Movie Lovers Admit Which Movie They Could Watch Over And Over Again

Movie Lovers Admit Which Movie They Could Watch Over And Over Again

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We all have one movie we've seen over and over and over since a young age that influenced our taste as moviegoers. Chances are you can quote the entire movie from start to finish without blinking. So what if you were offered money to do just that?

Bigdealbeange asked Reddit:

If you were offered $1,000,000 to watch the same movie for 24 hours straight, which movie do you choose?

Here's what they said.


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Shawshank Redemption. Seen it a hundred times. Few more won't hurt.

A Way Around

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Return of the King. It's like three hours long. I will watch it eightish times, and I assume I will have the special/extended edition so each time I can watch it with each different commentary. I will take notes, and memorize much of it. I actually like the movie too so ya... that's my choice.

La Vie En Rose

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Probably a movie in a language I don't understand. I can just keep trying to understand it

Mercifully Few

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The directors cut of "The Godfather"... what's that, like 2 viewings?

The Movie, But Real Life

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Groundhog Day.

Merely A Flesh Wound

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I already did this when I was a teenager. Now where's my $$$?

One Ring To Rule Them All

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LOTR: the fellowship. I could watch that multiple times and still pick up on things I missed


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Mrs. Doubtfire.


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Emperor's New Groove touchy!

Ever, Ever After

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Ever After. that's already my life, to be honest (my mom's got Alzheimer's and has already watched it like 85 times this year)

To The Max

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A Goofy Movie, I watched that sh-t all day as a kid.


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Fifth element. I still rewatch it

Red Ryder BB Gun

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A Christmas story. I do it every year

All-Day Affair

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Lawrence of Arabia. Great music.


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Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Thanks David Lynch

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Dune, extended director's cut.

That way I only have to watch it ~4 times.

Cruising Altitude

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So Fetch

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Mean Girls, it never fails to make me laugh

It Calls Me

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Moana. I freaking LOVE that movie.


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Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I would make a whole thing of having a couple of shadow casts and an audience to play along with the movie.

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