People Explain Which Movies Were So Brutal They Had To Stop Watching Them
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Before we get started, let's just say that everyone's tolerance levels are different. What might be an okay watch for your might be the worst experience ever for someone else. Our tastes are different and that's what makes film brilliant. We can share our thoughts, our feelings, and our experience with one another and see a work of art through someone else's eyes.

Films can be challenging in what they're trying to say, and if that challenge is too much to answer, don't feel bad for having to turn something off.

*The following article contains discussion of sexual assault.

Reddit user, Elixir_Jx, wanted to know when a movie was just too much when they asked:

"What’s film is so brutal to watch you had to stop watching it?"

What reason would you have for stopping a movie before it finishes? The cinematography making you dizzy? The subject matter is too much for your to consider?

It'll vary, that's for sure.

"Animals Don't Behave Like Men"

"Watership Down."

"Hey, it's a cartoon, and it has bunnies!"

"Oh dear god..." eddyathome

Let's Climb High

"Not brutal, but I had to stop watching the doc Free Solo bc my blood pressure couldn’t handle the stress. This was early on when I had no knowledge of the climber and outcome."- NoCanadianCoins

Don't Listen To The Internet. It's Bad.

"Batman and Robin(1997)"- skippedad404

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Perhaps it's the gore that forces you to turn it off, because watching someone being disemboweled for the umpteenth time in a film is not what you consider "entertainment."

Seems Like A Breach Of The Hippocratic Oath...

"I saw some French horror film about a nurse who went to some pregnant ladies house, tormented her, tortured her, then proceeded to cut open her belly with scissors to get the baby out."- DioramaDad

You Need To Pick Better "Family" Movies

"The Last House On The Left'."

"The rape scene in that movie was way too brutal for me to get through it."

"I can still picture scenes of it for some reason, that's how real and violent it felt."

"Didn't help that it was a movie that my family decided to watch together either."

"That said, we still tease my mom for picking that movie out as some weird shared trauma bonding experience all these years later."

"So maybe it wasn't a bad family movie after all????"- lastcallcarrot

You Should See His Joker...

"Requiem for a dream"- _Bendemic_

darren aronofsky GIF by MauditGiphy

Sound Makes Everything

"While I didn't stop watching, Bone Tomahawk was just..... jaezus"- wolf_of_thorns

Romantic Revenge With Pretty Dresses

"Midsommar - I think it's a psychological horror, I didn't stop watching but it was the most uncomfortable I have ever felt while watching a movie."

"The movie itself is very trippy and honestly disturbing."- Balderino

Whatever your reason for turning it off, trust your gut. If it's not giving you a good feeling, then maybe it's not the film for you.

There's A Message Buried Under All The Blegh

"a serbian film. awful sh-t"- tlep

A Movie About Kids. What Could Go Wrong?

"'Grave of the Fireflies'."

"One of the only movies I've ever stopped watching partway through."- Janube

A Grim View Of Our World


"The most terrifying movie I've ever seen about nuclear disaster."

"tl;dr it's not something you want to survive"- standrightwalkleft

The Good Guys Will Never Win

"Funny Games"- AVBforPrez

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Not for the audience the title might suggest

"Kids (1995)"

"Poor Jenny."- LETS_RETRO_TIME

Wrong Avatar film...

"'Avatar: The Last Airbender', the live action movie, it was horrible."- elnacrested

Liked what I saw, before I stopped watching...

"The Mummy."

"Disgusting movie in some parts, other than that it’s a lovely movie."- Standard_Zero_3152

The Mummy Jump Scare GIF by PeacockTVGiphy

As If I could actually sleep after watching it...

"This German or Austrian horror film…"

"I believe it was called 'Good Night, Mommy'."- Maester_Maetthieux

Way more than '13 reasons why' I couldn't keep watching it!

"13 reasons why."

"That sh*t had me in deep mental sh*t."- Environmental_Net672

Just too real

"Sleepers (1996)."

"It's not brutal in a gore/horror type way, but more in the way that the content itself is brutal."

"There's a lot of sexual assault and rape involving young boys, both implied and dramatized graphic depictions, physical abuse, etc."

"That was the first film I ever watched that made me physically ill and had night terrors over."

"I had to turn it off midway through because I couldn't handle it."- ohstrange

A classic the whole family can enjoy... or is it?

"At end of the year in first grade, my teacher brought in 'Labyrinth' as a treat."

"As a pretty sensitive 6 year-old, I freaked out in the first ten minutes when they steal the baby."

"I remember my teacher told me she needed help with something, and just sobbing and cutting construction paper into squares, obviously for no reason."

"I still haven't seen the movie."- madreburguesa

David Bowie GIFGiphy

Seriously, Who watches this stuff?


"It was just torture porn."- DukeMaximum

25 minutes is longer than many others made it...

"'The Human Centipede (2011)'."

"I was 25 minutes in."

"That was enough."

"'The Human Centipede'."


"Yeah, not for me."- TheAlbeOne

Loved the first one, the sequel on the other hand...

"Not exactly brutal but I loved the first 'Maze Runner' movie."

"When the second one came out on DVD I was excited to watch it, however during the movie I got absolutely terrified of the zombie-like people with that disease."

"I had nightmares for days and now I refuse to watch it and the last one and even my family never watch it when I'm around."- Srosie18

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Summaries are there for a reason, people. Let's start reading them before we press play, especially when our families are in the room.

Was there a movie you turned off partway through? Tell us about it in the comments!

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