. Then my dad made it 1000x worse by telling me that the gurgling noises a tub makes as it's draining is E.T. and that he's coming to get me.


NIGHTMARES. I hated the scene where they were racing through the plastic sheeting tent thing. It made me feel like I was suffocating.


8. Jaws changed swimming for everyone

Jaws. Can't swim in the sea or a lake without thinking, however fleetingly, that there's a shark nearby. I am convinced, for example, that the Norwegian fjords are filled with Greenland sharks.


7. Bugs can't possibly do that... right?

The mummy. There was a scene where some golden bugs come alive and entered into one of the characters body and i have a phobia of bugs now


Yes! That was horrifying! The way it crawled around under his skin...shivers


6. Tim Curry is another level

The old IT. Mom is a HUGE Stephen King fan, so I was... 6 or 7? The first time I watched it.

Tim Curry, man. I didn't shower without either my mom or sister standing guard for at least a year.

When the new one came out my mom thought it'd be fun to tie a red balloon to the sewer grate outside our house. Full grown adult or not, **** that.


5. Joaquin Phoenix's reaction was all of us


Signs .... dont know why ... it just freaked me out so much !


YES especially when you actually see the aliens at that birthday party for the first time

Also I was a young girl who had an older brother that did baseball, I had childhood asthma, AND I thought water tasted funny. I had nightmares for weeks.


4. Really, dad? Absolutely not?

There was a movie called "Arachnophobia" Or something like that. My father let me watch it at a ridiculously young age. I'm remember asking him if we'd move if our house had deadly spiders, his response was "absolutely not". Not sure why we said it but it affected me quite a bit and I'm not sure why


3. Who isn't afraid of Chucky?


i still vividly remember that night from when i was 5 and i still have flashbacks whenever i watch a horror movie (22 now), i cannot watch a horror movie without having that memory popping up in my mind and feel irritated


2. We grow to like some movies


Spirited Away. Most little kids don't make it past the pigs, but I made it all the way to NoFace throwing up before I asked my mom to turn it off.

Now it is one of my favorite movies.


1. I hope to never see this film

I don't know the title but it was a cartoon movie about cats. Two cats were fighting and one cat slit the other cats stomach open and all the intestines fell out... it was super graphic




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