People Explain Which Movies They Just Did Not Understand At All
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Art is subjective.

As much as movies are universally loved, there are some that leave a big question mark.

Sometimes films, plots, and characters make no sense. AT ALL.

And that is uncomfortable for the ego.


Howard's End.

Is it art?

Am I just dumb?

Why do I care?

Redditor erin214 wanted to discuss all the movies most of us just don't get.

So they asked:

"What movie do you just not get?"

There are so many movies to bring up. But we don't have all day... let's discuss.

I'm Lost

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"Mullholland Drive. David Lynch once said there is definitely a coherent story and you can figure it out if you just pay attention. I don't believe him."


Bad Job

"The Nut Job. I get that it's a kid's movie and the expectations aren't high but that movie feels 15 years older than it is and it's full of the cheesiest one liners over and over. It feels so low budget yet the cast is nothing but stars."


"It's just mediocre. Saw it once when it came out, laughed about it and enjoyed it then but never have had the urge to watch it again."


So many twists...

"Primer. Can’t follow it. I tried; I even looked up the diagrams. I cannot follow that movie for the life of me."


"I think it's just ok to not get it all. When I watch Primer I don't try to follow it all, I just understand the gist of it and understand that it does all make sense on paper and enjoy the show. Don't get too caught up in following all of the twists, it's too clever for it's own good. Really great movie, though."



"I consider myself a mild movie buff and pay attention diligently when watching any movie. But when I watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things with Jesse Plemons I had no sweet clue what was going on."


"In a nutshell: the only 'real' character in the movie is the old janitor who freezes to death at the end. Everything else is his delusional fantasy of how his life could/should have been, mixed with memories of the grim reality of why it turned out the way it did. We're observing his thought process."



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"I feel like mother is how I feel during a migraine. Everything is happening way too fast and I have no idea what’s going on."


Mother. Oh brother. That movie.

Bad Mouth

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"American Psycho. It’s one of my favorite movies so I’m by no means bad mouthing it, but that ending drives me insane. I can’t figure it out. It makes no sense to me. What was the point supposed to be?"


Second Time Around


"Just to clarify, I didn't (don't) hate the movie, I even found the plot cool. But when trying to give it sense, I can't, because a don't fully get it."


"I actually liked it better the second time and I think it's because I watched it on a crappy sound system that drops all the low end bass and is mostly mids and highs, making the dialogue easier to hear. The basic entropy reversal premise is still too stupid to consider interesting or clever though. I can't suspend my disbelief in that idea."


I see the light...

"The Lighthouse. But I still loved it."


"I think it's about a man who is mentally ill and gets isolated along with someone he cannot stand, middle of the movie he does say that a coworker died and the film indicate that he killed him, which explains the scene where he smokes a cig by the beach and see all those logs approaching and he sees a body and he walks right towards it, maybe he regrets what he had done, his mind is certainly playing tricks on him, that's just my take."


Watch Again

"Cloud Atlas. I’m pretty sure you need to go on a mushroom samba to understand it."


"The book makes more sense. It's weird because there is a whole lot in the movie that is lifted very faithfully from the book but there are lots of little intangible bits that don't translate onto the screen well."


"I loved this one! I can see it's a confusing movie, though."


Jake Always

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"Donnie Darko. Do I really need a website, a book, and a director’s cut to understand a movie? A little exposition, please."


"I love this film and have seen both versions a number of times over the years. I can't explain it though, it's just a vibe I guess. Like that feeling you get when you've just woken up from a vivid dream and haven't adjusted to reality yet."


So many of these movies are on my list. It's them not us.