People Describe Which Movies Completely Messed With Their Head

Films are a great art form because they rely entirely upon interpretation, but the director can really control the outcome. They are an extremely visual medium in addition to being a storytelling one: so the way a director deals with their movie can really change the tone.

Ever seen Mulholland Drive? The deep existential dread caused by that film is very much a hallmark of David Lynch's style. It rarely makes sense, but you know exactly how you feel after.

u/heinousloth asked:

"What movie completely mindf**ked you?"

Here were some of those answers.

The Sociopath Angle

"Nightcrawler. Not the kind of mindf*ck that the Nolan-ish films induce, but made me warier of the people around me. Jake Gyllenhaal really sold the eerie sociopath."


"Gyllenhall is in another movie where he plays an art collector which has a similar creepy level, but without the 'I have no faith in humanity' overtones."

"Think it's called Buzzsaw or something?"


That Nolan Vibe

"Inception and Shutter Island are my top 2. The departed the first time I saw it, especially since some of the scenes were flashbacks with no indication til certain things happen"


"Watched inception with my cousin in the theater and he walked out halfway because he couldn't understand what was going on. Watched interstellar in the theaters and the dude sitting in front of me walked out while loudly proclaiming the movie made no sense. Watched tenet at home and I'm still confused."


Neon Genesis Huh?

"Lots of people seem to have their own interpretations on what exactly the f**k happens in the end of evangelion."

"My personal idea is that the ending of the show (strange dream hallucinations and congratulations) is what Shinji is seeing as he's melding with the rest of humanity in the tang, and he agrees to be melded forever."

"In the movie, I believe Shinji begins to meld, but ultimately chooses to NOT become tang with the rest of the world, and is released...with Asuka for...some reason <_<"

"The rebuild movies start the same as the series but VEER COMPLETELY OFF TRACK around the middle of the second movie, and are just as confusing as the originals were :/"


These are the kind of movies that will leave you so dumbfounded at the end that you will never really recover.

Horror In Broad Daylight

"Midsommar. By far the creepiest horror movie I've seen because it felt so real and different."


"I really love this movie. It's creepy but beautiful at the same time. And there's so many little hints and details shown throughout that add extra depth to the story."


The Ending To End All Endings

"Ex Machina. The way it ended just stayed with me for days."


"The creator was right all along, he wasn't a nice guy by any stretch but he called it from the start, very good film."


The Twins And Clones Thing Is Quite Confusing

"The Prestige. Magician couldn't figure out how antagonist does magic trick so he gets Tesla to create him a teleportation machine but instead it doesn't work."

"He finds out it duplicates items instead so he re creates the antagonists trick but every time he does, he dies and another version of him is created."

"At the end it was revealed how the antagonist did his trick. He had a twin. They took turns and carefully lived the same life, one at a time while the other is in hiding. So each time the trick was done, the twin came out and the other stayed in the box."


Strange And Outlandish

"Tenet. I was lost at the beginning. Final battle scene reminded me of training except backwards and forwards."

"I just cracked up laughing in the theater so hard people were turning to see if I was choking to death on a popcorn kernel or something."


Sometimes not making sense in a movie really is not a good thing.

Existential Dread As Told By Donnie Darko

"Great film! Been awhile for me but as I remember Donnie Darko was stuck in a tangent universe. At the point you see in the film he had been stuck in the cycle of the universe ending and resetting for quite some time."

"You know this when Frank tells Donnie in the theater that he should know by now what is going on. (that proves this was not Donnie's first attempt to escape the universe) So the very first time he would appear in this universe there would be no frank and no help."

"As he repeatly fails he also moves closer to success by the other people trying to help him do what he needs to."

"Take for example the teacher seating Gretchen next to him (that was a deliberate but almost unconscious move by the teacher to help him further things along)."

"Eventually with enough time and help he is finally able to get Frank killed. This now allows Frank to return next cycle as a spirit that can guide him better to freeing himself and everyone else from the universe."

"Of course this is not a perfect theory as Frank woke Donnie in the first place which saved his life but I think it is more of a paradox issue of time traveling than anything else. There is so much more to the film but the director's cut helps explain most of the story"


The Worst Kind Of Unsettled

"Aguirre, the Wrath of God"

"Not because it was confusing, but because watching it felt like going slowly insane over 90 minutes."

"Klaus Kinski was an absolute monster of a human being, but an absolutely mesmerising screen presence. He draws you into his madness and leaves you feeling shattered at the end."


Von Trier Headache

"Melancholia. I love Lars Von Trier's work and love his artistic his movies generally are. I love all of the Depression Trilogy."

"But even Antichrist didn't mindf**k me as much as Melancholia."

"There's something just so so strange about that movie. It's just so depressing, in a hopelessness kind of way. It's something I've never felt watching any other movie."


These films are meant to be seen and to make you feel a little stressed out and crazy.

Be warned should you go into watching them, though--these are not fun ways to pass the time. They will take brain power to focus on, and they will take up your emotional energy.

Be prepared.