People Explain Which Movies Scarred Them For Life


PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. At first these ratings appear as a ladder along which movies become crazier and more intense.

But what happens when you're seven years old and parental guidance really just amounts to your mom quietly sitting on the other end of the couch? You're still a sitting duck for a nightmare image in a kids movie or your first abstract thoughts of death.

Horror films seen at too young an age are certainly the prime culprit for the scarred-for-life movie moment. But they are far from the only way.

One Reddit forum reminds that plenty of kids movies out here are creeping everyone out.

Sometimes its a horrible animatronic movement. It could be philosophical message in a Disney movie that no 8-year-old is prepared to wrap their head around.

And then there's the possibility that an adult watching an adult movie is scarred. It happens.

Regardless, one thing remains true: all movies are watched at your own peril.

00sharkface asked, "What movie scarred you for life?"

Grappling With Extinction

"The Land Before Time made me realize both my parents are going to die...and that everything dies." -- iamalexandwhatnot

"I have a hard time crying, when I need to cry, I watch this movie. It gave me nightmares growing up that my mom was dead." -- bdid39

"I pulled up that scene of Little Foot when he is searching for his mom and is just irrevocably sad last year and I seriously think it brought back a repressed child memory because I started balling and flat out could not stop." -- Big_Gulps_Welpp

Those Shrivels 

"E.T. That alien f*cker was terrifying to my young self. I mean honestly, it's rubbery, has a weirdly long neck, it's limbs are f*cked, huge-a** eyes. What were they thinking?" -- Pepperam01

"I f*cking hate ET. He's a raisin-testicle looking motherf*cker and he's scary and I hate him." -- Safraninflare

"Sometimes when I stare at the end of my bed at night I imagine his head sloooowly rising into view." -- TheBitterBisexual

A Popular Choice

"Jaws. Couldn't go into a bathtub for the next couple weeks; afraid the bottom would open up and a shark would eat me! Still have trouble with anything larger than a swimming pool." -- supermanfan1938

"F that. I still have problems with deep swimming pools post Jaws. Pretty sure there's a great white lurking in the deep end waiting to eat me!" -- HotRabbit999

"The ending really upset me. I know it was an animatronic but still. My mom tried to convince me that Quint died doing what he loved, getting eaten by a shark. Thanks Mom." -- kittycatdude

Scarier than E.T?

"Signs, was way too young for it and gave me a permanent fear of humanoid looking aliens." -- PersephoneXXX1209

"The alien walking by at the birthday party... that scared the hell out of me." -- FultonHomes

"First sight of the alien is the scariest moment in film history. IMO." -- cholula_is_good

Rowing and Rowing

"The original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That kid being sucked up the tube freaked me out." -- webfoottedone

"Countless kids probably have weird fetishes now because of the blueberry scene." -- Themasterofcomedy209

"The tunnel scene." -- Rain_xo


Nope. Never Again.

"The Ring. I saw it in my early 20's and haven't seen a scary movie since. The scene where they cut to the girl in the closet seared into my mind."

"The rest of the movie was creepy enough but it was that one mid scene cut that totally f*cked me up."

-- DarthRusty

Historical Horrors

"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."

"My college roommates and I watched it thinking it would be a historical film with a happy ending. WRONG. Anytime it was brought it up, we cried. It took weeks to recover. We are mid thirties now and still have a intense reaction when we hear the title."

-- mrshouseofharrison

A Horrible Vastness

"Finding Nemo. Although on the surface it seemed like every other children's movie, I remember being so terrified that I refused to watch that movie ever again."

"I think it had to do with the nuanced tone of grief the movie begins with. With Nemo being the only egg to survive out of 100 baby fishes and his mom and how he is separated from his father at a very young age, despite being very careful."

"Just the thought of this, is very scary and the fact that the chances of finding your loved ones across one gigantic body of water is close to impossible, even though the movie depicts otherwise."

-- karmydiem

Loaded Associations

"The Incredibles, but not because of the movie itself. My parents decided to tell me they were getting divorced just as Mr Incredible met Syndrome for the first time."

"I can't watch the movie without hyperventilating like I did when they broke the news to me."

-- AWildJaker

A Slow Burn Scarring

"Sin City. Something about just how bleak the whole thing was drained my soul. All the violence felt directed at me. I didn't get attached to the characters, but after it was over I went to the bathroom and just cried for a while."

-- Sanguiches

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