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Almost every movie, to varying degrees, is a gamble.

Even a good cast, solid director, and a high budget certainly don't guarantee an entertaining, engaging outcome.

I'm sure everyone reading has, at one time or another, found themselves surprised and sorely disappointed, sitting in a too-lit theater with a belly full of popcorn and two hours older.

But alas, Reddit is here to let us warn each other what we should steer clear of.

Redditor Youropinioniswrong12 asked:

"What movie do you regret watching?"

Many people talked about the movies that just plain sucked. There were a variety of reasons for the plummeting quality, but one thing was constant: they'd never watch them again. Ever.

A Popular Choice

"You guys know the bee movie, where a bee and human have a romantic relationship? It had 50% rotten tomatoes.

"Artemis fowl had 5%. Artemis fowl was just pure pain to see"

-- Midlink_Confirmed

Unnecessary Adaptations

"I regret the 15 minutes I endured of the Cats movie. I wanted it to be good, having seen the live version a couple of times, but It just wasn't getting any better, that was all I could handle. I regret those 15 minutes for ruining the musical."

-- NicNoletree

Again, Unnecessary

"The Last Airbender (The 2010 film based on Avatar: The Last Airbender)" -- ChangeTheEnergy

"The play episode near the end of the Avatar show was unironically better than that awful, lifeless excuse of a film." -- DANIEL_CRESCENDO

This Was a Thing?

"The Emoji Movie. I was all hype about it and thought it would be relatable to this time period of technology…it was god awful"

-- ChokeMyThiccToe

Some regretted certain movies because they were so violent or graphic. These films make peak your curiosity, but they guarantee they're not worth it.

A Bit Too Early

"The Sixth Sense at age 8. Great movie as an adult but as a kid I slept with a blanket over my head for years after that" -- Tiffed4597

"after watching the ring, i put my TV on top of a shelf so if the girl crawled out of my TV, she would fall and get a concussion" -- 51SC

A Reason Not To Do Drugs

"Requiem For A Dream. It's a great movie, but holy sh** it will scar you for life." -- Zolo49

"This was the first movie that came to mind for me!! I think it's particularly painful to watch if you come from a lower class area or if you or especially a family member has struggled with drug addiction."

"The mental collapse that the mom goes through is terrifying to watch, and the scene where the girl sells her body for heroin made me want to throw up. I'll never watch it again. It had me scared of my fridge for a week." -- pronouncedbeck

Think That Was What They Were Going For

"The human centipede. That movie messed me up for a bit." -- jlaz_83

"Made it past the credits and decided I wanted to live a normal life. Shut it off... no regrets." -- MadeMeStopLurking

Mentioned More Than Once

"A Serbian Film. I beg you all to not watch this. Don't give into the curiosity." -- [deleted]

"My thirteen year old self thought A Serbian Film wouldn't be "that bad" and that I could 'take the gore.' Found it on YouTube, and literally threw up watching it."

"Fully vomited because of how much distress I was in. I wouldn't wish watching that thing on my worst enemy." -- AbyssCity

And a few lamented how horrible a film adaptation of a book was. Sometimes the road from book to movie is a bit too long and windy to work out.

Artistic License

"Those who wish me dead. I read the book before I watched the movie about a year before. ITS NOT EVEN THE SAME PLOT. Read the book and watch the movie. Freaking disappointment"

-- PatThePickle

All the Pieces Were There

"The Dark Tower. Read the entire series while deployed. Movie was disgusting." -- paulzzzzpaul

"The shame was I really liked the casting. Such a waste, a waste of source material and waste of acting talent." -- zantwic

"Fully agree. Bad movies come and go, but when they are based on such amazing source material, it just seems like shi**ing on your memories." -- VirtuosoApocalypse

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