People Explain Which Movie Scenes They Have An Incredibly Difficult Time Watching

People Explain Which Movie Scenes They Have An Incredibly Difficult Time Watching
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Movies can mold who we are.

Some stories caught on film leave an impression that we take with us through our dying breaths.

That's why the arts and artists are so vital.

But there are some movies and specifically movie moments that can be to much to rewatch.

We may love the movie, but a certain scene may always be on the fast forward list.

Sometimes it's all too real.

Redditor KentuckyFriedEel wondered what movie moments have left scars for life, so they asked:

"Which movie scene is really hard to sit through and watch?"

The death of Artax in 'The Neverending Story.'

Scared me for life.

Stop Dialing

vince vaughn beer GIFGiphy

"Swingers. Mike calling and leaving messages over and over for the girl whose phone number he got at the bar."


"Never. Call. Me. Again."


Look Away

"Trainspotting. Specifically the scene where they wake up from their drug induced haze to find the dead baby. The decomposition effect made to look like they neglected to check on her for DAYS... Then their best and only response is to shoot up and get high again. Dull the pain. Just tragic."



"A very good portion of the original French version of Martyrs."

"That movie is both the definition of gore porn, but also a solid story that makes sitting through how uncomfortable it is completely worth it. It’s unfortunate that Hollywood somehow made a mostly shot for shot remake and completely ruined the movie."


"My housemate and I watched Martyrs and spent like the next three days talking about it, that movie was INTENSE."


Too Dark

"Green Mile. I leave when Mr Jingles chases the thread bobbin, and again for the execution scene gone wrong. I've seen both scenes once. Don't need to see that again."


"The book is as heart-wrenching as the movie. It's my all-time favorite Stephen King book, but it's tough to get through."


"When I saw that execution scene as a kid I was at a friend's house and decided to go home right there. Came back next day to finish it though cause didn't wanna get made fun of."


Just No!

Bom Dia Hello GIFGiphy

"Annihilation. The bear quietly screaming. ‘Help me.'"

"Absolutely not, thank you."


Never saw that one. Maybe I'll take a peek.

Too Tough

Toni Collette Crying GIF by A24Giphy

"Hereditary. Watching the kid just pull up to the bed is pretty tough to watch. The scream by the mom the next morning is also pretty tough."


Shiny Trauma

"I've never gone back and watched it again, because it skeeved me out so much, but that scene in Dr. Sleep, where the Shine Vampires are stealing all the shine from that kid through pain was ROUGH."


"I came here to say this. Jacob Tremblay practiced for months before the scene to be sure he could get it right. When the time came to shoot it he did so well that all the Shine Vampires forgot their lines and struggled to finish the scene. The first time I saw it was pretty traumatizing."


True Pain

"The shower scene in Schindlers List. It took me years to get through it, even though it ends up just being a shower and not a gas chamber. Also the Tony episode on the new Dahmer series. I was hysterical watching it and feel sick thinking about how much real people suffered because of him."


"I watched Schindlers List for the first and only time a few years ago and couldn't stop crying after."


Dried Up

"The scene in the SpongeBob movie where SpongeBob and Patrick dry up."


"I know this guy that loved movies and would give me all these high brow recommendations. One Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to watch a movie and was considering one of his recommendations. I watched the SpongeBob movie instead. And I made the right choice. Saturday morning is for cartoons."


War Crimes

Screaming Matt Damon GIFGiphy

"Saving Private Ryan - when the German soldier is plunging the knife into Mellish."


"For me it is when the medic is dying after attacking the machine gun nest. All those soldiers standing around absolutely helpless."


"Oh God don't get me started. Only scene from a movie that gets my physically angry."


All good movies. All to never watch again.

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